It's easy as.., two and not even three. 

Dress.  Jacket.  Done.  I feel like I talk about this all the time as I wear it so much of the year, but I haven't actually done a blog on them for nearly two months.  

So we were recently talking about style personalities, uniforms, capsule wardrobes and "looks".   Yes I love a blazer, jeans and a tee but my other "look" (barfarama I know), is much more simple. 

Dress.  Jacket.  And you're off (ok so I do put shoes on...)

So many of us don't have time to spend hours getting ready in the morning, choosing outfits which are made of numerous parts.  That equals a bit of a headache for most (me inlcuded by the way, seeing as I frequently put things together that, in my head, work and in reality look like I've raided a charity shop blindfolded).

This morning wasn't my best morning ever.  As I said over on Instagram, Mother's Day descended into less of a Hallmark Special Occasion and more into a scene from Malcolm in the Middle - the X rated version.  Carnage, tantrums and general blah (and that was just me).  Made no better by scrolling through FB and Insta and seeing image upon image of Polly Perfect and The Brady Bunch.  Mine were more like extras from chuffing Chucky yesterday. 

So I was feeling rather fragile (and starving as I threw their dinner in the bin "eeeewwww I'm not eating THAT."  FINE THEN.  Hello bin.  And then lost all appetite so settled for a bag of cashew nuts and a beer.  Was bliss actually) and decided to treat myself to the two hours of peace I didn't get yesterday.  Back in bed catching up on Designated Survivor.  And then a dog walk, in a tracksuit.  

I'd obviously left it very late to get dressed and had zero inclination to give it any brain time but spied a maxi dress that I'd bought in the sale and thought GENIUS. 

So a blog is born.  It was comfy (loose), it was colourful, it was flattering, it went with 10 jackets that I could have chosen and it was quick and ridiculously easy. 

And I felt a lot better.  A lot, lot, lot better.

Full on floral.  

This is almost identical to the one I'm wearing today shape wise, although a different colour way.  But bang on with the excess flowers.  Go big or go home - that's definitely the key here.

Another one very close to my heart.

It doesn't have to be maxi maxi, I do find midi maxi works just as well.

And another beauty from Finery London although apparently this is dry clean only.  Which for me is a total no go for every day, as I would wear it three times and then it would sit in the laundry bin for three years. 

Another short sleeve maxi at & Other Stories (which reminds me - I have to wear my space one now I've had the hem fixed) - perfect for now and into the Summer.

Floral Print Long Sleeve Midi Dress from M&S £49.50 although this is definitely more of a maxi number

And this one from Mango which I've had on before but it's so fabulous and so like a Ganni one from last season which was about twice as much, it's worth featuring again. 

And a couple of plain ones which are even easier to wear than their floral counterparts.  Perfect with a denim jacket (you know you want one with an embroidered tiger on the back...).

More fabulous navy at Mango - super easy to wear, completely ideal with denim. 

Amazing colour at Mango again and this, with a leather biker on now would be superb.  Be BBQ ready as soon as the temps start to sore.  This is the sort of dress we need to be lining up in our wardrobes. 

Or a similar from & Other Stories - apparently this is red yellowish.  So now we know. 

And here I am today in mine, in the sunshine, with a jacket that you can see from space. 

It definitely put a smile on my face and I've loved wearing it.  Plus it actually looks like you've made an effort when, in fact, it's the easiest thing to pull together.  And if they're too long, you can get them adjusted.  Or wear wedges.  It's nearly proper wedge time...  Or you can stick to trainers.  I think I need to do some more trainer looking.  We haven't had one of them in a while. 

But this week I'm all about the colour.  Was monochrome last week - it's colour this week.  Get your sunnies at the ready. 

OOH OOH BUT I can't forget - discount code for Baukjen DMBLF15.  

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11 comentarios:

  1. Is it only me that thinks Mango's pricing has gone through the roof? - relatively speaking of course - the quality of the clothing and materials need to improved as dramatically as the pricing to justify

    1. I have to say I definitely agree. Something has gone on - shutting stores, putting up prices... but I will say that I do think the quality has definitely got better....

  2. Strangely I was looking at the M&S one a few minutes ago. I love all the Mango dresses but know from experience that they would be about a foot too long �� May give the & other stories one a go though ��

  3. Kat, any suggestions for styling maxi/midi dresses if you are only 5ft 4 and petite? Maxi and midi dresses generally look like they are wearing me rather than the other way around. Should we small people avoid?

    1. I'm 5'3"and wear midi/maxi skirt/dresses all the time. I usually have to have them taken up and I personally find a plain colour is better for maxis on me, midis anything goes. I'm sure Kat will have good advice for us both though. X

    2. I would say that most are really easy to shorten. I also do think that they look better worn with some sort of heel - a wedge is perfectly comfortable for every day. It's also worth looking at the petite ranges - well, for obvious reasons! But they do look amazing on shorter people, often I think better than tall! Think Carrie Bradshaw!!!

    3. I'm a shorty too, and while I'm not a fan of maxi dresses, a midi does creep in every once in a while. I'd say make sure the top half is more fitted, and not oversized in style, and that the waist sits on your natural waist. That way it doesn't look as though you're playing dress up, and things are in proportion. As Kat says look at the petite ranges, they should have the proportions right. If you know a good seamstress, they should be able to alter a dress so the fit is better.

    4. Many thanks for your advice re: short people and maxi dresses. I will give the petite range a go and try some wedges.

  4. I think the feminine dress fits my personality style best. But they’re all lovely. Thanks for featuring the new collocation.Combine with a earring and is like your style.

  5. What is the make of the dress you are wearing in the bottom photo with the yellow jacket?