Challenge accepted

Out out tops.  Pretty please.  This is probably my most requested request and so I have listened and I have researched. 

What exactly are we looking for?  Well here in lies the issue - everyone wants something different.  Some with sleeves, some without.  Some like a high neck, others want one that are boobalicious friendly.  Plain, lace, printed - this is why I generally avoid them, actually this is why I think we all avoid them and loathe having to buy them, as where do you start? 

So I'm breaking it down for us.  Today, we're on plain with texture.  Which could be a lace, could be another sort of texture - I'm just struggling to think of one now - broderie anglaise?

The problem is that everyone loves something different.  However, I think if you're able to break down what is it that YOU want and the sort of top you know works for you, the job becomes a whole lot easier. 

Personally, I want to love lace - I really do but I end up swerving it.  Ditto frills.  They just don't quite feel right which means that I don't feel comfortable, I don't like my outfit, I panic buy something else and I end up with three tops that I will never wear again.  Sound familiar?

Know what you like and stick to it.  Having said that, do try other styles on as you never know, but don't be afraid to say - nope, not for me, I'm sticking to what I know even if it isn't *high* fashion.  

So when it comes to detailing - my favourite out out top is a bow.  

And speaking of bows - I love the detailing of this.  In navy. 

Hybrid Tie Back Tank Top from Topshop £28

Navy again at Finery - bow ties on the sleeves (don't ask about eating in this!).

Granville Flute Sleeve Off Shoulder Top from Finery London £65

Bows again which I've unearthed in the sale at Matches and in my personal favourite - black.

Venice scarf-jacquard sleeveless top was £85 now £34  This can actually be worn back to front as well so you can have the high neck at the front and the deep V at the back. 

This reminds me of one of my favourite Summer tops from last year at hush.  Yes we are talking very Summery but this worn now with a blazer, jeans and heels is the perfect night out outfit.  It also works perfectly in the Summer when it's worn as an every day top.  I used to wear mine with my cropped harems and sandals for day and swap for heels into the evening. 

The Daphne Top in Black £49

And in the white again £49

White short sleeved from Limited Edition at M&S £29.50

Ruffles and short sleeved and this is almost identical to the black Goat one I have but for significantly less money.  Genius buy.  This works as well tucked in as it does wearing it out.  Perfect over jeans or over a smarter pair of trousers.  I'd also wear tucked into a skirt - super useful.

Ruffled Cotton Top from Mango £25.99

Another in white and this, whilst being a high neck, I think could work for those with larger boobs - M&S do cut generously over the chest area - it needs to be worn by someone more well endowed than the model here - it's way too baggy for someone with fried egg boobs.

But I appreciate it's not ideal.  And saying that, with tops for the bustier amongst us on our mind, I am shocked at how few there are out there.  Seriously, very very few indeed.

Side Button Round Neck Sleeveless Blouse £35 

Or the Amber again £35

However I then came across this one which is ideal.   A total bare canvas that you could wear to a wedding one day and with joggers the next. 

ASOS Drape Wrap Top with fluted sleeve £28

They also do it in white, again £28.

And similar at French Connection in navy. 

French Connection Ducham Drape Wrap Top £65

Black.  This over a skirt, over jeans, over faux leather culottes or peg leg trousers, for a night out or for holiday.  In fact, speaking of holiday, this would be in your "holiday drawer" (we all have one - those things that you only ever wear on holiday or delve into on those two 30+degree days we have in the UK.  And things in this drawer usually last for years and years and years). 

Artesia Fil Coupe Halterneck was £185 now £64 from Cecilie Copenhagen

My favourite top from hush this season.

One Shoulder Top from hush £60

Moving gently into longer sleeved territory with half a sleeve and apologies but we're back into flat chested territory.

Asymmetric metallic blouse from Mango £29.99

Longer sleeved at M&S.

Ruffle Round Neck 3/4 sleeve at Limited Edition by M&S £35

Finishing with full on long sleeves and some frills.  

Starting with my favourite from ASOS. 

ASOS Ultimate Ruffle Neck Blouse with tie neck (when something is described as ultimate ruffle, you know it's going to be good) £34 in nude  So I know I said I don't do ruffles or frills, this I could.

Nude again and I know I said plain but I did also say texture and this is a self print which makes it fine with me.  When I mean print, we're going full on print.  You have been warned.

Nine by Savannah Miller Light pink Polka Dot Blouse at Debenhams £45

Texture again at Mango and I LOVE this.  Black lace with sleeves that do the talking.  I would absolutely wear this with a camisole underneath.

Lace Blouse from Mango £49.99

Just because I love a bow. 

Nine by Savannah Miller Pussy Bow Blouse was £45 now £22.50

And again with a little bit of embellishment.  I absolutely love this.  I have loved this since last season and am ridiculously tempted to get it . Perfect for now over jeans and strappy sandals and will be ideal into the Winter as well.  

Nina V neck fil coupe shirt from Dodo Bar Or was £235 now £141

So yet again I thought I could write a blog and not need anything from it and I find myself being ridiculously drawn to that Dodo Bar Or top... 

Darn it all.  I still have print out out tops to do and also I'm going to be looking at shorter dresses tomorrow - for those of you who are lucky enough to have good knees.  On the upside, that'll be a blog that doesn't tempt me.

Today - family over in the morning for brunch and an Easter Egg hunt, followed by a swim (in the rain) for two small boys with cabin fever and a big roast lamb, courtesy of the husband. 

A jumpsuit was perfect dress down and comfy casual attire.  I completely forgot this one which is a sample I got from hush last year (it sold out in about two seconds flat so I BEGGED them for the sample!).  I love it.  I completely love it and will be wearing with heels and a blazer - I may not take it off ever.  I am going to insist that they bring it back - anyone interested?

Denim jumpsuit - hush
Dazed trainers - My Fashion Tribu
Glasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive
Jodie bag - Chloe

And tomorrow.. a lie in.  A LIE IN!  Which means I will be wide awake at 7.  Law of the sod.  Well at least it'll give me more time to research those mini dresses.  (and buy NOTHING). 

Would be interested to know what out out tops float your out out boat...

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14 comentarios:

  1. The M&S short sleeve too is very similar to the gorgeous Chloe sailor top I've been lusting after! I'm going to have to give it a try.

    1. Gotta love M&S this season - there is some fabulous inspiration taken from the designer end of the market this season, isn't there?!

  2. Love that hush jumpsuit! They need to bring it back!x

  3. Huge yes to the jumpsuit - and in a tall option if they can please. In fact my ultimate search is for a tall jumpsuit with a dropped waist that sits on the hips (and whilst we're at it does not then have MC hammer trousers that make you look like you may have a full nappy!). Have been looking for years though to no avail. Loving the out out tops - they are also an unfulfilled quest. Good work!

    1. I have to say I'm 5ft 10 and this is the perfect dropped waist on me....!

  4. I'm in for the jumpsuit, but only if it looks a little bit on me like it does on you and not like I'm off to work on the railroads :D Love a going out top. I usually do plain with a bit of self coloured detail. Rock and roll :-) Although I do have a couple of navy and black ones. Anything that doesn't require a strapless bra is good. No frills or giant statement sleeves though - I'm far too much of a dribbler :D xx

    1. Out out tops are much harder to master than they should be, aren't they?!

  5. Hush definitely due a discount code, no? I feel a splurge coming on but need a sweetner. Have you a code tucked up your lovely jumpsuit?��

    1. Hmmm not sure but I do have a sneaky feeling there is a mid season sale VERY Shortly...

  6. Bless you. I'll keep my eyes peeled. Love the blog btw.

  7. I must admit I don't have too much trouble with dressier tops, despite being an f cup! I love wearing them dressed down on a day to day basis, and now spring has sprung all I need is cropped cardigan or blazer to top off an outfit. I love the draper one from FC, and the red one from M&S would be great if the neck line was just a little lower.
    I have just bought a statement sleeves top from Baukjen in navy (thanks for the discount Kat), the sleeves are 3/4, so not too much of a risk in terms of gravy dipping. It'll be easy to dress up and down.

    1. Forgot to say that I'm looking forward to the next installment. I love a good print, especially in a top. May I suggest Boden, they're Ravello tops are a great fit for me and my boobs, and they've started doing them with a v neck.

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