Who's that girl?

And other random stuff that you have plastered over your boobs.  On a tee that is - if you have tattoos in that vicinity, that's nice, but today we're covering them up in jersey. 

With a printed number on the top.  When I say number - I mean picture.  Or some slogan that doesn't really mean anything to anyone but you like it and... so what.  That's ok.  As today, I am talking a cheeky addition to your wardrobe.   I've done it before and I'll be doing it again - the printed tee.

It's something which I think you'll find more useful than you perhaps anticipated.  For a start, these last for years.  I have got some from five years ago which I still wear - they really are a timeless piece.  A pair of straight leg or boyfriend jeans - or faux leather joggers (aha!!), blazer, ballet flats/loafers/trainers, heels - any shoe you fancy and there is something that feels just "put together" about this outfit.  Dare I say add a pair of Paaaaaaaaat Butcher earrings in and you've got S/S17 sussed.  

I also think you'll be surprised at how much you wear them.  Holidays for example.  We've got a week in Aldeburgh again and we're going to France in the Summer - it's Eurocamp not St. Tropez, so these with a pair of cropped harems will be my daily uniform sorted.  If that isn't justification for investing, I don't know what it is.  Then, when you're think you're done with them - instant sofa surfing outfit.

Although I will admit, my first one up is slightly off kilter.  It is a tee essentially but with a shirt bit attached.  And it's long sleeved.  So it's definitely not going to make the Eurocamp cut (needs ironing as I discovered when I took it out of the bag this morning - where, to be fair, it had been sat for almost a week) as it's too high maintenance and simply too warm (she says ambitiously) but for right now, it's perfect.

Warning - it is quite random.  Hence the "who's that girl" title.

Contrasted Printed T-shirt from Zara £19.99

Then we have the slogans.   I have looked at tees recently but there are a whole host of new ones out now so whilst you can still get hold of those on the blog here, I have discovered new ones to tempt.

Hyper Cotton T-shirt from Mango £12.99

Black and white at Topshop. 

Go Get 'Em Tiget T-shirt by Blake Seven £35

Now I do love a black and white job but it doesn't have to be - how about yellow?  Perfect nod to Spring. 

Message Cotton T-shirt from Mango £12.99

Colour on black now.  Stars. 

Star t-shirt from Mango £15.99

From stars to hearts in red at New Look.   Anyone mention tattoos?

White You're Mine Tattoo T-shirt £7.99

And a more expensive one.  The reason I'm putting this in is because a) I love it and b) Wildfox tees are really really good quality.  They hang beautifully and wash really well (to be fair, I've never washed one of their tees but I do have a sweatshirt by them and it's amazing - this is the same brushed style, super soft jersey but a tee version).  And finally c) this would look amazing with my pink pleated M&S skirt and would be the perfect casual night out outfit with it.  Dare I mention cost per wear?

Wildfox Glitter Lips Print Tee £62

Having said that then, it's probably worth having a look at these I found on Amazon - Willdfox in the sale. 

Wildfox Faded Love T-shirt was £64 now £19.20  Plus it also seems that if you use the code NEWSTYLE17 you can get 20% off clothes at Amazon.  And still for sale at Yoox for £59  

Other Wildfox bargains I've found (now that I'm there..)

Wildfox Heavy Metal Friday T-shirt was £64 now £19.20

Wildfox Beverly Hills 1992 tee - various prices but not as much as £64!  Depends on sizes.  Small £21.88, Medium £34.96 Large £59.40 (ouch)

Which leads me neatly on to other retro options. 

Organic Cotton t-shirt from Mango £12.99

ASOS Top with vintage style Fanta Print £18

Dr Pepper?  Again from ASOS £18.  I love this.  This was my absolute favourite drink in the early 80s when it first came to the UK.  I thought it was the height of sophistication (I was about 11...I use sophistication in the loosest sense of the term).

And then there is the new t-shirt that was launched today - a collaboration between the charity Mothers to Mothers - whose core foundation is the belief in the power of mothers to end paediatric aids (do click on the link to find out more about the charity - it's truly humbling stuff) and Selfish Mother, who make simply epic t-shirts.  £10 from the sale of each of their Wonder Women tees goes directly to the charity, available from today from The Family Store. 

The Wonder Women Oversized Tee £30 (I got a small which isn't fitted but is loose...unless you want it super oversized).

Also available in a white and gold version. 

I shall be wearing mine tomorrow, but in the meantime, here I am in my "who's that girl" top.  Which will divide but I have to say I really rather like.  The longer shirt.. I think I may be onto something here.

Tee/shirt thingy - Zara
Leather leggings - hush
Black blazer - Me+Em
Jacinta shoes - Seven Boot Lane 

So a lovely morning spent in the company of some amazing women at the launch of the We are Wonder Women tee (details over on Insta) and then some research - in the sunshine.  Yes, it was lovely today - I have high hopes for it continuing all week?  One can dream... in the meantime, I shall be back tomorrow.  I have a number of things up my sleeve - still want to look at out out tops, Spring jackets are a must, not to mention a mention for stripes.  And this shirt thingy...I wonder if there's any mileage in that? 

Tees of the printed variety - a yes or a no for you?  Hope everyone had a good Monday and that you have a tee (plain or printed) planned to wear tomorrow in the sunshine (think positive sunny thoughts).

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10 comentarios:

  1. My first thought is usually 'no' to printed T's but love what you did with the oversized T , blazer and leggings!

    1. Thank you! I think it works! (in my head, anyway....)

  2. Yes, yes, yes to longer shirts with leggings and blazer! You can always add a thermal underneath and pretend it's spring. Lots of lovely tees, love the dr pepper one too.

    1. Orrrrrrrrrr you could just wear a longer shirt.. hold that thought...

  3. Have always loved a printed T - when I turned 30 I ditched every single one I owned in a mini early mid life crisis. Mind you, some of them would have been somewhat inappropriate since I had children by then ;-) About 6 months after that I started reaquiring them :D Although some of the lovelier ones have never been replicated! Was really pleased with this blog after I had decided pleather was definitely not for me. Then I was in Zara and I've just come home with a pleather skirt. Waaargh! You are, offically, a very bad influence, pours gin for lunch ;-) xx

    1. ha! And dare I warn you.. it's a slippery slippery slope. I'm just saying. You can come back and tell me I was wrong but I don't think you will! Honestly, you will be gobsmacked at how versatile it is!

  4. Love that long shirt/tee! Ordered! Love a long shirt with coated leggings. Hope it looks somewhere near as good on me x

  5. You've just reminded me to buy those Hush harems but can't decide which tee to get, so many good choices. Also you've inspired me to look at Eurocamp in France. We went to Yellow village a few years ago and that was fab but looking for something else this year. Which camp have you decided on, not wishing to sound like a stalker?! I have a soon to be 13 year old girl and a 10 year old boy so the toddler pools are out of the question, the bigger the slides the better! x

    1. Oh don't worry! We're going with French friends to the Jura region (I'm not sure what the name is - but I think there's only one... - it's got a lake!). It looks amazing for older children. My youngest is 8 so I'm with you in that it needs to be good for the bigger kids. It's got LOADS going on!!