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It's time for another "she's lost her marbles" blog.  I don't do them too often (ok so that's probably subjective - clearly having a slightly woo time of it at the moment.  Decided late last night as I had a surprise free day that a trip to Bicester, out of the blue, would be an excellent idea), but every now and again, there's a bonkers bit.

Ta Dah. 

I've got my head around the biker jacket.  It has fast become a classic in so many of our wardrobes.  So surely it's time to up the ante and push the envelope a tad?  Dare I mention a bit of embellishment. 

So.  One could perceive these as slightly "mid life crisis".  And if I'm honest I'd possibly struggle to say you're wrong.  

But on the other hand, they're a bit of fun.  They're a spot of levity in a world that can often be very serious and rather dour.  And do you know what, you only live once and it's hardly like you're dying your hair purple (although that doesn't sound like such a bad plan now that I write it down.  But having just found my holy grail of hair dressers, I'm going to stick with what I know - bronde...). 

Who says you can't wear on of these, just because you're not 15.  We're not flashing flesh that may have seen better days, we're not offending anyone (bar your daughter, I may give you that).

My two favourites, if money were no object are the wonderful Laurie Lee which you can buy from her website and from Selfridges or Elizabeth Ilsley, which again you buy from their website or exclusively from Libertys.

Laurie Lee Leather Perfect Disaster Jacket £600 from Selfridges 

But you don't have to spent THAT much.  Leather for slightly less.

Reclaimed Vintage Leather Biker Jacket with Studs and Print from ASOS £225

However the bargain of the day has to be at ASOS - leather and print.  Ok so it's hardly a bargain, as in the cost of a bottle of wine, but if you're not looking to sell a kidney...

ASOS Leather Biker Jacket £160

But hold your horses - faux leather at Forever21.  And clever F21 - they've now taken to putting customer photos on their site, along with their model shot ones.  Which are often a lot better.  Proof if proof were needed.  Love a bit of this shop.  You need time, patience and imagination but it can definitely be worth having a trawl through to find some gems.  The nearest one to me at Bluewater has shut (along with so many shops.  And not a Cos or an & Other Stories in sight.  Pah) and the one on Oxford Street (unless you go the minute it opens is really scary and on the daunting side) but it's worth considering if you're looking for something different (and cheap).

Faux Leather Moto Jacket £28 If you can take your eyes off her ridiculously enviable hair.

I'm throwing in a ringer as I can't work out whether I truly hate it or think it is beyond amazing.  I will say I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is - although it could look like a pile of red velvet dung close up... 

Oh and obviously we've moved on from bikers - I'm throwing caution to the wind and am including all back graffiti.

One Above Another Kimono in Velvet £50

Khaki... Love Story Graphic Jacket £27 from Forever 21

Camo at Forever 21.  I have to say I don't hate this as much as I possibly should.

Rolling Stones Camo Jacket from Forever21 £30

And then there are the denim options.  A much more reasonable way to try the trend and ideal for into Spring.   Love this one from ASOS. 

Only Embroidered Denim Jacket £50

Tiger Graphic Denim Jacket from Forever 21 £27

Full on graffiti at Topshop. 

MOTO Graffiti Print Jacket £65

And the one that perhaps every mother should own? 

Do Not Disturb Me Denim Jacket from Forever 21 £28  This has to be THE perfect Mother's Day present.

Actually this one is probably more appropriate for me...

Urban Renewal Vintage Customised Printed Back Trucker Jacket from Urban Outfitters £66

Right - so there you have them.  All the random.  I can pretty much guarantee that I won't go down that route.  Although... I am still dreaming about the Elizabeth Ilsley navy one (I mean NAVY?!) I tried on in Liberty's that was clearly made for a 12yr old girl and was about a size 2.  It clearly wasn't meant to be... 

So come on - a bit of jacket embellishment or no way jose?

Here I am today in my super vanilla outfit.  Very much back in my comfort zone.  And yes.  New Jeans.  I am bringing you all the details tomorrow with the best that I manage to find when I go out and do some research.

Breton top - Joseph
Oversized trench - Zara
Jeanne jeans - MiH at Quattrorish
White trainers - Veja
Leopard print patent bag - Tory Burch 

And if you are looking for something slightly less left field, my newest article for The Pool is up.  The most wearable top that will take you from Spring into Summer and through to Autumn

Tomorrow, I promise to bring you another Spring Staple and tackle that thorny subject - yes, jeans.  

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12 comentarios:

  1. Hi, love fur gilet you are wearing in the pool article can i asked where its from.

    1. It's absolutely divine isn't it - it's from Me+Em! (and it's not mine!!)

  2. Kat, you look so so gorgeous in the Pool pics!!! And I adore you in the silk tunic and fur gilet!! Both have been in my wish list forever (and kicking myself for not going for it with your Me+Em code last month) but I'm on a spending ban so trying to be good.

    1. Thank you! They are both soooooooooo gorgeous. Am trying to work out whether or not I would be brave enough to handwash that silk shirt (cream, dryclean? errr no!) You could handwash it, couldn't you???

    2. I've hand washed (it might have been cold hand) wash cycle on the machine a dry clean only silk shirt, no problem. The shirt in question is slightly stretchy and doesn't crease - if I'd noticed it was dry clean, I probably wouldn't have bought it.

    3. That ended up a bit garbled, but I think (hope) you get my meaning!

  3. Agree love your look with the silk tunic and fur gilet!
    Maybe I could wear the "Do not disturb" on a tshirt as an alternative choice?!.!

  4. I shove all silk in the washing machine on a handwash cycle 😚

    1. I also shove all my cashmere in 😂

    2. I do most silk... and all my cashmere!