And the third part of the trilogy...

... is my beloved slogan tee. 

Moving on from my Winter favourite - the slogan jumper, its little Spring sister, the tee version is up.  Although frankly, I could have worn my blooming slogan polo neck today, the weather was that dire.  However, I digress.  We need to think warm thoughts folks.  

I have done a couple of blogs on these this year so I apologise if these are your idea of hell.  If it is - look away now.  As I think these are looking like being my go to tops of the season. 

These are my boho.  Well, my noboho.  Some of them have embroidery on them - I am stretching the definition of embroidery but if we're splitting hairs, they've got embroidery on them.  Enough said.  I've ticked that hipster box.  Ok so I haven't really but I have come to terms with my ability to make anything cool and boho look like I should be selling heather.  Or getting ready to storm the stage as a backing singer for an Eastern European Eurovision Song Contest Entry.  They just don't work on me. 

So I'm moving on, facing up to my shortcomings (dear all embroidery tops - I am desperately sorry and will not ruin any of you any more) and am buying all the t-shirts.  

We've got the maxi skirts, we've got the denim jackets (how are we all doing on blazers?) and we have done the t-shirts, but I've decided we're doing them again.

As, if you're not into boho - what on earth do you wear all Summer?  You can do these.  One idea is the maxi skirt, tee, blazer/denim jacket combo that I've been exploring the last couple of days.  I love with jeans and a blazer.  Cropped harems and a blazer.  (I think I need to look at more blazers...).  Smart joggers.  And errrrrrr, a biker jacket?  Or blazer  (I've got it covered shortly, I promise).

But the key is that the tee is going to be your every day, go to top.  Because one day it will be too warm to wear a blazer and you can't swan around in your bra.  (speaking for myself here - knock yourself out if you fancy it). 

And I have found a gem.  A total gem, inspired by my Blondie tee I bought last year.

My find of the season.  Like the tiger sequin (snort) jackets of yesterday these will divide.  But I love this.  Can I also add that the quality of these is surprisingly amazing.  They wash as well as Zoe Karssen tees and do not lose their shape at all.  For a fraction of the cost.  And you won't run into anyone (over the age of 17) wearing one.  Fight with your daughter for which logo you're going to wear.  They also have Saved by The Bell, Pink Floyd and ACDC.  

For me, this a complete ,no brainer of a winner.  

Distressed Graphic tee from Hollister £17

And then I have to say I quite fancy the look of this... with black or with navy.  Perfect.

Colorblock Raglan Graphic Tee £22  Since she actually has bigger boobs than me, I think this will be rather marvellous under a longline military style navy blazer and jeans.

And the tee floodgates are loose.  There are new ones coming in all the time - current choice.  I've also noticed that these are selling out and not being repeated, so if you see one you like, grab it as it will disappear shortly.

Femme Forever tee from Topshop £15

Females of the Future tee from Topshop £15

And another Topshop option. 

1972 Slogan T-shirt £15

Scandi chic at Topshop - this looks a lot more expensive than it is. 

Copenhagen tee £22

Monochrome love again at River Island.  Again, this looks a lot more expensive in my book.

Merci Beaucoup tee £16

And now I am upping the ante cost wise.  I think if you know you will wear these loads, then cost per wear, they are easily justified.  

Pierre Balmain was £223 now £78.05

I wore my new Marant tee as part of a "dressed up" outfit on Saturday for an event where I was talking on a panel.  I would wear as an out out top in the Summer (for a pub or lunch out - just add fabulous jeans and heels) but I will take on holiday with me and wear dressed down during the day.  Plus I will keep for next year, oh and it's my favourite linen fabric.  I think THE most flattering tee material there is.  

Isabel Marant Etoile Kolda tee in Black £100  Size wise, I got the Medium.  The more expensive version of these tees - the sleeves are marginally longer, but they are very oversized.  Massive.  And the bottom isn't shaped.  The cheaper ones are a much better buy in my book (exactly the same fabric).

And the one I have - in the white, again £100

And from my collection that I already have, this is one I got last year.  Perfect for a Summer monochrome look.

Printed Modal and Cotton Tee from Zoe Karssen was £80 now £35.20  Size wise, I got a Small.  I think these come up on the large side.

Speaking of monochrome, here I am today.. not in a t-shirt.  Principally because it was chuffing freezing this morning.  I mean errr Spring, hello?  Fancy pitching up any time soon?  Feeling super virtuous after Pilates this morning, a dog walk (in the sideways rain and gale force wind) and a couple of hours work before heading into London for afternoon tea with Emma Willis, Helena Christensen, Hilary Alexander, Henry Holland, Ben De Lisi, Sadie Frost, Jemima French and John Rocha.  

Ok.  So I didn't *actually* have afternoon tea with them all, apart from John Rocha who was sat on my table and we chatted about cake.  I was in the same room as them though, thanks to the invite from Debenhams for their High Summer launch.   

And, and, and Aliza Reger (Janet's daughter who now heads up the brand and designs for Debenhams) said she loved my outfit and had just come back from Paris and that I looked really French.  My work here is done.  I could have kissed her! 

Here I am in my *I have it on good authority* Parisian outfit. 

Black and white striped polo neck - Second Female from Collen & Clare
Faux leather awkward length trousers - Topshop
Longline blazer - Autograph at M&S
Black Tools bag - Balenciaga
Esplar trainers - Veja from Quattro Rish
Black Earrings - H&M

So I am now waiting for a kebab.  All the class but after a manic day, cooking isn't on the cards and it's healthier than it sounds (I don't have the minced thing on the spit, which I have to say I am rather partial to but no - lamb shish and marinated chicken, salad and a pita bread.  Perfection on a Monday!). 

Tomorrow, shooting outdoors as the weather is supposed to be good. Pretty pretty pretty please let it be.  And I will be back with jeans.  Don't ask.  I've decided I need a black or white pair.  Nothing to do with me becoming obsessed with my French compliment.  Nooooooooo... never... 

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18 comentarios:

  1. love the coat is it new purchase?x

    1. It's available now from M&S online, it's not new new in but it's new season Autograph and still available in all sizes - I'm shooting it tomorrow but wore it today as I love it so much (had to be soooooooo careful not to spill anything on it).

  2. Rather partial to a slogan tee and currently awaiting this from Sezane but also hanging towards the Zoe Karssen above...

    Supposed to be on a self-imposed spending ban after parting with 5 grand last night for flights to the USA in August (unfortunately the only time we can go due to work commitments). Thank God we get to stay at my parents' house for free when we get there or it would be bread and water from now until then. Sod it - that T shirt may yet fall into my basket. Oh, and spill - who threw you the Parisian compliment?? You do (as always) look super stylish.

    1. Oh that Sezane tee is amazing. Really really gorgeous. How many of you are going to the US??! Whoa. Am sure it will be a fabulous holiday. On the upside, tees are a complete staple and can take you from day to night. I would say definitely worth the investment.

      And it was the impossibly elegant Aliza Reger (Janet's daughter) who now designs the lingerie range for Debenhams. She was so so gorgeous. And I was obviously ridiculously flattered!!! She's also tiny enough to put into my handbag.. I will admit to feeling more Goth Gulliver than Parisian but I took the compliment and ran with it

  3. Who needs to do Boho when they parisienne as good as that!
    Have sort of got my heart set on a French slogan tee that isn't black or white. Can I find One? No, I can't, but that's par for the course. Does anybody else do that, have an idea in their head about what they're looking for that is so specific it's doomed to fail?

    1. OMG I do that all the time!!!! It's a recipe for disaster....(sorry - that wasn't v helpful, was it...!) You could try Etre Cecile but I don't think their tees are the best quality for the money...

  4. Love the MTV tee! Also on the hunt for perfect pair of white jeans and even white denim shorts but have not come up with much so help on that front would be amazing!

    1. Ok you are SO one step ahead of me on the white denim shorts front - all the respect. But I'm on it with the white jeans.. watch this space!

    2. Ah only cos I'm off to Dubai for easter break in two weeks! Still probably a bad idea to wear white with two kids in tow!

    3. I've got a pair of white straight leg jeans, but didn't wear them last year, need help in styling them I think!

    4. I would wear white jeans whenever I would wear normal jeans. In fact, more so. Because of the plethora of black in my wardrobe, I thnk white jeans work better. And they vaguely look smarter. Apart from the fact mine have holes in them.... They are a MUST for Dubai! (she says never having been...!!)

  5. Great post Kat - I love a slogan top! I got a great one a few weeks back from Primark saying 'NOT TODAY' on it... Fab for the weekend - when the kids ask me for something I just point to the slogan!
    I've also just noticed that if you scroll to the very bottom of the page on the Mango site there's a tab for Mango Outlet (I'm possibly very late to the party with this) - there are literally hundreds of reduced items on there - and under the t-shirt tab there are many with slogans. A lot of them appear to be in 'standard' sizes too...! Great news for anyone just dipping their toe in the slogan pond...
    Keep up the good work - you're costing me a fortune!!!

    1. OMG how did I not know about this... off to have a look, thank you!!

  6. Love your blog....but you do know what the term femme means these days?

    1. to be totally honest, I didn't until I googled it! It's not a negative thing though and I'm pretty sure that the majority of my generation will think you're meaning the French version! I also asked my 12yr old and she thought the same. I would think that fewer than most would know what the alternative meaning is and those that do wouldn't bat an eyelid!

  7. love the coat! may I ask what size you are wearing? Thanks! And I echo the statement above that you are costing me a fortune but I love all of my new pieces!! Anna

    1. 10! I absolutely LOVE it and have been looking for one for ages. So incredibly difficult to come by. Have worn it for two days in a row now. Will completely come into its own in the Autumn too. So so happy with it!

  8. This is my next slogan tee!