It's not quite Phil Collins weather..

... as in no jacket required.  Sorry - yes I know I do that pretty much every year but it never gets old (says the child of the 80s). 

We have been able to ditch the coat this week though, which means a jacket is definitely required - it would take an ambitious one to leave the house with nothing.

And what's my jacket of choice?  Ok so you could be forgiven for saying a blazer and you would be right.  But that's only because I have two jackets of choice and cannot put a pin between the two of them. 

The other one?  Well, that will be a biker then.  One of these and a blazer - genuinely the only jackets you'll need all Spring and Summer. 

So as the sun has come out and I am in Spring jacket heaven, I thought it would be an idea to do a round up of some great ones that are out there at the minute.  

But in an attempt to get myself into the Spring mode, we're looking at all the not black.   I love my black biker, I really do and I couldn't live without it but there's something about a different colour one that's just that bit more Spring.  And I've even found a white one (which I can file under "things I didn't realise I needed until I blog about them and then I'm not sure how I lived without them".  Thanks a bunch).

I've gone for a combo of faux leather (most of which are supremely amazing quality these days and great prices), real leather, suede and suedette.  There should hopefully be something for all budgets, all colour preferences and all shapes - I have some single breasted in here (although admittedly not many as by definition, most bikers are cross over).

Starting with one I saw yesterday in London where they had ONE left.  According to the Sales Assistant, these have just flown out and it's easy to see why.  I honestly honestly thought this was leather.  Khaki faux leather.  Perfection.

Khaki Faux Leather Jacket from Warehouse £59

Real leather now and a bargain by Savannah Miller at Debenhams.  The photos do not do this justice. 

Nine by Savanna Miller dark grey leather biker jacket was £220 now £110. The pictures do not do this justice.

Grey again in the Onyx from hush.  I have had the black version for a couple of years now and I reckon it gets worn at least once a week.

Onyx grey biker from hush £280
Leather at Mango in the cognac.  Adore this shade.

Leather Biker Jacket £119.99

Leather again at Mango in the blue £119.99

More classic biker style in a navy shade again £119.99

Or the rather delicious and unusual and oh so Summery, pale grey, again £119.99

Summery again in a powder pink leather at Mango £119.99 

But for me - the buy of the day are definitely the faux leather Mango gems.

Zipped Biker Jacket from Mango £59.99

Or the pink again £59.99

And then we come onto suede and my favourite biker of the season. 

Suede biker jacket from hush £280 

Grey suede at Warehouse £195

Ice grey at Mango - they say this is leather but I think it's suede?   It definitely looks like suede.  But then again, I wouldn't have said it was ice grey either.  However I do need my eyes testing.  Maybe it's a nubuck sort of leather.  It looks like it has a texture if you zoom.

Zip Leather Jacket £149.99

There is of course, the faux suede version.  First up - grey from Warehouse £59

And a tan version £59

Anyone for navy? 

Crop Biker Jacket from Mango £59.99

Suedette crop navy in a slightly darker shade at Warehouse £59

Faux suede again in pale pink £59.99

And finishing with The Thing I didn't realise I needed.  A white faux suede biker jacket.  DARN IT.  This isn't going to be for everyone - hence I've said I think the faux leather Mango bikers are probably the best buy, but I heart this x a gazillion (and not I'm not 9 although you could be forgiven for thinking that with my gratuitous Nick Jnr lingo there.  Sorry).  

How to take my love of all things monochrome to the next level?  Ta dah!

Crop Biker Jacket from Mango £59.99

Here I am yesterday in my suede biker.  

Blush sweatshirt - Topshop
Pleated blush skirt - Autograph at M&S
Gold stud tan suede boots - Ivy Lee Copenhagen at Quattro Rish
Snakeskin Jodie bag - Chloe
Suede jacket - hush

I am off out this evening - of course, wearing the new leopard Toppers shoes and yes, you've guessed it, a good old biker.  And errr yes I think I'll be cracking out a monochrome outfit to go with it.  Although this is one of those occasions where I'm going ever so slightly off piste (mixing two things I don't usually mix) and in my head it's going to look amazing.  The chances of me looking like a potato that got dressed in the dark, are quite high.  The results will be over on Insta.

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13 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, I too really love a biker, and am so in love with the coloured ones. Got a pink suede one from French Connection that I also filed under 'things I never knew I needed' 😁 I've seen a lovely River Island burgundy one that has my name on it. Oh dear, I think I have a problem.

    Cheers, Karen

  2. Both the blue and blush mango ones look great. I am trying hard to resist!
    Been sitting out in the sun on MIL's patio this afternoon, although it did cloud over. So when we multi tasked a bit of shopping with walking the dog I put a jacket on, which I promptly regretted when the sun came out again. Can't complain though, spring is on it's way!

  3. OMG I think I actually love you. The Mango grey and pink ones are almost identical to a dusky pink suede one I had years ago. It was from Next and cost very little comparatively so when it got too dirty to wear I decided to chuck rather than pay to clean. Have regretted it ever since. Off.To.Buy. Might opt for the grey this time!

  4. The white one is lovely. Go back and buy. Love a biker, wore my blue one yesterday.
    Have you succumbed to the green Bella yet? I can't get it out of my freaking head since I saw you in it...

  5. I'm so glad you wrote this post! I've spent the last couple of weeks stalking biker jackets (which have to work with boobs!). I ordered the Savannah Miller one but the leather is very thick and it just looked too bulky on me. But I finally came up trumps with a brand called Goosecraft that I found on Instagram. ASOS & Amazon have a couple of styles but I ended ordering from them directly (they're in Amsterdam). They had an amazing worn in looking washed leather biker, but it was just too small, but I ended up with a different style in a soft leather which I love! Thank God for the internet when shopping as I found it hard to find real leather jackets in stock on the High Street!

  6. Faux tan suede from warehouse and white from Mango ( hope that one is worth all the hassle I always have with their Web site! Wants me to live in Channel Isles for some reason!!!!!!) So we shall see...

    1. I've noticed that! I use the app now and no problems

    2. Glad it isn't just me lol

  7. Yup, love a biker jacket (and a blazer too). I have a more wintry mint velvet pleather one in black and a pale grey leather one from Clements Ribeiro via tkmaxx that is more spring/summer. Love love them, so perfect for this time of year... perhaps I need a suede one too????

  8. Can't find the white skirt on M&S website. Do you have a code number.

  9. I have my eye on the Hush one in the sales. I don't know if they ever get discounted though. I have a black leather bomber one that is worn a lot, and a yellow cropped tux vintage one that is amazing. I adore it.

  10. I love love love my bikers! I have an off white one from M&S from 2 summers ago and I just wipe any grime off with baby wipes
    I bought the faux suede Warehouse one in grey a couple of weeks back bringing my biker total up to 6 ... now I think I need a tan one!
    My favourites are from Mango (all faux) as the price is brilliant and the style just works for me.
    I use the app to order and collect from a parcel pick up point.
    Loving all these picks

  11. I bought a pink one from Zara that looks just like the Mango one:
    It's a great jacket that's actually soft neoprene and you can wash it. I highly recommend it.