It's all about the skirt

You know how this goes.  I am a fashion magpie.  So that's the polite way of putting it.  I *may* be slightly on the fickle side.  BUT BUT BUT in my defence, my wardrobe schizophrenia is cyclical.   So whilst I go through phases of adoring the same sort of look and wearing it on repeat, then moving on to the next sort of outfit - it would seem reasonably quickly - I do always circle back to the original look.  

Today though, is something I haven't really worn much.  A new wardrobe cycle.  The skirt of the maxi variety. 

Having said that, I do have one from Zara - a leopard one, that I have had for 8 years.  And it gets dragged out every year.  It was only about £24 so pretty much owes me nothing and has survived many a wardrobe cull.  As I said - there are some things which I just keep coming back to. 

But it's taken a new way of wearing the maxi skirt to open up a whole new avenue of outfit opportunities.  The maxi skirt with a tee.  And a blazer.  Who would have thought this would work?  Ok so a) probably lots of you as you may have been sporting this look forever or b) you don't think it works at all .

Well - I do and I'm grabbing it by the horns.  Primarily as it is the most versatile and easy to wear transitional outfit (oh fair enough - one of them.  There are others obvs.  But they do also make full use of one of the essential ingredients in this outfit recipe - that being the tee about which I have much to wax lyrical another day).

Why is it my current favourite?  The leg hiding issue.  It's cool (weather not street cred wise, although...), you can totally get away without shearing (as it's known in my house) and without fake tanning.  Whilst looking Summery. 

They also work for day and night.  For work and play.  In fact - I'm going to throw this in here.  Think of a maxi skirt in place of jeans (boyfriend or straight leg - not necessarily super skinny).  I know it sounds bonkers but do it.  Humour me please, it works.  Shirt (tucked in), tee (tucked or untucked - or go a half tuck), sweatshirt, breton, crew neck, slim fit polo neck - they all work.  SEE!!  Jacket wise - blazer, biker, denim, cargo or military jacket, even a loose trench, again these are goers.  

So this is the one I have.  And have worn out in the evening with a black silk pussy bow shirt and black velvet boots. 

Studio by Preen Black Mesh Maxi Skirt £55 at Debenhams

We can up the statement ante at ASOS White.  Love.  Love love love LOVE LOVE. 

ASOS White Flocked Spot Tulle Maxi Skirt £95  This with a white tee and black blazer and sneakers?  Perfect.  You know your supermarket wants you to....

Fuller again and imagine this teamed with a little white tee and a denim jacket.  Perfect for every day.  The top isn't quite working for me - park that somewhere else.

True Violet Burnout Floral Maxi Skirt £85

One that again could be dressed up or down is the metallic pleated midi skirt from Topshop. Of course, this is exactly what I was looking for in the Winter but could only find the Alice + Olivia skirt that cost 30 times as much as this.  *all the eye rolls*.

Metallic Maxi Skirt by Rare at Topshop £35

Ok so that one's good, but this one is amazing.  Simply amazing.  

No.1 Jenny Packham Gold Pleated Maxi Skirt was £150 now £75. All the love for this.  And I mean all the love.  Logo tee, black fitted blazer, trainers - this for every day is perfection.  Plus, who'll be laughing come Christmas?  That'll be me.  (and you if you join me...)

Moving onto daytime prints - the perfect summery purchase to wear now with a tee, denim jacket and scarf (yes scarf - I reckon that would totally work until it gets warmer).  Suede ankle boots or trainers.  Imagine with sandals when the sun comes out to stay.

ASOS Maxi Skirt was £45 now £22

Print again but super versatile at Dorothy Perkins (although limited sizes which is a shame). 

Animal Print Maxi Skirt from Doroth Perkins was £32 now £12

Another neutral palette which is ideal for adding different print tops, is a polka dot in classic navy.

Polka Dot Skirt from Mango £35.99

However if we want print, we can have full on print.  The "bargain" (as in it's 70% off) of the day from Matches.

Camilla Skirt from DVF was £374 now £112

70% off again at DVF, this time with the Addyson Skirt from DVF was £449 now £149

This is a great noboho option.  I'd wear this with a white shirt tucked in and a denim jacket. 

Izabel London Navy Paisley Skirt £22

Or there's always plain and speaking of noboho, this does the job for me perfectly.  We are upping the budget but this with knee high or ankle boots, a fitted polo and biker jacket will happily take you into the Autumn too.  

Waist Tie Gathered Gauze Skirt from See by Chloe £255

Ditto this deliciously wearable khaki skirt from Joseph. 

Tie-front maxi skirt from Joseph £245

I know I keep hinting about green - this colour is amazing.  Lustarama.  Perfect with black blazer, ideal with a biker and sublime with a dark denim jacket.  And it has pockets.  My work here is done. 

Elastic Waist Skirt from Mango in forest green £35.99

Another green version but this time in a straighter style.  There is no reason though, why this wouldn't work as well as any of the fuller versions. 

ASOS Maxi Skirt in Twill with Channe Detail £30

And here I am in mine yesterday.  I never thought I would wear a blazer with a maxi skirt.  But I've broken the seal and have opened up a whole new world of outfit opportunities.  

Blondie tee - Hollister
Black blazer - Topshop
Black Maxi Skirt - Studio by Preen at Debenhams
Black grab bag - Gucci
White trainers - Veja at Quattro Rish
Nightingale glasses - Walter & Herbert 

However I have another jacket alternative that has been a brain worm for the past couple of weeks and is simply perfect go wear with them.  I don't normally mention these this early in the season - all will be revealed tomorrow. 

Have I managed to persuade you?  And if you're petite - there is no reason why you can't wear these.  There is a reason that ASOS sells maxis in petite sizes.. just saying... You can always add heels (which makes me jealous as I love that look but turn into Gulliver!).  Although totally understand if you'd rather not.  Fear not - tomorrow is something that isn't heightist in the slightest.  Definitely something for everyone.

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24 comentarios:

  1. I love this look and either DVFs would be amazing shame the only size left would be about right for a single thigh lol might have to do some digging!

    1. Ha ha ha!!! Just think of it as inspiration... I think there will be a lot more around come the Summer...

  2. You are such an enabler! Trying the mango version, you sold on pockets. Added a knot detail T in blush as well.... Another Kat enabling situation. Love the blogs lady keeping them coming...

    1. Green and blush together are amazing.. just saying....

  3. I'm not a massive skirt/dress person...but but but I like the dress down with tee, blazer, trainers idea very much. You have reminded me that I had a black linen maxi that I wore for years, which was so useful. The spotty one, the topshop metallic one, omg the Chloe one (of course) all lovely, but for me the asos one which looks like a skirt version of cargo pants would be very wearable. Yup, Kat, you are such an enabler :).

    1. Who would have thought it would work? All hail the blazer!!!

  4. I'm 5ft and find that maxi skirts make me look disproportionate with the cutoff/bunching waist but in a maxi dress, it works well. Same with pencil skirts. the skirt form just doesn't look right on me

    1. I always struggled with what to wear on top too but I've found a tee that just sits almost on the waistband (I often wear my skirts lower on the hips so that they hang lower and generally I find it more flattering). Ditto a jumper or drapey sweatshirt that has a waistband. I also think it's about trying new shapes that previously you might not have thought worked but with a slight alteration in mindset and getting used to a shape that wasn't previously that on trend - does make a difference. That's what I've found anyway.

      If I look back through the blog there are things I know I dismissed that I'm now comfortable wearing!

  5. Hi, i love a maxi, when i worked for viyella, yes i know they were a little frumpy, i struggled with picking what to where as my uniform every time, i did get and still wear over 8 years old a animal print maxi skirt that when i wear it am often ask where is is from.xx

    1. If Viyella had made more animal maxi print skirts, I reckon they would still be in business! I would LOVE a full one - mine is straight.. in fact I think I might wear it today. Thanks for the inspo!

  6. Something I may have to try .... maxi, tshirt and blazer/jacket. You have definitely got me thinking!

  7. I still end up tucking them into my knickers as they just get in my way. Also being all leg and no body I'm not sure that in skirt form they are ideal for me! I tried one recently for a night out and felt like Hattie Jacques compared to everyone else, everywhere :D and I'm not exactly huge. So when I mug you for your outfit you get to keep the skirt ;-) xx

    1. And wouldn't it be a dull world if we all wore the same things all of the time?!

  8. Kat, what size did you get in the Preen?

    1. 10! Perfect fit. I would say true to size

  9. Hello! Great post as always. I ordered the preen one yesterday and just hoping size works. I was looking for ideas for how to style it and I love your look in the photo. Any other styling ideas for the preen maxi? Don't want to look too Gothic...x

    1. I'm thinking about dressing it down with pink? I've got a pair of ballet flats in pink, white tee, pink blazer... or or or black and white striped top instead of tee. I also dressed it up with a black silk pussybow blouse and black velvet boots. Hope that helps!

    2. I also think trainers (the ones below are perfect), black and white striped breton top (Uniqo is amazing) and a biker jacket.

  10. By the way I also ordered these trainers to wear with the skirt. Thoughts?

  11. Those are great suggestions. Thank you!

  12. I found your blog via Google while searching for such kinda informative post and your post looks very interesting for me. the gown is looking pretty in this picture. Thanks for posting it.