Get your print on

Tops in all their technicolour glory.  We are going print-tastic. 

One top - a myriad of uses.  Wear to work, wear with jeans and trainers for during the day and wear out in the evening with heels. 

The one thing all of these has in common is that you just need a plain something to balance them out.  The perfect top to bring a new lease of life to that old pair of jeans.  I say jeans, but cigarette pants, leather joggers, A line skirts, culottes - you name the bottoms, the majority of these tops will go with them (not all, but most).  Tucked in or untucked, the choice is yours.

These are out out tops and then in in tops.  Interestingly it's not actually something that I really wear.  I'm thinking about my wardrobe and the outfits I put together and I don't think there are that many print tops at all.  In fact, if any.  Oh apart from leopard print but does that even count as basically it's a neutral...

So I've had to go on a search as I don't tend to notice these, as they're not on my radar.  A print dress on the other hand.  But no - as tempted as I was to digress, I have stuck to the brief and print out out tops are on a roll. 

Starting with one from Finery London. 

Verdant Smokey Brushes top £65

This one though I love.   With a pink pleated skirt...

Rosebury Daisy Creeper Lace Top £39

A subtle embroidered floral at New Look - almost a sweatshirt shape but with that out out edge that will make it super versatile.  Wear with a long pleated skirt, cut off shorts, jeans - any sorts of bottoms that float your boat.  A pair of cargos and a strappy pair of heels would make the perfect pub night out outfit. 

Anita & Green White Floral Embroidered Top £24.99

Adore the shades in this - clearly I'm taken with a pink and green theme. 

Prairie Blossom Blouse from & Other Stories £39

Full on floral now in a tunic (and there are matching culottes for this which I love but won't be for everyone - pics on the Finery website).  This perfect for over jeans or leather leggings.  

Hampden Hungarian Floral £99 from Finery London.  I also think this would work over a flippy mini skirt too.. if you have one of those hanging around that is.  

From long to longer and I am loving this silhouette.  Longer over culottes - something definitely to explore.  Tried similar yesterday (unwittingly) with a longer line blazer and leather wide leg crops.  One definitely to benchmark for future exploration. 

Fenchurch Fluid Stripes Wrap Top £99 - this apparently is designed to be worn over jeans or trousers, so there you go.

V neck now at New Look in green.  Perfect with jeans, ideal for over A line midi skirts too where so many people say they struggle with a waistband.  This will just sit on the waistband so no bunching issues.

Green Floral Print V Neck Wrap Front Shirt £19.99

Black options now - perfect with coated skinnies for now or for winter.  Ideal over culottes or any shaped skirt. 

Batley Wrap Top in Floral Squiggle Print £55

V Neck and black again at Topshop. 

Trellis Floral Open Tie Top £34

Black high neck now at New Look.  

Black Mixed Floral Print Frill Yoke Top £19.99

Red high neck at Topshop. 

Floral Bouquet Lace Trim Top £36

Similar version in black and white but this time with buttons so you could undo to unmake it a high neck (I'm sure that vaguely makes sense?). 

Raised Collar Frill Blouse from & Other Stories £55

Round neck now at & Other Stories. 

Petite Hearts Top £45

Shirt style at & Other Stories.  Obviously had to include one leopard number.  At least. 

Straight Fit Button-Down Shirt £39

And then the short sleeves - I've just realised that all the ones above are long sleeved... hmm I'm clearly drawn to the "not having to fake tan my arms" versions.  Or maybe it's that I've just gone and turned the heating on.

However it would be churlish not to include some more Summery versions

Dover Printed Silk Tee by hush £65 and just in case you haven't seen, there's a mini sale on at hush...

And that's all for today folks.  Basically I just kept finding amazing longsleeved ones so this is, bar one treat, a longsleeved print top blog.  I will crack on with the short sleeved version although randomly, these aren't as prolific as I thought there might be.  Bardot tops - now there are loads of those.  You can't move for them.  But what do we think of them?  Feedback before I get cracking on them, please!

Yesterday, here I am playing with proportions.  I did wear these trousers and the coat a couple of weeks ago and the outfit was deemed good enough to get me featured ion Who What Wear's site (whoop!).  I loved it and repeated it with a different top underneath.  Really interesting day on a shoot (yes, this is why I have good hair) for a magazine - all will be revealed shortly.  Well.  In May..!

Jumper - Orwell + Austen
Wide leg cropped faux leather trousers - Topshop
Double breasted longline blazer - M&S
Dazed Sneakers - My Fashion Tribu
Bag - Gucci

And today for a trip to the seaside.  I took a day today off for a birthday lunch (not mine!) and we headed down to Folkestone for lunch at Rocksalt.  Absolutely worth it.  Back in time for the school run.  

MTV tee - Hollister
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Sequin blazer - Zadig & Voltaire
Copeland sneakers - Air & Grace
Nightingale Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert

So what do you need to go with these all these lovely Spring tops?  Well that will be a plain pair of shoes.  Neutral buddies that will get you though the entire Summer for every occasion that you have.   Coming up on the next blog.   And today absolutely ZERO shopping was done, even though there were loads of lovely little chichi shops in the Old High Street in Folkestone as.. they were nearly all shut.  Shut on a Wednesday.  WHAT?  Did we wake up and it's 1978?  Actually no, as in 1978 if I recall (just - maybe 1979 or 1980), shops did open on a Wednesday but only for a half day.  They did open at some point though.  Absolutely gutted.  Although it does just mean we will have to go back.  However I was planning on taking the family and the chances of the boys and the husband wanting to look in any of those shops are zero.  Back with the girls it is then!

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15 comentarios:

  1. Lovely blog, love the finery ones, wish the first hadn't such a high neckline (boobage - need I say more?), wonder if a seamstress could alter that? I love short sleeved tops, which is what I have most of, and they get worn all summer. As for bardot tops, that'll be a 'no' from me.

    1. Gosh I think that would be a tricky ask from a seamstress! I have to say I prefer either sleeveless or longsleeved which I then push up as opposed to short sleeved I think... And yes - Bardot tops. i love a dress but a top - well, I have my doubts! It's funny how you're just not drawn to something. I don't think they're actually v flattering yet there are so so so many around. Maybe I should get some inspo from Pinterest!

  2. If you can pull of a bardot top then probably noone will look better than you. However, most people can't. And I don't care what people tell me about modern strapless bras I've yet to find one that I want to wear! As with the Topshop top the other day I'm loving that first Finery top but concerned about how annoying having a tail will become :D I am considering the very foolish move of buying the Hungarian Floral one and converting it into a dress... More than likely it'll sit in my to do pile until my guilt sends it to the charity shop :O xx

    1. I think that Hungarian one is deffo worth a try as it's so unusual. When you say converting it into a dress - do you just mean wearing it as a tunic?? I assume you're not v tall???!!!

    2. I'm not tall but I'm not short enough for that :D Actually converting it into a dress. Just need some fabric for the bottom half ;-) Torn between flippy and tunic style. Flippy would be easier. Tunic more appealing! xx

  3. I love most of these. However, fitted tops fit and suit me better - can I find any anywhere?? Also Kat, where has your blog gone about the M&S clothes for occasions? There were several pieces on there I wanted another look at.

    1. OMG that's so weird. I can't see it online but it's here... I'll look into that, thank you!

    2. But randomly, you can see it when you look on a phone. WEIRD.

    3. Thank you for the above link. However when I cut and pasted it into to my browser it came up with 'blog no longer exists'! I couldn't find it on my phone either but I did eventually find it by going through my browsing history. Very strange.

  4. I'd love a blog on Bardot tops. I bought (and loved) the white, long sleeved Warehouse one you talked about last summer :) jane

    1. Leave it with me! That's the only one I"ve got too and yes, I love it. Although I so struggle to wear it!!!! Must. Try. Harder...

  5. Not keen on Bardot for me as I think I would keep hauling it up all the time - have no shoulders and boobage...

  6. Bardots no good for me either - too much shoulder AND boobage!!

  7. Very pleased to see the New Look top in the black mixed florals on your blog as I bought this a couple of months back... Its very versatile actually, I've worn it to lunch, and dinner with different jeans and also to work with black trousers. Great buy and a hard working piece!

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