A cunning plan

So this is a cunning plan that I think may work on many levels.  On the other hand it might not work at all.  But let's be positive.  It's not reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination and it's not embracing a new trend that may start my mutton button itching.  

Knee high boots.  You may recall if you've read the blog for a while, the battle I had with over the knee boots which, in the end, I didn't go for and I have to say, I've never regretted that decision.  I can't think of an occasion where my outfit would have been more perfect with the addition of an over the knee boot. 

But the knee highs - well these are a thing that I have had torrid affairs with in the past.  For years, I swear I kept LK Bennett in profit with my purchasing of their knee high babies. I wore them for work, I wore them out for dinner, I wore them at the weekend. 

This time round though, I'm heading back to the 70s.  Although I say that, most of these pics I found on Pinterest are from a couple of years ago.  I couldn't find lots of them but these summed up exactly the look I'm aiming to recreate.  

But this - which is going to divide, is possibly my favourite look.  Now it's not something that I think I'm going to be recreating any time soon.  It looks amazing on Pinterest but I think translation to practical day wear won't really pan out.   Actually I think it might be her hair tuck and sunglasses which I'm actually drawn to but the boots are rather epic.   On reflection, you can keep the dress.

Where has this sudden need for knee high come from?  An Avenue 32 pop up ad that scrolled through on Facebook.  Yes people, as I always say, I am a marketer's dream.  I clicked, they were on sale, there was one pair left in my size (apparently), so I bought. 

And now for the justification.  Starting with the practical.  No legs to shave or tan.  I'm sure I'm the only person in the world who isn't permanently hair free and bronzed but if there does happen to be someone else who is also slightly slack in the beauty department, these have your name on it.

Secondly, they give a whole new look to dresses and skirts.  You could also wear them over jeans but not my personal bag.  Culottes however...  Perfection.  I hope.  Not to mention that these were big news on the catwalk for A/W so you're basically saving money by stocking up now. 

Finally - heel height.  Which has toot all to do with the knee high boot thingy but I want to wear these every day.  And whilst I love a flattie, I also like a bit of a heel but nothing vertiginous for legging it around. 

Therefore, I have ordered these.

Orange Suede Bobby Knee High Boots were £385 now £187  I'm hoping when they say orange, they mean more rust than tango.

In the same vein but a lot more reasonable in the sale at ASOS. 

ASOS Carina Suede Boots in rust were £80 now £56

To blow the budget BUT there is an extra 30% off at The Outnet.

Honor Suede Boots from Jimmy Choo with an extra 30% off were £695 now £347.50

Sam Edelman Elina Suede Knee Boots were £225 now £112.50

Sam Edelman Silas in the tan were £115 now £77.50

Wallace from Carvela were £250 now £49  These are a total bargain but sold out in my size.  I adore these.

Moving onto black.  I'm going to stick with tan (orange it appears) for the Spring/Summer but  if they work, I can feel a pair of black ones in my waters for Winter.

Black Silas Knee High Boots from Sam Edelman were £155 now £77.50

Tring Low Heel Knee High Boot from Kurt Geiger £189

Black patent knee high Kendra boots on offer at Debenhams from Clarks were £130 now £97.50

Black with a slightly platform now, again on offer at Debenhams.

Dune Black Saylor Platform Boots were £170 now £136

Blow the budget in black.  These though.. I have to say if they were lower, I would be tempted as I think you would get so so much wear out of them but they're just that tad too high for every day wear.  For me.  Can someone else buy them please?

Barbara metallic appliqued suede boots from Charlotte Olympia were £995 now £398  But OMG I adore them.  For Winter.. for nights out... Are they too high?

And finishing with a ringer which aren't knee high but which may be better if knee high boots are too long for you.  

Mila from Freud London were £89 now £19.99

And in the navy again now only £19.99

I have high hopes.  It may mean that I never have to worry about a dress being too long again.  It means that the dresses I haven't been wearing as there's too much flesh exposed at this chilly time of year, can have their Spring day.  And I'm all set to go for Autumn.  So who else is in?  Knee high or no way?

Outfit pic from Thursday night, out for cocktails with friends.  As the 12yr old is taking the photo, the husband plays DJ, thinking he's such a funny man, and "Prince Charming" by Adam Ant starts pumping out of the Sonos.  Oh ha ha.  Yes it's slightly theatrical but I adore it. 

Lauren Sik Blouse - Winser London
Ovoid Trousers - ASOS White
Leather coat - Vintage from Retro Woman
Leopard boots - Balenciaga
Clutch - Tory Burch

And yesterday for a trip to London with the 12yr old who had an inset day. 

Ziggy star jumper in navy - Wyse London
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Red boots - Topshop
Navy frock coat - Zara
Whiskey Medium Marcie - Chloe

Hope everyone is having a rather fabulous long weekend.  Half the family are off to Margate tomorrow, the other half are at their rugby tour.  Any Margate recommendations, would love to know.  The kids want to go to Dreamland, I'm trying to convince them of the virtues of the Turner Gallery.. .guess where we're going to end up?

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16 comentarios:

  1. So pleased I decided to hang onto my knee-high boots during my recent wardrobe purge. They nearly all went into the Oxfam bag (with the exception of the Stuart Weitzmans, obvs) but I didn't want to be too hasty so they're currently residing in the limbo closet, with all the possible ebay candidates and a million pairs of under worn sandals. Love some of the Pinterest images, particularly 2,3 and 4 and don't listen to your family - you make a mean (and very chic) Dandy Highwayman!

    1. Now spookily my sandals are all worn to death. I only have about 5 pairs. Which is a MIRACLE when you consider how many boots I have... but not knee hight ones. Not yet anyway....!

  2. Love love love Olivia Palermo as a style icon and the first picture with th red dress is divine. I have a pair of tan knee highs which I have worn to death. They have been heeled and soles countlss times but I think have now had their day. They have an almond toe, block heel which isn't too high and are that "loose enough without resembling a welly" fit. Trust me, you'll wonder what you did without them. And now I need a new pair.... Sarah x

    1. Oh that is exactly what I'm after. And in my head, those Marant ones are going to fit the bill precisely! I am ridiculously excited now...

    2. I reluctantly chucked my tan one at the end of winter (or, at least, what I thought was the end of winter) as they were in bits. I've had them since circa 2000 so I can't really complain. However, I had spent all winter trying to replace them with no joy. Hopefully I'll have more success if they are "in" for a/w 17. I have a brown pair that belonged to my mum in the 70s and they are fab. They aren't so loose, however, which makes them great with midis but unflattering with short! I've ordered a couple of your suggestions with much hope :D xx

    3. That's the worst thing.. trying to replace something you absolutely loved! Good luck! I think there will be a lot of them around x

  3. Agree re Olivia Palermo - every picture of her, she looks like a dream and I wonder if I can possibly emulate any part of her fashion perfection.

    1. She actually wears very simply things really - I think it's not that hard to pull off. The "looking like Olivia Palermo" thing though... ha ha ha!

  4. love your coat, i have a long leather coat i brought from the next sale about 8 years ago, only worn once or twice, in a clothing cull i put it on Ebay, then took it off could not part with it, i wore it the other day and now i love it.
    funny how sometimes you think, i wont wear this, then you fall back in love with it.

    1. Sometimes it's just the threat of parting with a previously much loved item to realise that we've fallen back in love with it. I tend to wait a while after a cull before actually getting rid of the stuff, somethings get a stay of execution!

    2. To be honest, you can pretty much guarantee, anything you keep for years and never wear and then get rid of - you will ABSOLUTELY want to wear the next month. Sod's law!

  5. I bought some tan Frye knee length boots in the US last summer - hubby thought I was nuts as it was 30 degrees in NY and I bought winter boots. I've been waiting for this post ever since. Off to the all saint sale to scoop up floral dresses for the autumn . Thanks for the inspo xxxx

    1. YAY!! Frye boots are simply perfect for this look. Absolutely perfect x

  6. I have worn my otk SW boots loads, so pleased I got them. I have knew highs that I just don't wear but will give a another try maybe. I really really need the peep toe sock boots that you have. Got them in my basket along with the lower wedge boot and hoping they go in the sale!!

    1. The Balenciaga ones? Keep your eye on the Harvey Nichols sale as that's where I got them for 70% off!