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I've been meaning to look at this for ages and since I think I've got my "look" for Spring sorted (I know, I apologise, fashionbarfalert), I thought it would be a good idea to show this to you today.  It can be tricky to work out what sort of look you want for the new season (and the sun is shining so, dare I say it.. Spring might have arrived at last) so the people at hush have come up with a cunning quiz to give you a helping hand.  This isn't remotely written in any sort of collaboration with hush (even though we all know I do love them) - I just thought it was a bit of fun.

Ok, so first up - we're not reinventing the wheel here.  And it's not entirely the most scientific test you've taken.  But it's marginally more useful than finding out either your porn star name or what animal you were in a previous life, so I'd say it's worth a go.  Out of interest, if nothing else. 

What's Your Style Personality?  You can either be Urban, Minimalist, Colour Riot or Feminine.

You can also cheat like me - when I say *cheat*, I don't mean cheat cheat, I mean that some days I'm one sort of person and some days I'm another.  I'm not actually schizophrenic but I do want to wear different things on different days.  Some days, I am all about the monochrome and the minimalist - and no surprise, my first Style Personality is minimalist which is v accurate and then other days I like mixing it up with a bit more punch and a snip of colour and so I think the Urban tag also really works for me.  

I will however, never be part of the Modern Feminine or Colour Riot squad.  They don't have One Step Off Hobo, which is my go to look on a Sunday afternoon most weeks but handily I have this look sussed anyway.

So this season, I am definitely going down the monochrome/minimalist route (for some days...). I've probably given you a bit of an indicator of that with my last two posts from white jeans and black jeans.  Nothing like laying it on the table. 

And a big part of this plan - which has definitely carried over from the Winter - is a pair of black trousers.  My favourite pairs are the more tapered variety.  Perfection for pretty much every outfit opportunity I can think of and, inspired by my beloved ASOS White pair that I wore the other day and had so many compliments on, I've dedicated this blog to the part of my style personality that loves all things pared back.  All hail the most wearable pair of trousers ever - the black ones. 

Now the ones I bought have long gone but there are a few sizes left of a very similar pair in a lighter fabric, also at ASOS White.

ASOS White Pull On Trousers with Pleat Front were £60 now £42

These again are the same shape but in a different fabric. 

ASOS White Textured Ovoid Trousers £65

Vila Tapered Trouser were £32 now £18

JDY Geller Tailored Trouser were £25 now £18

Sandwashed Crepe Trousers in Black from Jigsaw £129

More Crepe at Jaeger and 20% off with the codes STYLE20 

Crepe Drawstring Trousers £110 pre discount

And the toggle detail trousers also from Jaeger and £115 pre discount

A tad more sporty now but still easy to pair with heels.

Brave Soul Tailored Trousers with white stripe was £25 now £16

Then there's a more casual trouser.  Well, I say more casual - I wear these out with heels.  I love a pair of loose jersey pants, the baggier the better.  Hammertime, eat your heart out. 

ASOS harem joggers with oversized pockets were £22 now £15

Speaking of harems, I can't not mention my most worn trousers (which have been worn out for dinner with heels, were my festival uniform, are my holiday must have and are part of my hobo Sunday wardrobe - there isn't a wardrobe crisis they can't fix) - my hush harems.  I have them in two lengths (my black full length ones must be 4 years old, get worn, washed and tumble dried at least once a week and I still wear them out.  They are amazing).

Long Harem Trousers £55

And the cropped ones.  £35.  These, with a black smart tee, heels and a blazer are one of my favourite Summer outfits.  Trust me - it works.

If you do still find them on the scary side, it might be worth having a look at the slightly less baggy Monacos. 

Monaco Trousers from hush £45

Jersey again at Label Lab at House of Fraser.

Label Lab Osroy Casual Trouser £45

Elasticated Clean Tapered Trousers from ASOS £22

And here I am in my ASOS White pair.

Black trousers - ASOS White
Je Ne Regrette Rien - Orwell +  Austen
Coat - M&S
Tan stud suede boots - Ivy Lee Copenhagen from Quattro Rish
Nightingale glasses - Walter & Herbert
Jodie bag - Chloe

Tomorrow I will be back with a very special blog for Mother's Day, in collaboration with a new brand (when I say new, it's just one I haven't worked with before but have bought for years) and the chance to win a £100 voucher - just in case the Mother's Day fairy doesn't pitch up - I have some great ideas to treat yourself.  I've also got some more suggestions of how to style up a classic pair of black trews so definitely worth having a look out for if, like me, they are one of your wardrobe must haves.

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9 comentarios:

  1. I live there hush long harems, I thought they would be way too long for my stumps but are ridiculously flattering. I'm flying back to the UK from Melbourne this week and for the 24+ hours I'll have to wear the same thing it's the hush harems! Love the blog as always - you're my
    Slice of UK fashion!

    1. They are simply THE best aren't they? I don't know anyone how hasn't tried them and fallen in love with them (cue moans from people who have hated them now...!! they just haven't told me before!).

      Have a safe trip! x

  2. Any chance of a hush discount code. Not had a 20% in yonks. Love the blog. Such fun.

  3. Great wearable pieces. I'd love a hush discount code too so I can buy my own Mother's Day gifts. So far I've been presented with a character keyring which the kids won in an arcade. I know it's the thought that counts but still...!!

    1. SSMAR17 for 10% off above and I have another blog coming up today which is full of great great gifts for oneself..!