Dear Best Friend

This is a blog for you.  Chuntering down the humble pie as I am on a clog hunt.  I need some.  I love you to death but if I could get my hands on the See by Chloe clogs that you got in the sale (IN NAVY!!) I would buy them in a heartbeat and deal with all the copy cat consequences afterwards.

I need clogs.  In my defence I will say that I did have the perfect pair of clog sandals from D&G which I bought at Bicester about 7yrs ago and lost.  Literally they were there one day and they were gone the next.  There is not a year that goes by when I don't think about those shoes and lament the mysterious disappearance of them.

They were the perfect slightly hippie, ever so slightly boho shoe that I've never been able to replace.  The ideal nod to a slight 70s vibe - they could de-weddingfy any outfit in an instant.  Which is a very important thing to be able to do.

Today we're on the hunt for chunk.  Shoes that are basically clogs. I've tried to term that in a more fashiony term but I've given up and essentially we're looking for clogs. 

I've also tried to find lower ones and they just don't work for me.  I think they need height.  Which is probably why I've struggled with them being already 5ft10, with a pair of these on, you, I can essentially touch cloud.  

However hell to that.   If I can't get my knees out anymore, I can at least still be tall and not be worried about it.  If it doesn't bother Elle McP, Cindy or Helena, I'm not going to let it bother me (and there is where the comparison begins and ends). 

Starting with some that I had on the blog in the January sales.  This means one of two things.  Either they ming and no one wants them, or they were meant to be... I'll let you decide but I may have ordered them, just to scratch the itch.

Malone Souliers Suede and Leather Clogs were £575 now £172

But then the navy... oh how I love the navy and grey...

Navy and grey... again with 70% off at £172

Or there's always full on clog action in the sale from See by Chloe.  My only concern with these is that personally I would be the height of an Avatar.  Plus I'm not sure how comfortable they would be to walk in.  But they look amazing.

Clive leather wedge clogs were £260 now £156

Or in the brown.. again £156

However I've done the digging on the high street.  I reckon these are going to be big news in the next year or so, so it will pay to get in early.  Or wait until there's more choice... Nah, the former!
Wooden Sole Leather Wedges from Mango £59.99

Little bit of cork action 70s styee.

Platform Leather Sandals £59.99 from Mango 

A cork wedge this time from Ravel at Shoeaholics. 

Tacoma Black were £60 now £29.99

Or in the khaki again now £29.99

Wooden Leather Sandals from Mango £59.99

Sveva by Versace 1969 from Shoeaholics were £129 now £59.99

Black again.  LOVE these.  Oooh very very much like these. 

Sofia from Versace 1969 at Shoeaholics were £129 now £59.99

The bargains continue... with leather from Ravel at Shoeaholics again.

Berwick by Ravel were £75 now £34.99

And in the black again £34.99

I have to say, I am ridiculously taken with the Ravel ones (and the black Versace ones).  AND there's 10% off until the 17th... (you need to do something on the Shoeaholics website - it may be 20% actually).  Surely it's worth giving them a go in the brown?  For less than £30 and they're leather. 

But then the Chloe ones.. I've chatted about it over prosecco with one of my friends who used to work at Chanel and is THE worst (or best) enabler ever.  (suffice to say they're on the way "to try") 

Easter Saturday and as the sun vaguely showed up, we had friends over for a BBQ.  Partly because the husband has mastered the most amazing panzanella which we had with steaks and a green salad.  Perfect BBQ fodder. 

70s dress - Lily & Lionel 
Blazer - Baukjen
Trainers - My Fashion Tribu
Jodie bag - Chloe

So apologies to the best friend - I'm definitely ordering a pair, copy cat, copy cat, sitting on the door mat (although I can't get her navy See By Chloe ones as she got them in sale but if could, I would - HA - sorry S, handy I cant' eh? - do you want me to get you some of the Ravel ones?!)  However I can categorically state that your enthusiasm for a Juicy Tracksuit and your insistence that they're having a re-mergence - well, you've on your own with that one.

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7 comentarios:

  1. As a Dutch woman, I love a good clog. Got a pair from l'autre chose a few years ago but hardly wear them: they make too much noise walking up the stairs and around the house. Found some See by Chloe ones at Yoox, navy I think......

    1. OMG I'm on it. Thank you!

    2. Ok well I don't know whether to love you or hate you but I have THE most amazing pair of Chloe ankle strap clogs on my way to me!! Forget the ones above - these are THE best. She says hoping...

  2. I promised myself that I would simply READ the blog this morning but.. 5 minutes in and I've ordered the Ravel sandals in brown and black - just to see - and with 20% off I'd be mad not to, right ? Oh dear. That's after your timely blogs on occasion outfits. It's my Sister's wedding on the 27th. I thought I was sorted but , after your last 2 blogs, I now have 3 other options on order !! Thank you - I think ! Happy Easter anyway. Enjoying the posts as ever.

    1. It always pays to have more than one choice..!

  3. I adore clogs and have always had at least one pair in my wardrobe at any given time regardless of fashion. The trouble is getting a pair that strike the balance between clog & crappy copy. They must have a solid wood sole or they're fake, no discussion. I bought my last pair from Lotta From Stockholm on Portabello Rd several years ago & they're looking very tired. Am now contemplating Swedish Hasbeens as they have some very cool new styles that are still on the better side of edgy & look totally wearable. SJP is an enormous fan so that has to be a good thing. Right??