Letting your feet do the talking

Yes it's time for a good old statement shoe.  Oh how I love these.  

When it comes to an instant pick me up - for some people it's a new lipstick, a blow dry, a new hair colour, new earrings, a new dress - ok so essentially a new anything.  I had a really successful meeting this morning, it's half term tomorrow (oh dear lord save us all and it's not half term at all, is it?  It's Easter!) so I thought I deserved a little treat.

For me - first up - it's new shoes.  So ok so it could also be a new dress but I tried to buy one of those today and big fat fail - nothing that I liked.  Shock.  Horror.  Yes, seriously (so admittedly I did only go into Selfridges and did only spend about 30 mins and was trying to buy something I'd seen about two months ago so not the hugest of surprises that it wasn't there anymore.  Duh).

So it was onto the next best thing.  That'll be a shoe.  And since it was sunny and verging on properly Summery, it could only be a statement shoe.  

These were almost top of the list. 

Robin Multi Strap Sandals from Topshop £56   Why. Why oh why didn't I buy them?  I would defy anyone not to know these aren't Laurence Dacade shoes.  And I have wanted a pair of her shoes forever.  I AM A FOOL.  

Actually I know why I didn't buy them - the ones I did end up buying were marginally lower and you didn't need a pedicure to wear them.  I have officially turned into an old, lazy lady. 

Whilst we're on the subject of buckles.  Dacade meets Toga.  Lush.  I could easily wear these.  Easily. 

ASOS Over Time Western Heeled Shoes £45

Monochrome buckles now (can you tell I am more than rather taken with this style?). 

Natasha Multi Buckle Heeled Sandals £52 from Topshop

Variation on the theme.  

Grey Snake Strappy Eyelet Blocked Heel Sandals £55

Raquel Embroidered Sandals from Topshop £56

More sandals... these are so wrong they're right.  Of that, I am very confident.  

ASOS Heads Up Sandals £45

More block heels at River Island 

Pink Multicoloured Textured Block Sandals £52

And now we're onto shoes (note the pedicure comment above - these are for Spring.  And the lazy amongst us).

Snake Design Loafers from Mango £59.99

If you don't like super high (too low for me but I know loads of people rock these). 

Leather leopard shoes from Mango £59.99

And did someone say high heel?  What a heel this is. 

Missguided Embroidered Block Heel Court Shoe £35

M&S have got the floral stiletto covered.  For work, with jeans, with an LBD to give it a whole new lease of life. 

Stiletto Floral Court Shoes £25

Or the yellow mix again £25

Printed leopard at Mango £35.99

Yes more leopard.  You can never have enough.

Pimkie Leopard Print Heel £19.99

Owen2 Pointed Top Cap Mules £56

And of course if you're not quite ready to ditch the ankle boots yet, these are the perfect Spring/Summer option. 

Mimosa Floral Ankle Boot from Topshop £69

So what did I buy...?  The Gina Shoes from Topshop that I had on the blog yesterday that are now sold online.  And this was the last pair in Oxford Street.  That happened to be my size.  I couldn't leave them there... 

In fact, I'm off to change into them as it's a night out with the girls tonight.  Haven't been to the pub with the girls for so so so long - ridiculously looking forward to it.  Out on a school night, check me out. 

Tee - Isabel Marant Etoile
Phobe jeans - MiH
Ashcroft Blazer - Baukjen
Belt - Weekday at ASOS
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

Leopard print boots - Tabitha Simmons from The Cult & The Classic
Off to put my statement shoes on and can't believe tomorrow is Friday?  Out of interest - what is your "treat yo-self" (and again if you haven't seen Parks & Recreation, I can't recommend it highly enough and the "treat yo-self" concept will make total sense) treat?  

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20 comentarios:

  1. Just when I thought I was safe - a blog I could read yet not be tempted by - you go and hit me with that last pair of Toppers floral boots. Now, dammit, I am very tempted.

    1. HAHA. Oops. If it makes you feel any better, I got a blister trying to track down the blooming Gina Toppers ones in London, that were sold out in my size online and I didn't realise I needed until I blogged about them. FOOL!

  2. I am not picky ..... I love to treat myself to a quick peak into my favorite store to see what maybe calling my name ..... although I will admit that in the last week I have treated myself to a few new shoes! Embroidered mule and ankle boot have been statement shoe treat!

    1. Another statement footwear fan. LOVE!

  3. I've just ordered a pair of Boss sneakers that I've been stalking for a while, and seeing as they had one pair left in my size, it's pay day and I'm due a reasonable tax rebate, it was an itch I had to scratch.
    They are my first pair of white sneakers, but are red at the back. Part of me is actually hoping I won't like them when they turn up, as they aren't cheap, but mostly I'm hoping they fit like a glove and that I love them!

    1. Oh they sound amazing! Hope they work - let is know xxx

  4. Love love love a new pair of shoes. Your size (almost) always fits, they never make your bum look big and they bring great joy! Off for a purchase.

  5. Love a statement shoe of all kinds. And a leopard shoe. But I hate it when they don't show shoes with feet in them. Topshop buckle numbers at the top - grrr. I am ashamed to admit that every part of me wants those superhero ASOS ones. I'd never wear them as they are too strappy but... xx PS Hush bottom half sizing - is a small more of a 10/12 than a 10?

    1. Hmmm I find a small in bottoms a 10 actually... which bottoms where you thinking about?

    2. The aimee joggers - I've never owned any hush bottoms but there tops are very generously cut and google gives me mixed reports :D

    3. Hmmm I think a Small is a normal 10 in the Aimees. Hope that helps xxx

  6. Hey Kat. The Marant tee - what size is yours? And the washing instructions says handwash (grrr!), have you tried washing yours in the machine? xx

    1. I have the cheaper Marant tee and I have it in the Medium. The more expensive versions are oversized and I would be a Small/XS in them. And I am MORTIFIED to say I ahven't washed mine yet!! But I will be handwashing in the machine for sure. I need to do this weekend.. I will let you know..!!

    2. Thanks for the advice, I've ordered the Kolda in medium having got my head around the prospect of handwashing it xx

    3. WAshing machine - handwash cycle! It's only 100% linen - I have other tees in the same fabric and they've always come out fine!

  7. Love the Gina V. On a different note. Got my hands on the Topshop vinyl trench (sold out instantly everywhere) but umming and ahhing. Am I too old? Is it a flash in the pan? Are you waering your M&S Alexa one much? xd

    1. Well I won't lie - I haven't worn it as much as I thought I would. As it's very very squeaky!!!!!!

  8. Right - so there are two types of the Marant tee. The more expensive versions are much much looser and secondly the colours are very Bob Marley. I got the cheaper version which is more fitted and I got a Medium. It also has a shaped hem which I find much better for not tucking in. I am, however, a fan of the half tuck..!