Striped Magic

Because there's no other way to describe them.  Magic.  They act as the perfect neutral, they are completely timeless, they work with every style and you can get them in a style to suit everyone. 

Not to mention colours.  So today - not looking at the classic breton navy and white, we are thinking outside of the stripey box. 

Mainly because I have found a new favourite fabulous option at & Other Stories.  I got one last year and have worn it as a layering option, but coming into the Spring, I am going to be wearing this is a top.   It is the perfect option for when it's too warm for a jumper and too cold for a tee.  Voila!  

So first up, I should mention that these are not going to be super useful if you are a member of the more well endowed club.  However, there has to be some advantage to having zero cleavage and being able to wear striped tops is one of them.

These are the ones I have.

Striped Top in Black and Khaki £25

This is me in the 38 which is the 12.  So not super tight.  As in you could wear it as a top instead of a layer.  If you're a fan of the vacuum packed look or are super toned (in which case, we can't be friends), then take your usual size.  For those who have are carrying a whole pile of love around their middle (you rock and can join my gang), I would size up.

In the larger size, it is actually flattering (I also may be breathing in as if my life depended upon it here... and the majority of my muffin is tucked into the waistband of my leather leggings which are virtual spanx).

Or the black and white £25

Again in the 38.

And it seems that stripes are order of the day at Stories.  

Longerline again with a vented side.  These are a looser fit than the ones above. 

Jersey Long Sleeve Tee £25 in navy

In a black and white again £25

If you don't want a longer line version, these are great.

Striped Sweater in Blue £25 (they say sweater, I say longsleeved tee...)

Or in red again £25

Longer line again but slightly more expensive from Raey at Matches.

Long-sleeved striped ribbed t-shirt £95 from Raey.

Striped slash neck, again in black and white from Autograph £29.50

And then the reverse colourway £29.50

Shorter in the body again at M&S.  These are amazing every day staples, I have one in black and white and one in burgundy and pink from last year.

Pure Cotton Striped Long Sleeved Top £8.50 from M&S in denim mix.

Red and ecru at MaxMara 

Rabbino Top from Weekend MaxMara £78

Orcival Breton Striped Cotton Top £58

Long sleeved jersey top in white and a black mix. 

Striped 3/4 Raglan Sleeve Top from M&S £15

Slightly thicker and ok, so it is navy and white... I snuck one in.

Cotton Rich Striped Long Sleeve Sweat from M&S £22.50

However I have saved my favourite till last.  This I adore.  Why do I think this is so perfect?  It's that ultimate twist on a classic.  This sums up the sort of item of clothing that I adore.  Essentially a striped top which is super useful but with a variation on the theme.

Stripe Cut Cuff Top by Boutique £36  Black and white klaxon.

I had hoped to get to the end of a blog without thinking - I need that.  I have failed.  That last top is too perfect a "neutral" not to try.

I am clearly an addict.  Although I say that.. I am an addict of a breton style top and this is slightly different (to file under "discussions I need never have with the husband") so I will save my obsession confession to when I come back with some real breton numbers. (when I say real breton, I clearly mean "my" version - a boxy navy and white striped top, as opposed to a "from Brittany specifically" job).

So here I am in my red and black version (which alas they no longer have).

Red and black jersey top - & Other Stories
Embroidered biker jacket - Star by Julian McDonald at Debenhams
Black wide leg trousers - M&S
White trainers - Veja at Quattro Rish
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

Tomorrow I will be back with some Mother's Day ideas.  I think I may have already had mine - the husband gets all the Brownie points for bringing me my perfume back from Belfast and buying the 100ml and not the 50ml.  In the meantime, I am simply loving this sunshine.  London tomorrow for a photo shoot so fingers crossed it lasts.  

I should probably go and count my striped tops and see how many I do in fact have.. care to share your tally?  And any colours that you're missing?  I fear that khaki and black one has my name on it.

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23 comentarios:

  1. I have two of the H&M sweatshirt sort of style one from last year that you also have. I have them in two sizes, one more fitted to go with boyfriend jeans and one almost oversized. Love them, they don't owe me a penny! x

    1. Now are these the ones that have the funny neckline on them? They drove me INSANE in the end although thinking aloud, they are so great (and to me - a proper Breton shape), I may get the neckline sewed down. As in the lining at the front keeps poking up? If they are the same, you will not what I'm talking about, it not, you will think I am as mad as a box of frogs.

      I also have the longer line tunic one from there which is better quality than my Joseph one! Of course, they only did it in one colourway and had it in store for about 5 seconds, never to be seen again.

  2. I bought the tunic style HM breton ones last year in black and white and white on black. Rare gems in H&M. You have reminded me to dig them out again. xx

    1. Oh balls balls balls I never saw it in the white on black. I would have loved that. BUGGER!!! They are the most perfect tops to wear over leather leggings with a blazer. You lucky duck!

  3. I bought the M&S sweatshirt last year amazing for the price no one at work would believe where I bought it from. Also picked up the stripe top with flared sleeves stunning for £15. Am a massive fan of stripe tees can't get enough of them of to check out the other stories options.

    1. Love it when that happens. I'm doing an article for the M&S website shortly - that's going on the short list!!

  4. Typo above meant to read last week. Also love Boden Bretons lovely fit and super soft jersey.

    1. Ha ha - I didn't think it had been around that long! I've never had much success with Boden Bretons unfortunately. Too short in the arms.

  5. I have the &Other Stories one in the grey and black stripe but, alas, like so many of my other tops it developed holes on the tummy. Why do so many do that? I'm trying to decide if it's belt-induced, my dogs jumping up or (as I once read on a thread discussing such matters) the point where tummy meets kitchen sink/counter. Whatever it is it was pretty much too badly hole-y to wear within a few weeks of buying it - shame because it is a good, flattering fit. I recently bought a Saint James man's dark red/ecru striped breton which has a fit I like - fitted but not clingy on the body with wider, longer sleeves. And it's a robust fabric...!

    1. Oh gosh I've read so many different theories.... but I've no idea - it's something I've never had a problem with. Shall we do a Venn Diagram?!

    2. I've not heard of holes on the tummy before! I stopped buying Esprit Tees, as the sticking on the hem always comes undone (strongly not on other brands), I suspect I must stretch the hem somehow. Very annoying when you start trailing thread.
      Love a long sleeved striped tee, I only have one, but it gets soooooo much use - time for another one, me thinks!

    3. Thank you ..... I thought I was the only one to experience holes on the tummy! Everyone looks at me like I am mad when I try to explain! Unfortunately it has happened to me way too much!

    4. I have holes too! Some of my favourite tops have fallen victim... I 'may' have worn the odd striped top back to front as reluctant as I am to throw away.... I don't have a dog and I'm a bit of a short a5se so tummy holes fall below the sink/counter top, I think. Id pay good money to find the culprit !

  6. If only I could find something as flexible bit I am one of the generously endowed so the crew neck and stripe combination is not a good look no matter how hard I wish. Do envy you and that last one is a must for your collection

    1. AHA!! But - you will look amazing in a blouse, I bet. In a flowy, v neck blouse. You guys all look amazing. I look like I'm going door to door, touting for votes in the local council elections.

    2. Have you tried a scoop neck, I know they're not long sleeved, but Boden do a great t-shirt with a scoop neck. I'm 32F and they look really good on.

    3. That's a good idea... although I do know some people don't like the way the stripes stretch over their chest, if that makes sense?!

  7. I feel sick ! Just counted and I have 15 - all 'slightly ', but crucially different . THATS a conversation I don't want to have but, as you say, they're magic. Why wouldn't you ?!

  8. Well another one to throw into the mix, and I must say, I thought of you when I bought it!! Its not actually a Breton, more a striped tee, but I shall describe it, it is thick black and white stripes, but it has navy blue sleeves from wrist to elbow, and it covers bum. Its by Cos, check it out, I think it would look good on you and fit into your wardrobe very well, as I can see you are missing a stripe/breton top!! Yvonne

    1. Oh that sounds lovely off to check that out!

  9. I have lots but I only ever really wear one of them (which was an impulse purchase in Superdry whilst losing the wll to live with DD #1, it's suprirsingly welll made adn beautifully cut!), I think that deep down I don't like them. I should probably seek therapy to discover why...

    1. Interestingly I have a tee (not striped) from Hollister which is one of the bet quality tees I own!