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I have a skirt that I have in both white and black that I think I have been messaged about more than any other item I can remember in a long time. 

And I will admit, I have surprised myself by the versatility of them.  Seeing as they were such a hard slog to embrace in the first place.  Anyone who's been following the blog for a couple of years will know that skirts were my nemesis.  Anything that drew attention to my lack of waist was a massive no no in my book.  I couldn't get to grips with them at all.

But something changed.  Is it that I found the perfect skirts or is that I've just got my head around how they look?

Boringly, I don't think there's any secret - I think it's a combination of both.   And I have completely fallen in love with them. 

The easiest blog in the world would be to just show you those skirts that everyone keeps asking me about (as I keep wearing them) but alas, they were last season.  So I have scoured the tinternet to find some other options which would work jus as well. 

Now first off - the question I always get asked when I do anything midi related is "how do I wear them if I'm shorter?".  Easily is the answer - although to be fair, if it isn't a look you like then don't even bother as it won't work unless you love it.  It's all down to proportions, to where it sits on your hips (the taller you are, the lower you might want to wear it, the more flattering it is, in my humble opinion) and what heel height you wear (the shorter you are, the higher you'll probably want the heel).

Today - we're going plain.  We're not doing print although I might fling in a bit of texture, we'll see.  I want you to be able to wear these for every day, with trainers, ballet flats or sandals and in the evening with heels.  And there is no reason why every single one of these couldn't be worn for an occasion - you just need the right top. 

Speaking of tops - we've done print t-shirts to death (although I always have room for more) which are perfect for wearing with these for dress down.   We've still got to do out out tops - coming shortly.

In the meantime, let's get the skirts sorted. 

The best I've found that are most like the ones I have are from Finery London.  But.. I have to point out, I fear there are no pockets.  Which isn't the crime of the century (well it depends who you are, I have to say, I fear it might be for me).

Belshaw Fold A Line Skirt £75

Or in the blue £75

And in the chartreuse which is now on sale for £57

Wrapover style again at La Redoute and 40% off with the code BIG40.

Wrapover midi Skirt in teal was £49 now £24.50 And you can still use the 40% off on sale items.  It might look a tad wintery but this teamed with a navy out out top (I have THE perfect one coming up shortly), would work perfectly for Spring. 

Another block colour gem can be round at M&S and this is perfect for every occasion.  It's also not that long (I will pap tomorrow so you can see exactly how long it is on me at 5ft10 to give you some ideas)

Go bold in yellow (I'd say lime..) - Tie Front Wrap A-Line Midi Skirt from Autograph £45

or go navy again £45

Pockets again at La Redoute and whilst you may think it's a tad dark for Spring, with white and black (get those white sneakers on) - amazing.  Pale pink?  I'd wear with white tee, black blazer and pink ballet pumps with black ties, like I wore with my black skirt - see below).  Totally wearable.

Midi Skirt in Grey Marl £59 pre discount 

In red and again for the not too tall amongst us.  This is just below knee length on her at 5ft7 so should be perfectly mid calf if you're shorter. 

ASOS High Waisted Full Circle Skuba Skirt £35

Similar in navy at Dorothy Perkins £25 - full scuba skirt 

And finally textured. Now this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but I love the idea of this with a slogan tee, biker and ankle boots for a Spring casual day.  Out in the evenings - heels.  Done.

Cotton Blend A Line Skirt from M&S £55

And here I am in mine.  One dressy but one more casual.  

Off white skirt - M&S
Lauren blouse in off white - Winser London
Gina leopard shoes - Topshop
Monogrammed bag - I Know The Queen
Black Onyx biker - hush

The black for the most gorgeous day in London on Friday with the children.  We were invited to Google head office to see their new Google Home toy (I don't think it's a toy - it's a voice activated speaker but has been better value than any toy we've had for years.   The kids LOVE it) and then dinner with the old man in Covent Garden.  I honestly don't think there is anywhere better than CG in the sunshine.

Willow blouse in black - Goat
Black skirt - M&S
Ballet pumps - M&S
Tools Bag - Balenciaga 

So yesterday we had friends coming for a BBQ.  Loved the weekend - didn't go out on either Friday or Saturday night so felt incredibly virtuous (all went to pot with a much later than anticipated finish last night).  Hope everyone enjoyed the amazing weather.  

I spent the weekend in my favourite item which I can't resist doing another blog on.  It's the good old dress - but I need to know - do you prefer short or long?  Shortsleeved or longsleeved?  I definitely have my favourites but would love to know what yours are.  I have found some absolute gems which would take you from occasion wear to the beach.  But long or short??

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  1. I have dipped my toe in to the world of midi skirts this year, it's petite fit, so is proper midi length for me. Navy with a cream floral print and 'pockets'! I'm planning on wearing with a breton tee or grey graphic tee and sneakers/brogues and my leather jacket on colder days. But more styling ideas will be gratefully received.

  2. I spent ages just looking for a plain black pleated midi skirt that was properly midi, but came up empty - everything was too knee length. Instead I ended up with a black-with-white-polka-dots one from Debenhams (haven't been in there in years!), which I love, so in the end I'm glad I didn't find a plain one! I've already got a black lace midi a bit like the last one you show, except this was from the Zara sale about 2 years ago. It's really heavy lace, looks and feels far more expensive than it actually was, but I struggle to find tops that don't look too overdone (I'm more of a scruff than a posho!).

  3. Love the skirts. Looking for a longgggg dress for Summer with short sleeves floral but not too much...adore white dresses but haven't found the right one yet. Looking forward to seeing your gems!!

  4. I struggle with tops with these skirts - I have two pleated ones, both animal print, and they are really flattering, but I only seem to wear them with a black t-shirt and black Stan Smiths. Which is fine when you're standing up, but makes for a really dull look when you're sitting at a table having lunch, for example. Any suggestions? (One's that Zara one that was everywhere last summer, the other's a dark New Look one with a kind of tan/purple leopard print on black.)

  5. For what it's worth, I got a really nice black pleated skirt from St. Tropez recently! My first foray into the world of skirts!

  6. I've spent the day jean shopping and am exhausted, in the end I came away with 2 pairs from French Connection and have no intention at looking at jeans for a long time!
    I'm toying with the lace skirts in M&S or the maxi blue polka dot from Mango that you featured not long ago. As for dresses, have decided that my days of short short dresses are over - it's rarely warm enough and I've developed a fear of flashing! I'm on the lookout for below knee midis or lengths that hover above the knee, don't mind about sleeves, with the exception of capped sleeves, I find them really unflattering, best to have no sleeve than a coat in my book. Look forward to seeing what you've found and thanks in advance! X

    1. Oops, should've shell checked - I meant to say best to have no sleeve than a capped sleeve ( hopefully no coats required)!

  7. i agree about the sleeve, its no sleeve or long for me, a capped sleeve always make me look wide on top.

  8. Just seen that you've got a mention on Who What Wear! Well Done!

  9. Looking amazing in the Skirt....
    Leanne |

  10. I still maintain you need a waist or else to be willowy (I'm looking at you Kat). I've seen lots of people who just look round in them (and they don't normally). However, I love them. I've had three, a plain black, a black and white micro pleat and a full on huge flower pattern one. And they've all gone again. It's hard for me to learn ;-) I have too short a body, so a tucked in top or one that stops at my waistband is a terrible look on me. And if you look at me side on I appear about 3 sizes bigger. Many moons ago I had a pleated one where the tops of the pleats were stitched down for the first few inches. It worked. I'd probably just look like my mum in it now :D It was from Planet or somewhere similar ;-) xx

  11. I don't think there is a dress to fit all occasions. Knee length dresses looks good on me but there are hardly any of them about at the moment. Midi's only look good when I am wearing heels and I don't get the opportunity to wear heels that often, especially during the day! Short dresses only look good when I am wearing thick black tights in the winter. Here lies the problem. It's difficult when you know what suits you but there is nothing in the shops to suit your figure!