Can anyone born pre 1985 look at that word and not sing it Madonna stylee?  Only me?  Holidays are around the corner folks.  We are going away for half term - to our beloved Suffolk, where last year it was so cold I had to go and buy jumpers.  I'm not entirely sure I will be in need of full on Summer dressing but you never know.  However, the following week I am off to Ibiza.  Oh yes, simply too excited and obviously very much in need of a frock or two to wear.  

For me - the best things to pack for holidays are dresses.  The proof was in the pudding for me last October when I wore a dress every single day at Universal in Florida.  Plus, they work for home too.  So you do need to get a bit of jacket action going on - the leather biker is your friend, I promise, and the ever trusty denim jacket comes into its own layered over one of these babies. 

I am ever so slightly perturbed by the fact they mentioned snow on the news this morning - seriously - SNOW??  It's nearly May.  That's just rude.  But it hasn't stopped me planning ahead, as you know what?  These sell out.  Do not, I repeat, do not leave these until the week before you go as there will not be any left.  Stock up on these now.  The Summer sales get earlier and earlier every year.  Dare I say, they are normally in June and it's May this weekend.  You have only weeks left to get your holiday wardrobe down pat.  Before the shops are flooded with shades of berries, forest greens and browns and you can't move for cashmere.  

This is of zero use to you when you're sunning yourself on your lounger by the pool come the hols.  Take my advice and get holiday shopping now. 

I have even taken my own advice and caved on this one last week.  I'll be honest - I hadn't planned on buying a new dress - I was doing research for another article on a totally different topic, but I do usually love a dress from & Other Stories and there were some new in stock.  To say nearly all the others I tried on weren't a success, is a slight understatement. 

Therefore when this one worked, I had to buy it.  Find a dress that suits you and buy it.  You will never ever ever regret it.  My advice is usually to only buy something if you can think of three occasions when you will wear it.  Well with dresses like these, the occasions in my book can be Wednesday, Thursday and Monday.  They are so versatile and actually it isn't so easy to find ones that either a) suit you or b) you like.

Floral Dress from & Other Stories £79

It also has pockets, has either a high tie or v neck and looks great with ankle boots and a cropped jacket.  It's amazing quality - and whilst not cheap - it genuinely feels a lot more expensive.  Plus, if you're not into boho - Summer dresses are really hard to find.  It's difficult to locate a floral that isn't cutesy (if you're not a girly girl) and doesn't have embroidery.  Oh and is in colours that you like.  This one is a dream for me.

I also tried on the green wrap dress.. I didn't take any photos - I did do a video for Insta stories but I didn't like this one as much on me as I didn't have enough boobage to fill the dress properly.  I tried on the 12 and it was very baggy round the top - I probably should have just tried the 10.   I personally also felt quite exposed with that much flesh on show on my chest AND having completely bare arms. 

I should have said to begin with, that these dresses are all sleeveless.  So so many of you have said that you either like long sleeves or sleeveless and short sleeves just don't quite cut it.  I know exactly what you mean, although I do think a cap sleeve can be more flattering than a full on "short" sleeve.  Let me know what you think.

Maxi Wrap Dress in Green from & Other Stories £69 The colour of this though is amazing and the pic doesn't do it justice.

More floral at Warehouse. 

Climbing azalea cami dress £36

Shorter floral again at Warehouse. 

Tropical Garden Cami Dress £36

Bigger flowers at Warehouse and one that is perfectly bra proof.

Sunflower Hanky Hem Dress £55

Colour again from Little White Lies at House of Fraser £95

Maxi at ASOS. 

ASOS Stripe Crop Top Maxi Dress £52 

More stripes at M&S - and again bra friendly. 

Striped Maxi Dress £39.50  Now this is Per Una BUT I honestly think, if it were on the pages of Matches, you wouldn't be surprised.  There is just something that looks really expensive about it.

Theoretically you could wear a bra under this although I think it might be a challenge to match the straps up.  Perfect for over a swimsuit though and for those of you who make a strapless bra work.

Striped Cold Shoulder Dress from M&S £39.50

And a similar version in petite without the cold shoulder bit. 

Petite Striped Maxi Slip Dress £39.50

Moving on from stripes to a graphic print now.  Ideal for those of you like print but want something different from stripes and less girly than floral. 

Jones gathered printed stretch midi dress from Tart Collections was £145 now £72.50

Graphic again at hush with the launch today of their new summer range.  Their Grecian dresses are one of their most popular ranges and have been for years.  A whole new set of prints for this season.  They can be worn belted or loose.

Grecian Dress from hush £45

And in the white calypso leaves print again £45

And the same print in a longer style.  Again, feeling all the bra love with these ones.

Iris Dress from hush £59

Same dress in different graphic prints. 

And in the turquise zebra print 

Or an Ikat print at Warehouse.  This one is for those of you who love colour.  And when the sun's out, even I love full on print and a lot of bold. 

Rainbow Ikat Maxi Dress from Warehouse £45

Or they have a cami version £36

And they've also done a bra friendly version. 

Rainbow Ikat Crinkle Dress from Warehouse £45

Zig zag graphic at Warehouse.  Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle for the beach and then out for cocktails?  On the other hand, just put a denim jacket over it, with trainers and hey presto - supermarketsuitable chez vous.

Sparkle Chevron Maxi Dress from Warehouse £79

One for those who can do without a boulder holder now.  This is very pleasing to my inner rock chick.  I would so happily wear this with a biker jacket and stud boots.  Very All Saints for a fraction of the price.

Tie Dye Low Back Maxi Dress from Topshop £29

I have a fair few of these, so am sorted for day time holiday.   Sorted, she says... However I still have plain ones to look at too, as I know not everyone is a print bod.  I personally like a mix of both and there in lies the joy of dresses for holiday - you don't have to make sure they match, as you just wear it on its own and go.  So I have coming up a selection of plain ones coming up shortly.  

And just to prove that I am obsessed with dresses and that a maxi isn't just for Summer - ta dah! (although these are both long sleeved).

Yesterday - London, great day out for Afternoon Tea with the team from Very Exclusive.  As well as a trip to an amazing vintage shop in Notting Hill called Retro Woman.

Blush embroidered dress - H&M
Tan suede biker jacket - hush
Leopard boots - Tabitha Simmons
Jodie bag - Chloe

Today for not a lot.  Working from home which may have involved some writing and a lot of Law & Order SVU in the background (I have discovered a new series on 5USA or something that I haven't seen before.  Pig. In. Poo).

Esplar trainers - Veja at Quattrorish
Black embroidered dress - Zara
Yellow biker jacket - Zara
Tools bag - Balenciaga

Tomorrow I am off to get my eyes tested as I've realised I am basically blind.  And I need to stock up on some pieces (ie joggers) for the 10yr old who is going away on his first residential with school - ok only for one night - but then away at the weekend on rugby tour with the husband.  No I am not going.  I have better things to do with over £1k (yes THAT is how much it costs for all 5 of us to go!!).  The other two and myself are swanning off to Margate with the best friend and her kids.  Do we think I will be wearing any of my summer dresses??!

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  1. Don't know if you realize, but this isn't showing up on your home page - only through the link on your instagram.

    1. Oh god I hate technology.. I've posted it again and you can now see it - so there are two for the minute. I'll get my IT people on it tomorrow. Thanks for letting me now.

  2. I could see this on my phone, but not on my tablet until I went looking, weird. Both are android, but different versions!
    I'm so with you about 'Holiday' and Madonna - you are not alone! This post is making me long for warmer weather and not the -3°C we had this morning. The sun is shining now, but single figure temperatures. I crumbled this afternoon after seeing an off white coat on my walk to the husband's office. Checked it out on the net, and found it for 25% off, probably too warm for summer, but way more spring like than my dark grey coat I'm currently wearing.
    Summer dress weather, yes please....

    1. Thanks for that! IT glitch... God know what to do - will let me IT lady look at it tomorrow. There have been one too many glitches for my liking recently.. And LORDY this weather is NUTS!

    2. It's coming up on my tablet now, glitch fixed?

    3. Well this one is although there are still blog posts missing if you go back on the laptop. Fine on a mobile and if I link to them but they don't come up on the blog itself. WEIRD!!!

  3. I totally LOVE the silver sandals with the Tart Collections dress (which has sold out now, boo) Have you seen anything similar, or know where they are from? Fab blog too btw and I'm a new avid follower! x

    1. Silver mid heel strappy OR silver flat?? On it!! I would love some silver ones actually - good shout. x

  4. Replies
    1. That is definitely coming up shortly!!

  5. Zara have some beautiful gold plaited sandals , just couldn't squeeze my wide trotters into them. Speaking of Zara, had a massive strop in the Regent st one yesterday with their changing room rules - honestly you'd think they were doing us a favour instead of us spending money there - harumph!

    1. Oh god I find them generally so so grumpy in their London stores. But to be fair, they are so ridiculously busy, Their changing rooms are the worst though - they are actually like coffins!

  6. Could we have more shapely dresses that come in at the waist rather than hanging loose? They are really hard to find but shapeless dresses just swamp me! I always want Hush to do a more fitted summer dress but they come up SO shapeless. This is why i find summer dresses such a problem.

    1. I've just done a blog on coloured summer dresses as opposed to print (or I should say plain as there are a fair few black ones) and there are some more fitted ones on there hopefully! xxx

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  8. Just seen the Kat which reminds me of the &otherstories dress which sold out before we could get our hands on it!