For those with the good knees.

Yes, that's you lucky ones who have knees that don't look like Les Dawson's face slowly melting down your calf.  Alas this is not me and my days of wearing a short dress are numbered.  Numbered to the point that I wouldn't rule one out completely for holiday or a super hot day, but when it comes to occasion wear, unless the Vesuvius knees are encased in sucky-in 120 denier lycra, it's midi or maxi for me. 

But we all have a cross to bear and I have to say it's pretty much my knees are the main things that I don't fancy having out on show.  Ok there's also my midriff but seeing as that didn't get any exposure pre children, the chances of me shimmying out in a cropped top after having given birth to three kids are none to non existent.  I do know that lots of people don't like their upper arms on show, others don't like things that are high cut, breasts out (not literally..), breasts not out - everyone has some element they want covered. 

So this is for those of you who have great legs.  Actually you don't even have to have great legs, you just have to not mind getting them out.  I am all the envy but I'll relish in my shoulders and top arms on display which I tend to flash at any opportune moment.  Not to mention wanging my boobs around braless.  You probably didn't need to know that, did you?  In a dress.  Under fabric.  Not literally wanging them around... Moving swiftly on...

Starting with black.  You can't go wrong with a classic little black dress 

BA&SH Tiered Dress £265

More black ruffles which somehow I think are easier to wear when it's a short dress? 

Lost Ink Ruffle Dress £44

Black sleeveless at All Saints.  I would team this with different shoes but this could easily be dressed up or down. 

Jayda Dress £198 in black silk 

If not black, how about white.  Love this.  A certain designer look for a fraction of the price. 

Y.A.S Cap sleeve lace dress £80

And now moving into print.  These colours are amazing. 

Rose Print Knot Front Dress £46

Floral again at River Island which you can get from ASOS - or the River Island link here.  I personally always order from ASOS as I pay for their premium delivery so get free next day delivery.  Would be rude not to. 

RI Studio Floral Ruffle Dress £70

Ruffles in red at Miss Selfridge.

Miss Seldfridge Dobby Mesh Ruffle Dress £42

Balloon Dress by Prints by Mochi for Topshop £95

Printed Balloon Sleeves also at Anthropologie.  This is one of my favourite dresses here.  To me - this satisfies my hippy vibe with not a hint of boho or embroidery about it. 

Cheska Printed Swing Dress £178 Free delivery and returns at the moment.

Similar boho vibe at Ba&SH - Tiered Silk Printed Dress £180

Shirred waist again at Stevie May. 

Stevie May Soft Love Mini Dress with Ruffles £150

Ruffles again (and this could so easily be worn with opaques come the Autumn) at Maison Scotch. 

Maison Scotch Mixed Print Dress with Ruffle Details £180

Similar at Needle & Thread from Very Exclusive.

Needle & Thread Prairie Ditsy Print Dress in black and pink £165

And letting the assault on the senses continue with prints on speed.

Manga Print Split Sleeve A Lie Dress from Topshop £59  They also do this in a tall or a petite.

Longsleeve printed at Reiss. 

Neave Bright Sapphire/Peppermint Dress £180

Frilled Collar Dress from & Other Stories £95 in a Nostalgia Rose Print

Lace Short Sleeve Shift Dress from M&S £79

Lace again at Reiss and this is completely stunning.  If I had an event to go and had knees that I didn't mind flashing, I would get this one in a heartbeat. 

Idie Blue/Black Lace Embroidery Dress £265

Finishing with lace and perhaps on the skimpy side for some but I have to say it's not too short and for the right occasion...

Endless Rose Two Tone Lace Dress with Frill Detail £90

So for once - there is not one thing I shall be buying from today's blog.  However.  However however however, it has cemented my thinking in that I need to tackle the impossible to master - those darned "go with everything" Summer shoes.  Heels that will take you from the pub to a wedding.  With trousers, skirts, mini, midi or maxi dresses - that elusive pair of perfect sandals.  I'm on a mission. 

Today - last day of the holidays.  Sobs.  I will miss the easy mornings and late nights, I won't miss the trying to juggle work and children, not to mention the cooking and the laundry (yes, I may have shouted on one occasion - WILL YOU STOP EATING AND STOP CHANGING CLOTHES. "Mum, can I have something to eat".  GO AWAY.  And the reason I may have hollered go away is because this request comes after I've cooked, they've eaten, I've tidied up and 5 seconds later, they're hungry again).  Day spent with family.  At my sister in law's house where she fed them.  Thank you H!!

Breton top - Joseph
Blazer - Zara
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Gina shoes - Topshop
Jodie Bag - Chloe

Tomorrow back to school and I'm working in London so it's up early for everyone.  Which should be interesting...seeing as my children are still running around a la Lord of the Flies, declaring that they're not remotely tired.   No surprise there, seeing as they didn't get up until 9am this morning.  I swear the going back to school thing has snuck up on us really quickly this holiday.  Don't we get more warning or something usually?!. 

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9 comentarios:

  1. Is the VB for Target collection available there? I just ordered a couple of the shift dresses to try - they are getting rave reviews here. xx

    1. Haven't seen ANYTHING on it so I doubt it... usually you can buy at Net a Porter but I haven't looked to be honest!

  2. That lovely Toppers dress is OOS - shame, was considering it with tights or leggings

    1. Oh noooooooooo. It was definitely in stock yesterday. Sorry!

  3. Baaaad knees here, looking forward to a blog for those of us with those though - that was just an exercise in wistfully remembering the days I could get my knees out (long gone). ALL of the above, whilst gorgeous are as much use to me as a day-glo crop top. A midi/maxi post please (with some tall options if possible!)...

    1. Ditto. I have done loads on maxi and midi - if you click on the search words below, it *should* take you to them... ! But I will be having more, fear not!

  4. HI Kat,
    having a horrible time trying to respond to your blog - google+ etc is getting the better of me!
    Hate, hate, hate cut out tops and bardot tops - they are everywhere and everywhere is not cool! If you go into shops there are just acres of crap tops that have been attacked with chunks missing. Some crazed clothes moth has bitten the shoulder out of every item - make it stop. I also have quite big 'traps' so they make me look butch but must admit to purchasing the wide neck from The White Company but you can call me fickle!
    I'm also gutted to have retired my favourite dress due to the overuse of statement sleeves too. It was a gorgeous goto dress from Alice Temperly - right length, shape, fabric with embroidered feather wings on shoulders and discreet fluted sleeve but now it looks too in rather than unusual. Arghhhhh
    However, have found a massimo dutti top for £44 which is a dead ringer from a BA&SH fanja top I was coveting - £44 rather than £160!!
    Other fashion hates are over-pronating teens in ballet pumps and uggs! God loves a supportive shoe on growing feet.
    Great blog.

    1. I have to say - dare I Say it - I'm with you on the cold shoulder trend. I have a bardot dress from M&S that is a dead ringer for a Chloe number which I can get my head around but apart from that - I struggle BIG time. That Temperly dress sounds amazing. And I am off to check out Massimo Dutti - haven't been in there for ages - last time I went in i nearly died of boredom but I'm prepared to have another look!!

  5. From Nicola B - Edenbridge
    Agreed, MD rather safe - I have some bizarre loyalty from working next door on high st ken some 15 years ago. Mainly buy husband jumpers from there! Pleased with my cheaper alternative tho as BA&SH is lovely. I'm mainly into french or danish for last few years. Monshowroom is good for 'different' shoes but like ASOS the choice is boggling...