Think Pink

And I'm obviously not talking that hideous shop (hideous to me at 44 - catnip to a 14yr old).

The colour.  So we've done blush.. but pink is the colour I keep flirting with and never quite get round to mastering.  I go flinging back to boring black (although obviously I don't think it is boring but even I like a slightly change every now and again).

However this week you're all coming on a tour of my outfit needed for later this week.  I am sort of (definitely) relying on a dress working.. so this may be totally irrelevant anyway (story of my life).  However, a pink coat is always a good idea.  The premise behind this hunt is that I will be able to wear (ridiculously summery) dress, nipped in black blazer thingy that may or may not arrive and pink coat slung over shoulders for warmth.  Doesn't sound like anything could possibly go wrong with this outfit, does it?  I should say that the dress is pink and black.  Not one other colour on it - just pink and black.  Which doesn't leave me with an awful lot of options I don't think (and it's a print... just to complicate the issue further).  

I am ploughing on regardless.  Positive head on.  It WILL all work out.  And if it doesn't, then I may just find a pink coat I can't live without.  There are worse things... 

So let's start.

ASOS Swing Coat in Wool was £110 now £77  My gripe with this is the poppers.  I don't know why, I am anti poppers on show - as in the back bit of them.   Buttons yes, poppers no.  Shoot me for being a numpty, I know.

Butted Seam Coat from Topshop £79

Crepe Duster Mac from ASOS £65  Think this is lovely but too lightweight.  Warmth wise, this is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Selected Smart Coat from ASOS £180

Lightweight again at Boden and in the sale.  Love this - it's like a longer blazer, but I probably need it be longer.

Sally Coat from Boden was £130 now £69.50

Have to say, I prefer this shade.   This could definitely be a goer apart from the fact it's sold out in my size.  That's that decision made then.

ASOS WHITE Wool Mix Overcoat with Pearl Fastening £150

Fluro now at Topshop - in Tall £98.  They do also have in petite and regular size online at Topshop but there aren't that many sizes left in the latter.  Slightly too bright.  As in a completely different shade of pink from the dress.  Which *might* work....

And then there's this.  All.  The.  Love. 

Style Nanda Coat from ASOS £175

Hint of black and tan at Next. 

Pink Bonded Sports Inspired Coat £90

But saying that I love the black and pink one that looks like a teddy bear coat, this one is also rather fabulous. 

Longline Tab Slouch Coat from Topshop was £79 now £40 (I'm ignoring the popper crime I can spy.

Then we have the blazers.  We have blazers as, in case the black blazer doesn't work, I could go pink and then wear a black coat over the top.  Yes, I'm starting to lose the will now too.

Patch Pocket Jacket from M&S £35

Emilia Ponte Jacquard Blazer £110 from Boden

Or a blush jacket - the fabulous Bryon Jacket from hush £75

Herringbone Heritage Blazer in Pink from Next £70

And another from Mango which I've actually tried on for an article I'm writing for another publication.  It's more of a moleskin, light velvet, definite texture to it.  Gorgeous and great fit. 

Structured Cotton Blazer from Mango £59.99 I would say a Medium is a small 12...

And then one I already own.  Which I don't think will work with the dress as it's too long.  But but but, it does go with my new sweatshirt and it also will be amazing just for flinging on with a tee and a pair of jeans this Summer.  I bought this I think, when my 8yr old was a baby.  And have hardly worn it since (which you can tell as it's still this colour and I've never dry cleaned it).  For the first time in forever, something I haven't bothered to get rid of, will actually serve me well.  I feel all the smug.

Pink blazer - Zara
Embroidered Sweater- Debenhams
Grey wide leg trousers - Zara
Trainers - Veja from Quattro Rish

So I am now off to pick up the husband from the airport and pick up a curry on the way back.  Can't.  Wait.  Love Sunday evenings, even though that reminds me - where the chuff is the sport's kit?  Arrggghhhh

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6 comentarios:

  1. Just a thought about popper crime, would it be possible to remove them? If they're sewn on of course. A seamstress could add buttons and buttonholes if required.
    I know what you mean about pink, I've had a pink bag for about 8 or 9 yrs and it only gets an occaisionally outing. I do have a scarf that is great with it, and have spotted how wonderful that shade of pink is with navy, so maybe this year I will use it more.

    1. Hmmm not sure I love them enough to do that! But it's a bloody good idea to park away, thank you!!

      I love pink with tan and khaki too. And red - obviously red...

  2. I suit the colour pink much better than blush, but somehow it just doesn't feel like me. I think, perhaps, because I can't really do pretty pretty clothes? There are some gorgeous coats there that I'm sure you will rock however, and I agree about the poppers, buttons would be much better. I think I might just do bright pink in accessories for the summer!

    1. I've gone for the bright pink coat with black. Which somehow makes it less pretty?? I know exactly what you mean - ruffles and anything too pretty - not to mention boho, I just can't make work somehow!

    2. I've been into blush the last few summers (finally found out which blush shades suit me) and have bought a pair of blush brogues for this summer. But I want to do more pink, and I do love the shades that are around this summer. I'm going down a tailoring with sneakers sort of look, so it won't be super feminine, but hopefully more edgy.