Inspiration time

So this is an interesting one.  Usually when I have a lightbulb moment, it's a completely new look - something I haven't tried before. 

But this, I think, is a first.  A picture that someone kindly sent me and now I keep seeing everywhere.  They thought it was right up my street and it absolutely is.  It's a Dior outfit at Bergdorf Goodman.  Which is where the "right up my street" bit sort of ends.

It's all about the red.  Now following on from the last blog which may have heralded the start of a mid life crisis - this perhaps cements it. 

I LOVE this look.  But I am compos mentis enough to realise that red and tulle and leather perhaps isn't a look I can get away with (darn it!). 

However that's the great thing about fashion - high end and all the random pics you might see, it's about taking inspiration and transforming it into looks that work for you.   And this is pretty much (if you squint perhaps..) a variation on a look that I wear regularly.  Skirt, biker, check, check.

However I did not be hot foot it off to Dior yesterday (hell I had the tutor to sort out and Mum's taxi was out for hire all afternoon, not to mention that there were engineering works on the train line which means that walking to London would be quicker than sitting on one of their diverted trains and NOTHING to do with the probably five figure price tag of the above outfit.  Nothing at all...).  I gained inspiration from the comfort of my sofa.  I should probably say desk but I hate writing at a desk and always do it on the sofa, in bed (not in in the bed - I do make it and sit on it...) or the kitchen island. 

And this is what I came up with. 

A red biker.  I have so many of these now (although not red) that another is going to make no difference.  That sentence is up there with reasons why my husband thinks all women are mad.  It makes total sense, doesn't it?

I'm thinking not full on leather (although... if hush were to make their biker which I think is officially the most amazing biker ever.  The shape, the leather, the slouch, it's perfection) but never say never.  Faux leather these days can be so fantastic and even I realistically appreciate it's not something I'm going to be wearing day in, day out.  My yellow one from Zara for example is just perfect. 

First up though I'm starting with such an amazing jacket, I'm considering just leaving it here and going for a snooze.  £45 is actually a LOT of money for something from Boohoo so I'm hoping it's amazing... I've got to try it in the interests of research, haven't I?

Leather at Zalando from Oakwood.

Oakwood Leather Jacket was £164.99 now £131.99  Ok this is pretty darn fabulous, isn't it?

Slightly different at Mango - fabric and oversized.

And now onto the skirts.  I may have lost my Dior mojo whilst researching these.  But I kept going, just in case. 

Shorter for those who don't like full on midis.  Or just midi for those of you shorter, I should probably say.

Another shorter midi at Yumi at House of Fraser. 

Variation on a theme now and less red and more cranberry.

Another more burgundy shade (although it looks red to me, they say it's burgundy) from La Redoute. 

One of the best one that I found is LK Bennett at House of Fraser (it's cheaper there than elsewhere!). 

But then just when you think your search is a busted flush, Mango comes to the rescue.

I have to say as much as I absolutely adore the look, I'm probably not going to go the whole hog.  Although, famous last words... So thoughts?  I'm pretty sure it's definitely a "on the mannequin looks amazing" and "on the person looks like they're running from the men in white coats".  

However I'm definitely giving the jacket a go and it should be arriving today.  I have ridiculously high hopes for it (and we all know what that means don't we).  In the meantime, a couple of outfits from the last couple of days. 

Gingham blouse - Studio by Preen at Debenhams
Blue trench - Jasper Conran at Debenhams
White skirt - M&S
Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

Ziggy Star Jumper - Wyse London
Navy trousers - Alexa Chung at M&S
Navy blazer - Alexa Chung at M&S
Dazed Trainers - My Fashion Tribu

And last night for the most amazing 40th birthday party. 

Penelope Dress - Rixo London
Leopard sandals - Zara
De Manta clutch in tan - Alexander McQueen

I now need to go and lie down.  I won't lie, this is what I have been mostly doing today.  Whilst I ponder how bad exactly red on red would be... and lament how much prosecco I did actually drink last night.

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  1. I love the look bit with you on the can I. Plus as much as I adore red and I definitely do I always find it difficult to get the shades working together - one bit wool blue red and the other orange red! Can't wait to hear about the jacket though I'm up to 5 bikers now but red is my fab colour. I already have a red midi I got from Reiss a couple of years back but very tempted by the Mango tulle one any idea how long it is? I'm same height as you

    1. I've no idea how long it is - I may go and see if I can see it tomorrow....

  2. I am definitely mutton as I would wear the entire outfit without a second thought 😂

  3. It would DEFINITELY work on you! Red is a good colour for me though so I immediately thought wearable. However even the thought of attempting your fab Rixo dress from last night makes me super anxious!

    1. Meant to say striking but wearable ☺

    2. But it would look amazing over the Rixo dress....!

  4. Kat

    I know you recommend the hush biker jacket. Can I ask 2 questions about it please? Size-wise; is it true to size or would you recommend sizing down for a neater fit? Secondly, lots of reviews say the sleeves are very short. Like you I am 5'10" and living overseas so don't want palaver of sending back if sleeve length is too short. How do you find them? Otherwise I like the look. It's not too bikery a biker jacket if that makes sense. I like the more minimalist look but with reviewers who are 5'3" saying sleeves just the right length for their petite frame, I'm a little concerned about ordering? Sorry to be so long-winded. Not sure about a red biker, sets the minimalist in me slightly on edge�� but if anyone can carry it off you can. Liz

    1. Hi Liz, my honest sincere advice please stay away from hush biker, can not stand seeing anyone else getting sucked into the hype. I am 5.4 and the sleeves are ridiculous. I first thought it was a one off, but subsequently sent a few back, as I was silly to persevere to get this resolved. But there is a lot more wrong with it then sleeve length. If you know your quality you are not going to be happy with it. Horrible stitching in places, patches of subquality leather all throughout, really bad metal work. Look for another brand don't waste your time and postage
      And don't forget Kat as talented fashion editor as she is, IS a still a hush ambassador. Says it all.

    2. Sunnybella thank you for your opinion - it's always great to hear other people's views. However I completely and utterly disagree with you and this is nothing to do with the fact that I work with hush. I am offered a lot of clothes to wear and could choose to wear biker jackets that cost a lot more than the hush one if I so wanted. However this is genuinely my favourite biker jacket - I think the fact that I wear it so so so often and have done regularly for the past three years - is a pretty good testament to that.

      It's not in my interest AT ALL to be dishonest or misleading about any products - I work with a wide representation of the fashion retail market and only ever wear things that I personally would be happy (and do!) spend good money on. I have been blogging for five years and now and my integrity is of tantamount importance to me. Why would I risk that on promoting a biker jacket that I don't actually rate.

      It unfortunately sounds like you have been very unlucky with your hush jacket but I - and lots and lots of other people - have been over the moon with them and wear them regularly. It's horses for courses with regards to choosing a brand or in this instance, a jacket. Lots of people really rate a certain brand that I personally don't like - but I prefer a very slouchy and non structured black biker and this brand has a much sturdier leather to it.

      Liz - sleeves wise - they are bracelet length. They're not supposed to be full length but therefore are on the more petite amongst you. I can't say it's ever been an issue for me but if you are looking for full length sleeves then this isn't going to be for you! Size wise - I think the 10 is a generous 10 and if you were looking for a very snug fit then you might want to size down.

      Hope that helps Liz xxxx

    3. Kat

      Thank you for replying. I too have tried on a lot of biker jackets trying to find the 'one'. I am looking for that soft supple slouchy style that looks well over dresses. Some brands I have tried I find the leather too heavy. Some stand off the body rather than mould to it which is the style I want. I have a feeling the Hush one fits in the way I want it to. Frustrating having to return a product of a high value because I have to send by (very expensive registered post) so I wanted to seek your opinion first. I appreciate you coming back to me. I do realise you work with Hush but know that you would give your honest opinion and am grateful for that. Many thanks Liz

    4. I've mentioned this before, but have you thought of getting the sleeves shortened? I'm a short arse too, and have had the sleeves professionally shortened on mine (not hush though). They have zips on the cuffs, which have been shortened with the sleeves, so I now have the perfect fit leather jacket. It may be worth sounding out local seamstresses to hear if it's possible in your area.

    5. I think everyone says the sleeves are too short not too long!!!

    6. Oops, should have re-read the first bit! :-(

    7. kat, regarding the hush biker, it's absolutely fine and as expected that my true advice was disregarded on this blog where everyone worships you. I knew I should not have been wasting my precious minutes typing in my first message. Now wasting more time typing another one. Lesson learned. I had no intention to question your integrity and respect your opinion. But this is the case of me being unlucky to get sent a few very subquality jackets, as a regular customer and yourself receiving the nicest sample possible. I have no reason to lie and was never associated with hush or their retail competitors. Just find it difficult to ignore injustice and inequality in all aspects of life so I said my honest piece. I was despatched several bikers in a row of the same size, that were all downright c__p quality and craftsmanship, simply disgrace to the brand. Can email you photos of metal work falling apart in my fingers as new. And the sleeves length was not even a major issue, I was willing to overlook it, because I indeed liked their style, exactly as you described, slouchy and unstructured. I am talking extremely subpar leather quality and the poorest craftsmanship I ever seen. I since found an absolute perfection of a biker of similar description albeit slightly higher price tag, but willing to pay for true quality. Just in case you will reckon it was my being too picky,too difficult to please, too anything, my friend ordered a sample for herself, in a different size, you have got to be joking she said. Well that has to be it. I must leave people make their own trial and errors. It is what it is.

  5. I love red, but have never been able to pull off a full on red outfit, it's just too much for my head to get around somehow. I love the look on others though. So I stick to pops of red.
    I have just got rid of a red biker, I'd stopped wearing it, and to be honest the leather was quite thick and not so good quality. It was about 15 years old and cost me about £50, so it really owed me nothing. Maybe I should contemplate a replacement...
    As for the different tones of red, I always go for warm tones, as blue undertones wash me out, so I'm of the opinion that as long as the undertones are the same family I can get away with mixing different reds.

    1. God I don't know enough about colours to know whether they're bluey red or orangey red - I'm such a colour cretin! But I do know that some work better than others, so that's probably it!

  6. I love the red bikers. Having finally bought a biker last month after years of failing to find one that has some shape on me when open and doesn't crush my boobs when closed (it's chilly up north), isn't too ornate with belts and zips and quilting nor too minimalist that it loses it's essential biker-ness I'm not sure I'm ready to start the quest for another. Never say never since red is my favourite colour and it might work as an alternative to scratch the none of the shops have any red tops itch. Nor grey either except tshirts. Clearly I am on my own fashion curve :D An all red outfit works for me - I'd wear a red dress so I'm not sure what the difference is... xx

  7. Looks very The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Very apt for the times, I'd say.

  8. I have a oasis leather biker which i brought 3 years ago, i would love another, my only thing is because i can't zip it up dd boobs, i don't really what to pay to much for another leather one, i am on the search for a pleather one.