It takes one smidge of sunshine...

... to turn me into a Summer wear junkie.  This blog comes to you courtesy of a whim and a five minute swerve last week into.... Forever 2.  It's not all about Forever21 - merely the inspo - and the inspo is... The Denim Jacket.

But then, following on from the revelation that is the maxi skirt, the denim jacket doesn't seem like such a foolish idea - even this early in the season.  I do a blog on these, without fail, every year.  They are a wardrobe perennial, like my beloved blazers.  It doesn't matter how long you've had them for, they never go out of fashion. 

However these are going that extra mile with regards to "pimp my denim jacket".  And you're not all going to like them, but fear not, I have hunted down some more classic options too. 

I had dashed into Forever21 on a trip to London last week, actually on an earring hunt (which turned up squat by the way).  However I happened to spy these.  And they looked good.  They looked really really good.  The denim is super quality - lovely and lived in, not that stiff, cardboard denim that most cheaper jeans and jackets are made from.  These were probably slouchy and had that luxe feel to them.  Ditto the actual embroidery.  It's really quite impressive.  For relatively peanuts compared to what you would pay in Selfridges (where I had just come from and where there is nothing - or at the very least, exceptionally little - under three figures in the Denim Studio).

This is what caught my eye.  

Disclaimer:- I know that these are going to divide opinion massively.  

Sequinned Leopard Jacket from Forever21 £24.00   So this one is darker than it looks here and is also more of a swing style jacket - it's not fitted in the body and definitely comes up big so size down a whole size.

Tragic picture as I had a pussy bow blouse on - not normal fare under a cropped denim jacket.  It looked disastrous but I wanted to get an idea of sizing.

And I couldn't decide between the two of them - the photos of this online do not do it justice.  At.  All. 

Tiger Graphic Denim Jacket £27  It's not this rather hideous bleached blue it looks here - it's a vintage style grey, blue denim, if that makes sense?  It's fabulous.  And very fitted.  But the small is a easily a 10.  It fitted me and I am the American footballer end of 10.

This is a truer sense of the shade of denim.

Another truly tragic photo.  I was too lazy to walk to the changing rooms so just walked to the much less busy men's section to try it on and was surreptitiously being given (unsurprisingly) weird looks from the Sales Assistants.

And moving from the ridiculous, to the even more ridiculous.  One that I'm torn between hating myself for even contemplating and scrabbling for the credit card.  I have a feeling though that bling on leopard may win over Donald.

Patch Dark Denim Jacket from Mango £49.99

Again, this doesn't look quite so numpty in the flesh.  Ok so maybe it does...

Perhaps easier to wear, also at Mango.

Beadwork Denim Jacket from Mango £35.99

Collarless and this time with full on fray at Marques' Almeida was £294 now £147

Dark denim with a very subtle dark embroidery detail from See by Chloe at The Outnet was £240 now £96

Mixing it up a bit at Mango.

Light Wash Denim Jacket from Mango £49.99

A boxy shirt shape now.

Carpenter Denim Jacket from hush £70

Moving onto the classics.

Dark Denim Jacket from Mango £35.99

And another classic version in a lighter shade.

Contemporary Denim Jacket from Forever 21 £23

And classic at Gap on offer.

1969 denim jacket from Gap was £54.95 now £32.97

Finishing with investment time.  Seeing as these will last you year in, year out, it's not the most foolish thing to spend money on, thinking of cost per wear.  Especially if you find one that's the perfect fit for you in your ideal shade of denim (and that's all down to personal preference).  Now that I've discovered they will work super well over maxi skirts and tees.. not to mention midi and maxi dresses, there's not stopping me.

APC Brandy Denim Jacket from APC £190

And a slightly different shade at Madewell - The Classic Jean Denim Jacket £130 from Net A Porter

But my top pick (obviously the most expensive - *weeps*) has to be from my newly found favourite brand.  From where I own nothing but I shall be following (and finding us great high street equivalents).

Button down denim jacket from Rockins £210  THIS.. THIS THIS THIS look is how I'm loving wearing it.  With heels and a midi.  Who would have thought?  Looks superb. 

Here I am yesterday, not in a denim jacket but in a sneak preview of tomorrow's blog and it's the third instalment in the maxi skirt outfit trilogy.  Great day, speaking at the Sheerluxe Fashion Day in London.  And then back to take the children out for pizza with my best friend and her kids.  This may be my favourite outfit of the season so far.

Jeanne Jeans - MiH from Quattro Rish
Kolda Tee - Isabel Marant Etoile
Navy frock coat - Zara
Leopard Print Boots - Tabitha Simmons from The Cult & The Classic
Grab bag - Gucci

So break it to me gently.  Denim jacket - well, you can't deny that they're a winner but have I lost my tiny mind with the slight (ok majorly in your face) embellishment?  The fact I haven't been back to buy it does lead me to believe my passion for it may be waning but I wonder if as soon as the sun properly come out, will I regret not going for the bling?  Is it just that I can't decide between the two of them?  Hmmmmm, thoughts on denim jacket peeps?  I know there are lots of fans out there and I know that most of you have had yours for years.  Anyone up for a bit of pimp my jacket action?  

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15 comentarios:

  1. Love all of them apart from Donald Duck!! That one is seriously bad!

    1. It honestly looks much better in the flesh. But I see what you're saying..!!

  2. I have a classic diesel denim jacket that has been mine for over 10 years but totally classic. No need for a new one but tempted slightly by the tiger ones!!! Donald Duck is hilarious, could not pull that one off! Xx

    1. Aren't the tiger ones so wrong they're right?!

  3. Not keen on the novelty denim I'm afraid but i do love your outfit. Is the navy Zara frock coat current season?

    1. YES!! Literally bought it on Friday!

    2. I had a totally random pair of trousers that were a (very bad) impulse purchase in Zara and I lost the receipt and had to BEG them to exchange it for something. This was the first thing I grabbed but I LOVE it!

  4. Hmm I'm loving a logo tee and I have to say, I'm on the fence with floral. I like an animal (god I need to get out more!!) Hope the job is going well!!

  5. I bought a denim jacket a ZILLION years ago from Warehouse. Was cheap as chips and I wear it every summer without fail

    1. SEE!! Everyone has one they've had for years. I do but they owe me nothing and I think I could maybe get a new one.. I have to say though, it's something I don't wear often. I've never quite got into the denim groove - like I have with biker jackets, for example. Maybe this will be the year I crack it!

  6. Embtoidery in general doesn't do anything for me I'm afraid. And being 5ft I'd probably look about 12 years old if i wore the Donald Duck one.

    I love the styling of the Rockin one. I'm going to a school reunion next week (agh why?) and was thinking of a similar look but with wide legged Uniqlo cropped trousers instead of a skirt and with my perfect denim jacket from Whistles that I found last year. Unfortunately being a shorty it's a tad too long and is currently at the perfect length for me courtesy of some tacking stitches I put in to test the length before taking it to the tailor but as per usual haven't yet got round to it yet. Still, don't suppose anybody will notice ...

    Love the blog and your outfit!

    1. That sounds amazing! And thank you xxxx

  7. No to the Donald Duck :D I love the tiger ones but ideally I'd like the first tiger on the second jacket. Typical. But for that price even if they were a one season wonder they'd be good. But since you'd never see the back of it you'd be just as well sticking with a plain one that'd do you forever. Sensible I am :D xx

  8. Lynsey. You are talking sense. We cannot be friends..... I will KNOW that there is a leaping tiger on my back and it will make me happy. Plus it will irritate the life out of my husband so when we've had a row on holiday and he's pissing me off (it sometimes happens), I can walk in front of him, knowing that the tiger will be winding him up and that will make me very very happy indeed. Childish but true. It's the little things.... !!!

    1. Get the tiger one, get the tiger one - I would so do that as well :D xx