For those days when you've had enough of monochrome.

A bit of colour.  Today, I (virtually can I point out) indulge my current love of everything green.

And "obviously" there are two things I've seen that have generated my green obsession.  First up - how many Bella Freud 1970 jumpers is too many?  Well clearly the sensible answer is any more than 1.  So three is taking the proverbial.  However.  When it's this colour... *bites fist*.  I had coffee last Friday at the Chiltern Fire House and on the way to the tube, just happened to nip into Bella Freud.  Well you can't not when you're walking past, to be honest. 

And this sort of fell onto my back.  I then realised I was running ridiculously late for a meeting and had to screech out, WITHOUT BUYING IT.  

Bella Freud 1970 Jumper in Cactus Green £280

Look how amazing it looks with the red boots.  Will I go back and get it?  Would also look so so so SO so (x a million) fabulous with khaki.  And I might just have a khaki skirt and trousers already.  Just saying.

I'm going to sit and see how long it haunts me for.  But then that's dangerous.  That's very dangerous (well - I say *dangerous* in the loosest sense of the term as it's not remotely life threatening - more highly irritating and errr, yes that will be the epitome of First World Problems but you know what I mean) as it may well sell out. 

Really?  Why yes.  Case in point being (didn't see that one coming, did you..?!) a particular green trench coat that has been like a brain worm, ever since I first spied it a month or so ago.  It is THE most ludicrous amount of money.  But, I don't know about you, I always have that *one* item that if something absolutely amazing happens in your life (like you win the lottery), you will treat yourself to it.  I'm not sure I've ever actually bought The Thing (seeing as I've never won the lottery... or I've waited and got it for Christmas - or had to buy it for myself for my birthday) but this is The Thing that I will buy when my numbers come up. 

Except that it's sold out.  WHAT?  It can't sell out.  If I do win the lotto this week, I will have to lop an arm off to fit into a 36.  I don't actually know what size a swedish 36 is but since it's at the wrong end of the sizing scale, I'm assuming diddy.  As in - I need less limbs to fit into it diddy.

Acne Studios Lucie twill trench coat £700

Can I find an amazing replacement?  Can I heck as like. 

This though, I need to ponder on... I have seen it in a magazine and it did look pretty amazing, if only they did it in a tall.  I want it to be oversized and flowy and... basically I just want it to be the Acne one above.  Pah.

First up - how many  Blouson Duster Coat from Topshop £69

But both those things got my green juices flowing.  I love this colour.  I love the cactus shade and I love the forest green shade.  I need green.  I need more green in my life.  It's perfect with black, with navy, with camel, with red (although that is my school uniform but seeing as I left school 26 years ago - vom - I should probably get over that, shouldn't I?) and don't get me started on green and pink.  Feeling all the colourful love vibes.

Let's get our green on.

Pleated Emerald Skirt from & Other Stories £65  And could this be any more Christmassey for later in the year?  Wear now with a little tee and sandals.

Then this is quite the most amazing skirt.  I would wear during the day with a tee but up the ante with a blouse for the evening.  Or a silky tee (yes I'm loving my tees) and fitted blazer for the evening with killer heels.  Team with a jumper, trench or oversized coat and knee high boots for the Autumn (I know - don't shoot the messenger).

Style Mafia Luna green skirt £125

Zip Front Crop Wide Leg Trousers in Green from Topshop £42

Then there are the jumpers.  It may seem like a ludicrous choice in March but do not be fooled by these balmy temperatures we are currently experiencing - we can pretty much guarantee they'll be short lived, can't we?

Turtleneck Sweater in dark green £40 from  & Other Stories 

Cashmere Sweater in green £95 & Other Stories

Or the wool and mohair jumper again from Stories at £65

Brighter at Boden. 

Cashmere Relaxed V-Neck Jumper £140 from Boden

And a more summery top which would work as well with jeans and sandals as it would for dressier occasions with smarter trousers.  Or you cold easily tuck into a skirt.

ASOS Off Shoulder Top with frill sleeve £28

But I think the most obvious choice for me would be a tailored jacket.  Seeing am I am a firm advocate of the "you can never have too many blazers" theory...  I wouldn't be doing the whole suit look but a jacket on its own?  With jeans, with black trousers, over skirts, culottes and dresses.  This is a much more sensible option than the Bella jumper and the Acne coat isn't it?  (ignoring the sold outness of the trench.  And yes, I'm sorry but I do still want a little weep about that).

Tailored Suit Jacket from Topshop £65

However it doesn't have to be clothing related.  I came across this brand on Insta and then lost twenty minutes of my life on their website.  You have been warned. 

Tripe Drop Earrings from Olly M £105

Or the double drop earrings from Olly M £75

Those last ones.  Seriously, those bottom earrings with the fuchsia.  Holy manoley, what do I have that these would go with?  (she says breaking all her purchasing rules).  But do you know what - even a plain navy blazer, tee and jeans.  Winner winner, green and fuchsia dinner.

So I have to stop now as I have a green salad to go and make for my dinner.  And I shall leave you with my very non green outfit from today.  Descended back into monochrome - partly as I had a super laid back day and wanted to be comfy and these trousers, being elasticated are only one step off jamas.   And partly as I cannot get enough of this blazer - don't forget the 15% off at Baukjen with the code DMBLF15.

Slogan tee - Captain Tortue
Wide leg cropped faux leather trousers - Topshop
Ashcroft Blazer - Baukjen
White trainers - Veja from Quattro Rish
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga 

And not forgetting Ginny with her green lead.  Note to self - must try harder. 

So tomorrow I will be returning with something non monochrome, I promise.  Colour or print, colour or print??

I'd also love to know what your favourite colour is.  Ok so I sound like I'm 5 years old and I don't mean generally "what's your favourite colour?" but do you have an accent colour that you veer towards?  I would have said for years that mine is khaki but seeing as that's now a neutral - I would probably say yellow.  Even though I maybe prefer pink.  Or now that I'm blonder, I do like a bit of red.  So it's probably, almost definitely red.  Maybe.  However I think my heart is now set on green... And yours?

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14 comentarios:

  1. Oh, Kat Kat Kat.

    Now I need those green and fuchsia earrings. Will they go with my Maje dress that I intend to wear for dinner on Saturday? And, more importantly, will they arrive by Thursday as I leave for Spain super early on Friday? If they do, then it's clearly meant to be.

  2. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh!

    They're on holiday until 4th April! Maybe not meant to be after all. Well, for now anyway.

    1. Hi Marie, We're back from holiday and offering 15% off with ollym15 if you'd still like a pair!

  3. Oh god, you must get that jumper - so good.

  4. I love green! I've got the mohair mix sweater from Other Stories and it was very snuggly over Christmas. Unfortunately it went tatty very quickly, and last time I wore it I was told I looked like a farmer about to muck something out.

  5. I agree that jumper...
    And while green is in my wardrobe in relatively small amounts (usually of the emerald variety) my favorite colours that I keep coming back to are red and blue. Although this year, pink is definately my colour of the season.

  6. I'm not great with color but also find forest green surprisingly wearable. Love the Acne trench (having a huge thing with longline coats right now) but heard it was quite heavy. Have you come across this Sandro one? It's not classic trench but I tried it on in store and it's perfect for spring!

  7. Don't you think the 1970 jumper is now a bit 2016? I dunno, I see it so much that I am over it (although the green is beautiful). Pink is my favourite accent colour since you ask. :o)

  8. I love a splash of green but am super fussy about the shade so virtually never see anything :D Usually red is my go to splash of colour but dabble in purple and cobalt (I know, I'm sorry). Pink would be bottom of the list. Currently trying to embrace yellow. When I say yellow, I mean mustard. It's meant to suit me but I'm not so sure... PS Get the Bella Freud jumper ;-)

  9. The shade of green on the Bella Freud jumper really suits your colouring. Go for it.

  10. A random question but does Hush only have the one model?

  11. Kat, which size did you try on for the Bella Freud 1970 jumper! I NEED this and wondering whether to size up xxx

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I especially like the addition of forest green, it really ties the look together and offers another angle.