When it's not quite warm enough for sandals...

.. ok so I say, not quite warm enough.  Clearly I actually mean, my feet are still in Winter Hobbit mode and I haven't hauled my sorry behind for a pedicure yet (although the husband - yes the husband - did purchase a foot spa thingy which my 10 and 8yr old adore - I know - but I have yet to partake in).

Yes I love my trainers.  But there are times when perhaps you want something a bit more... dare I say boho?  Perhaps not boho, perhaps less urban.  (oh my lord - what do I sound like?).

Basically you want something slightly more feminine than a pair of good old leather trainers. Obviously I think you're mad as I could happily live in mine but there is a pair of shoes which are perfect for the Spring and into the Summer, that I can't ignore.


I'm going to hold my hands up and say this isn't something I have entirely embraced since I went inter-railing a million (in fact 28, so not far off) years ago.  Maybe it was that I wasn't enamoured with the whole travelling debacle (all it did was cement my life time belief that God invented hotels for reason) and somewhere deep in my subconscious, I am still scarred by the whole experience. 

Or maybe it's that I haven't tried hard enough.  Maybe they are the perfect shoe for bridging that gap between boho and a more pared back Parisian chic look (I appreciate the latter is in my head - humour me).

Pictures all found on Pinterest.

So yes - I'm thinking a pair of jeans, a tee and espadrilles are the perfect pared back Summer shoe.  They just add a bit of "holiday" to an outfit (or is that me overthinking the inter railing thing again?!) even with the addition of a trench.

Today I'm looking at ones that go round the ankle.  As the other ones at the moment remind me too much of that "holiday" (less of a holiday, much more of a life experience which I have never needed to repeat. Valuable, valuable lessons learned though.  One being, baby oil does not a sun tan produce.  You can see why it was such a roaring success, can't you?).

For flat, plain, pared back but with my preferred ankle ties, there are the Jasmine from Seven Boot Lane.  10% off with the code SPRINGTIME until 17th April off all the espadrilles.

Pale grey suede £80 pre discount

Or in the, perhaps more wearable, black leather.  Also £80 pre discount.

Variation on a theme with a slogan at Kurt Geiger.

Pierre Blue Espadrilles from Kurt Geiger in Blue £150  Also available in cream but cream canvas doesn't strike me as being the hardiest of fabrics.

Upping the colour ante.

Dizzy in Orange Flat Espadrille from Miss KG at Kurt Geiger £54

Or the multicoloured versions from Miss KG again £54

And then we have higher.

Black - good old plain black and we're starting at super high. 

Reagan Black High Heel Wedge Espadrille from UGG Australia £130

The classic Castaners at My Fashion Tribu with 10% off using the code Kat10.

Castaner Carina Black Canvas Espadrille £75 pre discount

A navy canvas version as well - again £75 pre discount

Getting slightly bolder, again from My Fashion Tribu so 10% off with the code Kat10.

Soludos Red Suede Wedge Espadrilles £105

Or of course, there are the ones that let your feet do the talking. 

Air & Grace Shimmie Wedge Heeled Espadrille in Nude £99

Or in the bronze again £99

So talk to me about your espadrille successes or failures.  Yay or nay?  Heel or flat?  Ankle tie or shoe version?  This is me dipping my proverbial toe in the water but would love to know your thoughts.

Here I am in... errr boots.   Still got to get my head around it being warm warm.  And I was doing loads of walking today so needed something comfortable.  Plus, I'm just breaking myself into Spring gently...

Black Onyx Jacket - hush
Dress - M&S
Leather belt - ASOS
Susanna Boots - Chloe

Hopefully everyone has had a good day.  I've been working in London which gave me time to think how to respond to the 10yr old's early morning question "Mum, what's a bleached arseh*le?".  Errrr WHAT???? "It's in an Ed Sheeran song".  Thanks a bunch Ed.

Tonight though - holiday time for us.  Friends of ours have been to France and bought back oysters and wine.  BLISS.  And on a school night.  It doesn't get more decadent (well it does but when you're in the midst of school holidays and haven't gone away and are trying to juggle children and work - this is pure heaven).  I am may even put a frock on for the occasion. 

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22 comentarios:

  1. Love espas! Toms have some great ones with &otherstories launched today, I have ordered the little boots. Also (wide field here) you can MAKE some at Wool and the gang with a kit - (deafening silence!) you can choose own colour!

    1. You lost me at the "make them" bit.. I cannot see that being a success in my book!!!

  2. Ahhhh, espadrilles. I almost bought the Kurt Geiger Pierres (in cream) the other day, but couldn't do it. At £150 I just didn't love them enough and TBH wasn't too keen on the studded sole. I still love an espadrille though and have a few pairs - flat black & white striped soludos, black wedges and navy glittery ones with orange leather toe caps (Boden, last season). I thought I was sorted in the espadrille department, but the bronze Air & Grace ones above are completely lush and holler 'Summer Holidays". Maybe one more pair...

    1. They're fabulous aren't they? Gosh you're sorted although - the A&G ones are pretty special...

  3. Brings back holiday nostalgia, we used to buy them in France for next to nothing. I vividly remember a pair in white with touches of blue and laces. I hadn't really considered them, but may be tempted....
    Although they will only be worn on the driest/warmest of days as our garden is a bit of a muddy patch, especially as we haven't yet got around to doing paths etc around it!

    1. Most of them nowadays do have a pretty sturdy sole! And if you got leather ones... just saying....

  4. They remind me of holidays in France, too. I did have some heeled ones in the 90s that fell apart on holiday to Berlin, not perhaps for much walking around! I love your outfit, the boots and biker with the m&s dress look great. Easing into spring sounds good to me, it's not actually that warm yet...

    1. Very gently here (back in the leather leggings!!)

  5. Dying to hear your answer to the early morning question, ha ha! Kate X

    1. I referred it to the husband. The 10yr old appears to have forgotten (until he gets back to school though, I'm sure!)

  6. I bought some the other day from &other. They are slip on, black suede, flatform and quite simple. You'd probably like them. I'm looking forward to wearing them when it warms up again! I think they'll be acceptable for work.

    Not sure if the link will work:

  7. I like espadrilles! I just bought a khaki suede heeled pair from Gap, and I have a regular thick-soled pair in nay from KG from last year. I need some support in my shoes even in summer so these fit the bill. I could invest in a bright coloured pair if I was pressed this season...

    Love the M&S dress!

    1. They also will be doing the A&G in a leopard with multi coloured pompom ties... YUM!

  8. those are pretty neat pairs of sandals, just bought new ones in this link: https://ownthelooks.com/

  9. Love them but not sure at that price as they do fall apart (terrible flashbacks of bucketing rain and total orange espadrille shoe collapse). Comfy though and definitely say summer!

    1. They're like different shoes these days. Most have proper soles unlike in days gone past!

  10. Love the wedge ankle tie variety so looks like a pair of navy Castañer ones are in my future 😊

  11. I used to love Espadrilles but yes, about 30 years ago! I'm not sure they're too practical but can look nice if worn with the right thing. I think I would choose the UGG wedges because I'm so small. I probably wouldn't have classed these as traditional espadrilles - probably why I like them!

    1. I LOVE them but being tall they're way too high for me!!!