When you suddenly remember how much you love something

And today it's the good old jumpsuit.  I think I can actually say "old" as these have been around for a couple of years and are showing no signs of going anywhere (ok so they're obviously been around for forever but as in "on trend, in fashion" - ie you're able to wear one without people thinking you're in fancy dress - it's been at least a couple of years).

In fact, this year for the first time, you're going to be able to wear them to Royal Ascot in the Royal Enclosure.  

I appreciate for most, this knowledge is about as much use as a chocolate teapot, but it is in an indicator that the jumpsuit is here to stay.

Why do I love a jumpsuit?  Less to think about.  One thing to put on.  So yes, like a dress but different.  Different in that it's perfect for those of you who love trousers - I happen to love both so find myself doing both.  As many options as there are for dresses - fitted jumpsuits (as in, fitted at the waist, not a catsuit), narrow legs, wide legs, full length, ankle length, long sleeve, short sleeve, spaghetti straps.  Print or plain and best of all, with different shoes and jackets, you can dress them up or down to your heart's content.

Shoe wise - I think they go with heels, they go with loafers, with sandals, with trainers and, depending on the leg and this is a tricker footwear paring - an ankle boot.  However wide leg cropped - give me a knee high block heel any day of the week (I can feel it in my waters that knee high boots are going to be everywhere next A/W).

Oh and the loo thing?  It's one of those things.  Just think of the calories you're burning whilst wrestling with your outfit (I probably shouldn't have admitted out loud that does sometimes go through my head when I have to do something I can't be bothered to do.  I am inherently of lazy bones).

Starting with my favourite.   Well - this year's version of my favourite as I have the long sleeved one from a couple of years ago and the khaki short sleeved job from last year.  

S/S Jumpsuit from hush £75

Or in the red also £75

Plain and perfect for an office.  Or with a trench and trainers, off dutytastic too.

McClure Forever Jumpsuit from Finery London £95

Plain jumpsuit in navy at La Redoute £69 and don't forget the 40% off with the code BIG40.

And in the khaki - again £69 pre discount from La Redoute

Long sleeved and khaki again although I have to say I prefer the shade and the shape of this one.

Minimum Kirta Jumpsuit £80

Short sleeved and slightly dressier at ASOS.  We have also moved into wider leg territory.

ASOS Wrap Front Jumpsuit was £50 now £15

Sleeveless at House of Fraser in four different shades at Yumi.  This would look so so much better with the trousers being at full length as opposed to being able to see the whole of the shoe.  In my opinion.  Think V Beckham...

Red Yumi Wide Leg V Neck Jumpsuit was £45 now £31

In the navy - also £31 on sale  They also have the black.

They also have a black.

And the green

Wide leg again at La Redoute.

Softly draping jumpsuit R Edition £35 pre discount

Or the black 

Sleeveless also at ASOS.  Tailored Wrap Jumpsuit £40

Wrap again this time in navy and in jersey at Me+Em £119.

And in the black again £119

But my favourite is definitely the jersey from Me+Em.

Relaxed Chic Jumpsuit from £119

Also available in the black again £119

And then there's me thinking I'm all sorted for jumpsuits and I come across this one.  DARN YOU BLOG.  This is perfection.  It also ties in perfectly with my quest for a no boho summer look.  Which is on the way but in the meantime, if you're not a boho fan, buy this.  You will thank me.  This would work with a denim jacket, a blaze, a biker or a longline coat come cooler days.

Slouchy Belted Jumpsuit from Topshop £42

POCKETS!!  This one has pockets.  I've actually tried this one on for a shoot and it's amazing.  I also sized down (imagine my horror when they hand me a size 8..) and it fitted absolutely perfectly.  The colour is amazing - a tomato red.  Looks amazing with a biker jacket over it.

French Connection Essien Crepe V Neck Jumpsuit £100

Which they also do in a black. (quite partial to that bag too...)

And then the super summery.  For the weather today, this is what you want.  Throw a blazer over the top or a biker for cooler days.   Roll up in a suitcase for holiday.  For drinks or for throwing over a bikini, this is my sort of packing essential.

Amalfi Jumpsuit from hush £85

And finishing with a print version.  I haven't included many print versions as there aren't that many around and they can have a whiff of the Andy Pandy about them.  But this one strikes that perfect balance.  Love x a million.

Columbia Dot to Dot Jumpsuit from Finery London £99

And here I am in my faithful hush one which is a couple of years old now.  It's not the same as the one above, but it is very similar.  The only real difference is the neckline. 

Jumpsuit - hush
Ashcroft Leather Detail Blazer - Baukjen (which has now gone into the sale)
Tools bag - Balenciaga
Superstar trainers - Golden Goose
Earrings - H&M

Huge apologies for having taken a couple of days off.  I've been working on some ridiculously exciting projects which, combined with the trauma for all working mothers that is the school holidays, I have had my hands completely full. 

I do also, often blog at 6am in the morning pre everyone else getting up but I have treated myself to some lie ins this week.  I say treated - at the time, I absolutely love them and they feel incredibly decadent but by 9.30am I'm furious with myself for having wasted the morning.  That blooming Catholic guilt. 

One thing I think we will all agree on though is a big thank you to the weather for bringing out the big sunshine guns this week.  Oh how fabulous?  Makes everything so so much easier.  Although having said that - I've just seen that all seven Fast & Furious films are on On Demand on Sky and a day snuggled up on the sofa pigging out on them (and chocolate) would be a dream in heaven for me and my kids.  I KNOW, I need to get a life.  But I love a Fast & Furious film.  The Shame.  I'll get my coat. 

Actually I won't get my coat, I'll go and get a skirt,  a couple of dresses and some new shoes plus a jacket as that's what I've got lined up for the next couple of blogs. 

Speaking of jackets - I'll just leave with you with my latest article that I've written for The Pool if you'd like to take a look - tis all about the perfect jacket.  Hope you enjoy x

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26 comentarios:

  1. Totally agree. I love a jumpsuit and need to invest in more! Loving the green Kirta one.

    1. They really are the no brainer for every occasion, aren't they?

  2. I've been looking for a navy one with a v-neck, defined waist and short sleeves, and it has to be a petite fit. I may try a regular one, but only with free delivery and returns, mainly because I'm short in the body, so I'm sceptical about regular sizing (I do have problems with regular dresses). It's one of those things, I have a picture in my head, so I'll probably never find it!

    1. I'm short in the body too and have been looking for exactly the same thing! I bought this recently and it's brilliant http://www.boden.co.uk/en-gb/womens-dresses/day-dresses/wm473/womens-jersey-jumpsuit

    2. I had seen it, but again regular, I'd need the petite. It's sold out in my size in regular now.

    3. I do think you need to try them on for sure. I have to say, randomly I've never had a prob being tall and I don't know anyone who's had a prob being short. Weird!

  3. How do I access your insta stories page?

    1. On Instagram - if their profile pic is ringed with red - it means they have a story on it. Just tap on it and the story comes up. To move through the stories, tap again.

  4. So agree love a jumpsuit (ever since a pink C&A one when I was 8) revived a few years ago when hubby tracked down a one shoulder jersey Topshop number for my birthday. Have bought 2 in as many weeks- the more formal Hush red one and a black jersey one from an American brand. Best thing solved the toilet contortion issue because they just come off over your head like a tee because of the back split detail- genius. love you in the Baukjen one Kat.

  5. I have the new one from hush and I love it. But being only 5'3" I'm not sure how they work for 'normal' people. It's cuffed at the ankle and fits me perfectly. Do they somehow just adjust to fit? Or do I just have really long legs for a shortie?

  6. The first jumpsuit I bought was a black jersey one from Me & Em a couple of years ago - oh, how I laughed when I unwrapped it as it appeared to be made for a giant and I'm a smudge under 5'2. BUT it fit perfectly when I put it on - that's genius designing. Also added to my small collection of jumpsuits recently with a smarter one from Mango that fits like a glove and was reduced down to under £20. I can ignore the inconvenience of loo breaks when I get a whole outfit I love for under twenty quid.
    Loved your M&S collar the other day - have you seen these?

    1. I have indeed seen them... going up on a blog shortly!! They're amazing aren't they?

  7. Sigh! I love the idea of a jumpsuit but I am long of body and short of leg and fear this is a marriage made in hell!

    1. Well, you say that... honestly, I don't how one size can fit all but it genuinely seem to work for so many of us!!!

    2. BUT it would be such a dull world if we all did all of the trends all of the time!

    3. Same here - long torso, short legs, plus biggish boobs and a rounded stomach - not a good look on me!!

  8. True say! I just remembered I wanted to ask you something: a couple of years back (it was probably three, time flies!) you recommended some trousers from M&S (tencel-y fabric, elastic waist, gold zipped pockets, cuffed bottoms) that I loved so much I went and bought a khaki and black pair. I'm wearing the black ones today in fact. BUT, they are both starting to look ancient and I fear an impending hole and I'm wondering if a) you know what I'm talking about and b) if you do, whether you know of any similar pairs on sale at the moment? M&S don't have them anymore (sniff...)

    1. OMG that does ring a bell. Hmmm have a look at the Monaco Trousers from hush...

    2. Now they just might be the thing. Thanks!!

  9. I only love wearing Leather Jackets as it makes me look more beautiful and attractive. I want to appreciate you for sharing such an interesting article and hope you keep on updating about new things as well :)

  10. I bought a whistles one earlier in the year - navy and midi ish length which I love. Wearing at work with Me and Em polo's underneath (on account of the backlessesness - if that's even a word - I hadn't spotted when I ordered it) and au naturel for an upcoming wedding with a brocade coat and hat for day and nothing for evening....brilliant piece. Pockets and good shape too!

  11. Iif each jumpsuit came with a discreet pouch, more people would wear them :P

  12. Well I definitely enjoyed studying it. This article procured by you is very effective for correct planning. gay shorts