Deep breath.. it's denim time.


Oh, it's the elephant in the room, isn't it?  That vile, hideous subject of jeans.  But, they really are such a versatile piece of kit, can we live without them?  

Now here's a thing.  This week I have done a complete purge of my wardrobe.  Things that I've only worn once in the last couple of years (looking at you Zara tops), or I'm keeping "just in case" - they've had their day, they're outta here.  Which has left with surprisingly (subjective) little.  

Jumpers (which make up the majority of tops actually - oversized and neater fit for skirts and looser trousers)
Polo necks (a lot but I love them and wear them all.  They can ALL stay)
A couple of shirts/blouses
A few tees
A handful of bretons 
I will admit there are a fair few outwear items.  Although if you divided them down into blazers, military jacket, bikers, trench, gilets, coatigans and coats.  According to the husband "they're all coats".  Whatevs.
Dresses (a growing collection shall we just say, although I ditched almost all short ones.  Exceptionally liberating).
Skirts (again, a fair few - all midi bar two)
Dungarees (two pairs)
Jumpsuits (four)
Trousers (wide leg, cropped and full length, couple of pairs of joggers, khakis)

And jeans.  Lots and lots and lots of jeans.  Well I say that, but how many is lots?  Seriously though, how many *is* lots?  I think I have about twenty pairs of all colours and styles (ok so this doesn't include black coated skinnies as they're basically trousers) but I have had some of them for years.  A pair from Jigsaw are actually older than my youngest son.  And two Earl pairs predate the 10 yr old. 

But I did consign to jean heaven, a fair few that have seen better days stretch and zip wise and can no longer contain my muffin which has got ever so slightly (ish) worse with age.

I am on a mission to find an amazing pair of skinnies.  However it did confirm that my favourite jeans and ones that I wear for day and night are straight legs.  Both turned up and a new pair that I found at my beloved Quattrorish in Reigate - Jeanne jeans.  These are again by MiH - the same make as my big hem numbers, the Phoebes.   I have spent so so long trying on jeans over the years that don't *quite* fit - when you find a make that do, it's worth buying them.  They may be expensive but you will buy one pair instead of 4 pairs of cheaper ones.  And as they're jeans, I honestly think, the more you wash them, the better they get.

Why do I love straight ones?  I find them more flattering for me - personally I like how they work proportion wise.  I even wore them the other day with a jumper dress over the top and because they fit so well at the top, there's no excess bunching denim (again - thanks for nothing Zara jeans.  You may have been cheap but you add about 10lbs to my middle in spare fabric).  Perfect with tees, with fitted jumpers, with silky shirts (or blouses if you like).  Blazer, biker or coat. 

These are the ones I have - call Ivy at Quattro Rish for further info.  Alternatively, all the details are on their website but I'm going to be at their S/S launch in Reigate on 16th March if anyone would like to come along for a glass of something and a natter.

Others that are also perhaps worth a look.

Off piste colourwise, but these are calling my name.  15% off with the code MARCH15 (and free delivery).  

Girl Meets Boy Jean from Me+Em in Ecru £119 pre discount

Also in the vintage wash - now £83 on offer.

Or the dark denim at £119 - all three pairs are slightly different at the hem.

Top end still but these look pretty darn good and who doesn't love a sales bargain in a lighter shade.  Perfect for Summer.

Current/Elliott The Original Cropped Mid Rise Jeans were £218 now £152

High Street wise my choice would definitely be these (although they are definitely on the smarter side) from Autograph.

Smart Turn Up Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans from Autograph at M&S £45 (in two lengths)

These at Next are definitely worth a look. 

Mid Blue Vintage Turn Ups from Next £32 (in various lengths)

Straight legs at Topshop BUT I think these are definitely slimmer than I would personally want.

Moto Dark Blue Straight Jeans £40

And I have lots more that I should (and will) have a look at but my dinner is calling.  Here I am in my straight legs jeans the other day, with the jumper dress as described above.  Very much a departure from my usual silhouette but I think it works. 

Navy jumper dress - Whistles
Navy shearling gilet - Helmut Lang
Jeanne jeans - MiH from Quattro Rish
Sneakers - Veja from Quattro Rish
Patent Leopard bag - Tory Burch

So I am going all the way to hell having made zero effort in making a sock puppet for World Book Day for the 8yr old.  They had to make a puppet of a book character.  Which is fine if you have a craft box straight from Hobbeycraft (nope) or the time, talent and inclination (again, thrice nope).  It was optional (thank you number one son who said that meant he could opt out - he knows his areas of expertise - and mine - and they don't extend to anything crafty). 

But bless the smallest - he wanted to make one.  Meetings in London today meant zero opportunity to pick up anything creative so.. he made a Dementor out of a black sock.  It's basically a black sock that looks like the dog has attached it.  To me it screams Dementor... *things they don't tell you before you become a parent - World *insert all the swear words* Book Day, can actually make grown women cry*.

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10 comentarios:

  1. Spotted in M&S Manchester, Indigo range, in blue or cream, jeans with embroidered stripes down the sides. Not on the website yet.. Also in the Twiggy range A collarless coat with matching skirt, in denim blue and ecru pattern. Alas, not on line yet and seemingly very popular as not many left.

    1. I know exactly the ones you mean - completely Marant-esque no?! The Twiggy range is a great place to spy the odd gem that you would style differently but is PERFECT (tulle skirt from last season that was never online springs to mind...)

  2. I must admit my straight legs have a a back seat this last year or so, since I fell in love with skinnies. Not that I'm getting rid just yet, as they do get worn occasionally. I am looking for a new pair of straights though, as I find mine maybe have too much stretch in them, they get a bit too baggy a bit too quick. So a pair that's a bit stiffer, maybe!

    1. They're perfect for Spring and Summer shoes!

  3. I definitely wear more skinnies in winter (and while it's freezing still in spring) as they tuck into winter boots more easily and just seem warmer. Come spring, I'm more likely to wear straighter or flared jeans. Just another way to feel like it's spring, swapping oversized jumpers for fine knits. I have some cheaper jeans and some more expensive, I agree it's about fit.

    1. Yes yes and yes It's definitely more difficult to wear a flat boot with a straight leg. Although I don't find it that difficult wearing a heel. Go figure.

  4. I meant to comment on your coated skinnies post about the Reiss Helvin jeans, they are AMAZING. High waisted tucks everything in and the skinny/stretch combo is just right so they are comfy without feeling slobby. Spending that much on a pair of jeans felt a bit wrong to me (as pre kids I only ever wore jeans on a lazy Saturday) but they are so amazing I am off to get another pair, possibly the black coated ;)

    1. DANG I nearly went in today and decided I was too tired so went home. FOOL! Will try on Monday x

  5. I couldn't live without my Topshop Jamie skinnies (black and grey) but have recently purchased Monki cropped mom jeans in vintage denim wash. Surprisingly flattering and I am in no way their target customer, being a 46 year old size 12-14 mother of 3!