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So here we have an item that I don't blog about much.  And I'm not sure why as we should all have at least one of these in our wardrobes. 

In fact, I'm sure that most of you do.  The oversized shirt.  Now this is in fact ringing some bells.. if I say granddad shirt?  Memories, flooding back.  80s.. over leggings, with a belt.  

So I'm not advocating that sort of outfit these days but for Spring, these are a wardrobe must have.  What to wear over your skinny jeans that you lived in with a chunky jumper in the Winter?  Why a longline shirt of course.  Not warm enough to wear just a tee - till the weather warms up again, wear a shirt.  Or even layer over the tee - and under a blazer.  It even doubles up as a jacket.

Into the Summer, these are perfect for flinging into your suitcase for over a swimsuit on holiday.  And they'll then work for drinks in the evening as a dress with a pair of sandals. 

In fact, we can include shirt dresses here as they're essentially the same thing - a long shirt or a short dress - does the same job - surely it's just semantics?  Oh how I love an item of clothing that does more than one job.  No justification needed - the perfect sensible purchase.  Now that's not something you can say every day.

I have no idea how I've lived without one of these.  

This is the one that made me think - LOVE.  Actually - back pedalling - I've just realised it wasn't this one - it's the new one that's going to come in very shortly.  However it's almost identical to this one.

Soho Striped Tunic from hush £75

Collarless at & Other Stories - ADORE this.  Pure rock chick and oh hello leather leggings for the Spring.  Genius.  

Collarless Dress from & Other Stories £39

Black again and oversized satin - perfect over any sort of skinny jeans or even a straight leg.  This is one definitely for the suitcase for hols.  

Oversized Satin Shirt Dress from & Other Stories £65

Longerline in navy at Modern Rarity at John Lewis £150

Navy silk at Jigsaw from their A by Jigsaw Collection. 

Dani Silk Shirt Dress from Jigsaw £350

Navy at M&S - longsleeve longline blouse from Indigo Collection £35

And a khaki version again £35

Khaki again and longer line at Mango £49.99

Plain white at Mango £25.99

Contrast hem at Mango £35.99

Give new life to those old black skinnies with one of these.

Cotton Shirt Dress from & Other Stories £39

Similar from Monki - printed shirt dress £30

A nude print from Suncoo £98

A brighter floral from & Other Stories £39

And finishing with stripe versions.  

Pale blue stripe from Mango - cotton shirt dress £25.99

Dark navy stripe also at Mango £35.99

This is a tad "pimp my shirt dress" but that extra detail is too good not to include. 

Parmiter Stripe Shirt Dress from Finery London £89

Classic black again from & Other Stories £39

AND I've just remembered I do have one.  Ok so it's a tee/shirt combo from Zara that I bought earlier in the season - that's the outfit for tomorrow sorted.  Ta Dah!  I do definitely think a pale blue or black one is on the cards for the Summer though.  I think that top of my picks would be the black silky & Other Stories one.  Perfect for so many occasions - you know me - dress up dress down perfection. 

Speaking of dressing up, this is from last night.  Out out on a Tuesday night.  Which seemed like a superb idea at the time and an amazing night it was.  Friends of ours had been to France for the day and bought back oysters, champagne, wine and cheese so an impromptu party was had. 

Dress - H&M
Peep toe wedge boots - Rick Owens
Leopard clutch - Tory Burch

And today, taking all the children and my niece to Bluewater.   I didn't feel the best.  I ate the entire belt at Yo Sushi and bought nothing. 

Blush sweatshirt - Topshop
Pleated skirt - M&S
Nude ballet flats - M&S
Black Tools bag - Balenciaga 

Takeaway has just arrived (yes I feel that rough - the kids are absolutely over the moon with a Thai on a Wednesday night) - well it is the holidays... 

In the meantime - shirt dresses - yay or nay?  I think these are the sort of things that you have for years.  In fact - I bet you already have one?  But is one enough...

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16 comentarios:

  1. I love a long line shirt - I have three. My most recent one is this one from French Connection - it's better in real life.

  2. I ordered that floral one from other stories... it went back was bloody awful on me but then I'm only 5 ft 3 but I had high hopes for it!


    1. Oh noooooooo! What was wrong with it?? It's not my print, I'll give you that and I think it would be more overshaped than some would think.

  3. I'm completely on the fence, which is entirely unlike me. Feel tempted to try one - that's always a slippery slope! Try one, try 20, keep going til I convince myself I've found one I should own :D :D

  4. Oh, yes, perfect for spring. I have two, both from plumo (sale bargains ;) ). One is a dark chambray, long but quite a slim cut and the other is a white and blue stripe number. Absolutely great over skinnies or leather leggings. When it's colder I layer up with a long sleeved tee or heattech polo neck under.

    *Snort* at eating the whole belt of Yo Sushi!

    1. I think they do look better when they're slim cut but that's my personal preference. And yes. The entire belt! Bar the fruit. FRUIT??!!!

  5. I can see them working over trousers or unbuttoned over shorts but in my humble opinion with bare legs they just look as though you have forgotten to put your trousers on and that's even on the models who have great legs! Perhaps I will get used to the idea?!

    1. I think they're definitely a warm weather option with sandals. If you try and team with shoes or boots then yes absolutely - where are your trousers? And never with tights!! But flat sandals - they're amazing I think.

  6. I think I would be too tempted to wear them over leggings......and like you Kat, I prefer to keep my knees hidden away. The world doesn't need to see my knees with a rush fake tan job on them (I assume you manage your fake tan better than me). I think I will have to give this one a miss. Love that H&M dress on you - is that the one you had very cleverly shortened?

    1. I rarely fake tan over my knee as I never have them on show!! I will say, since I started using St Tropez again, it's so so so much easier and literally fool proof.

      And the H&M dress - I had it lengthened and had pockets put in!

  7. I have the Hush one. I'm 6 months pregnant with twins and it fits better than most maternity dresses. Plus it will be great for post babies and feeding ( that's if I ever leave the house again). I'm planning on wearing it with white superga/ red aquazurra slides. I'm 5'9" and I just love how easy it is to wear.

    1. Well I bet you'll love the new one they've got coming out too!!!

  8. I bought a black gingham one from M&S wasn't sure whether to keep but you've persuaded me - so versatile and I can wear now and not just wait til it's warm enough to get the legs out!

    1. OOOh I know which one that is - there was a lady trying it on the other day and it looked amazing!