My annual attempt to find the unfindable.

To be fair, it could be one of two things.  Both footwear, both sandals.  The elusive, the rocking horse poo, the totally untrackdownable... tan flat sandals or nude heels.

Going for the latter today and when I say nude heels, I am NOT talking about Kate Pumps.  As in the patent nude shoe that HRH favours and I would rather poke forks in my eyes than wear.  Ok so that's a slight understatement and I'm positive it's the elements of a mid life crisis rearing its ugly head, but I put a pair on and I feel as if someone has slapped a middle aged sticker slap bang in my forehead.  There really is absolutely nothing wrong with them at all but you know when something in your head becomes the dragon that it really really isn't?  For me - it's a nude patent pump.  (although randomly I adore a flat pair which is probably someone else's bete noir, it really is a very personal thing.  I'm so sorry poor nude heels!).

Don't get me wrong - I am middle aged.  I'm 44 and I don't mind being 44 I really don't.  But to me - the Kate Pump, reminds me of why I started this blog.  It epitomises what the high street used to think we wanted to wear at 44.  Along with a floral A line skirt that finished somewhere very very bad on the leg and a twinset.  At the weekend we should don unflattering jeans, some sort of mule and a fleece.  Topped off with a gilet or an anorak.  Kill. Me.  Now. 

So whilst there's nothing wrong with a nude pump, they became for me, an unwitting symbol of all that was wrong with the high street for a certain age bracket of women.  And the thinking that that was they wanted to wear. 

I do think times are changing, I think the media and retailers are waking up to the fact that we would still like to wear a strappy, vertiginous heel sandal and are still wanting to follow treands, as oppose to dressing like our mothers did 30 years ago.

The poor pump is the poster girl for my stance against how retailers used to think we should dress at 40.  However things are getting better for sure.  Without a shadow of a doubt the world had woken up and realised that 40 is at the very least the new 30.

We don't turn into a pumpkin at 40, we are just starting to get going.  With that, we need killer heels (amongst other things) and there is nothing more useful and versatile than a nude version.  

Therefore it seems an obvious place to start at Aquazzura with their aptly named sandal. 

Oh and I have covered all budgets here because frankly I'm desperate and it's Friday.  Plus I have been looking for a pair of these for years and have had zero success.  So I have upped the budget to ludicrous levels (I'll give you a clue - it doesn't make any difference).  They would have to be perfect - utterly perfect to spend top dollar.  And essentially I want the Isabel Marant Lelie Sandals from a few years ago.  I have wanted them for forever and nothing else has come close.  This is going to be a challenge... Here is a pic of the Lelies.

Back in the room though, with the aforementioned Aquazzuras.

Aquazzura Sexy Thing suede sandals £390  Ok you've got me.  I would buy them purely on that basis that they're MAGIC shoes and will turn me into Cindy Crawford immediately.  IF they would, as they should with that name.

Of course you could always get these one for a fraction of the price from Shoeaholics... oh hello.  And not in my size.  DANG IT.

Hattie by Kurt Geiger were £120 now £24.99

Or a wild thing - yes I could go with being a wild thing (so long as I didn't have to stay out too late - they're shoes, not a wand from Hogwarts). 

Wild Thing Suede Fringed Sandals from Aquazzura £490

And I know I have seen some really similar to those above - although I fear it may have been in red (which I have to say is also on my wishlist - to revisit shortly!)

In the meantime though, moving on to Sophia Webster.  And a price I'd rather not pay.

Rosalind crystal-heel satin sandals from Sophia Webster £395

But fear not, ok so there's no bling heel but I'm not going to lie - that doesn't really do anything for me anyway.  These have got to be worth a try, surely?

Missguided Barely There Sandals £25

The addition of a bit of bling (which I have to say I actually prefer to the crystal heel!) and these come in about 6 different colourways on Yoox (which yes I have discovered again and yes I have lost hours of my life to in the past couple of days thanks to someone who reminded me of it on the clogs blog!) 

Bibi Lou Sandals were £95 now £58

Or a two part barely there version from Glamourous at ASOS. 

Glamorous Nude Patent Two Part Nude Sandals £22.99

Plaited Strappy Heels from Lipsy £65

More coverage again at Shoeaholics from Michael Kors. 

Mirabel Sandal Michael Kors was £155 now £59

Full on coverage now and I have to say - thinking back to my glove Balenciaga sandals of last year, this style I really do like. 

Vic Matie Sandals from Yoox were £181 now £54

Paring back slightly now at Shoeaholics again. 

Sara Miss KG Nude Sandals were £75 now £49

Aris Dark Blush Metal Detail Sandals from Reiss £155

Whistles Hyde Sandals in Nude £155

Did I find any that I loved?  Now here's the thing.  I upped the budget.  As I said, for a laugh, I imagined that there wasn't a budget.  

And do you know what I came away with.  A pair for £60.  These I actually love more than any of the Valentino pairs.  I just hope they work in the flesh. 

Carvela Gloss Tan Sandals were £139 now £59

And finishing with an outfit that would work perfectly with any of the above sandals.  And those shoes with my 8yr old De Manta tan clutch?  Well...

This was last night for dinner out with the girls.

Leopard blouse - Lily & Lionel
Crossover trousers - ASOS White
Glove black sandals - Balenciaga
Earrings - H&M
De Manta tan clutch - Alexander McQueen 

Other outfit from yesterday - early start and day of meetings in London. 

Slogan tee - Isabel Marant
Black leather skirt - M&S
Black Military jacket - Zara
Red boots - Topshop
Black grab bag - Gucci

Ridiculously looking forward to the weekend - especially tomorrow night, big 40th for one of my very good friends.  What to wear, what to wear?  

What I have realised, looking at my wardrobe and some big events that I've got coming up this Summer, nude sandals are one thing.  But there is another pair of shoes that I just can't stop thinking about.  All will be revealed shortly.

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12 comentarios:

  1. Kat, I love this and you are so right. Love your blog, because I'm not ready for a fleece and terrible jeans either!!!

    My sister is struggling to find a mother of the bride outfit for her daughters wedding this summer. She's just 50 and is a size 16/18. OMG! The outfit options with a sleeve is hard to find without spending a fortune. Terrible. Think separates might be the option! Any top tips?!

    1. Separates could definitely be an option. I would suggest possibly keeping the outfit plain and going larger with the accessories? What sort of thing is she after?

  2. I'm thinking that we should be grateful for the image of fleece/ twinset wearing middle aged woman - it gave us your blog!
    Must admit I do own a fleece, but it is only (and I stress the only) used for gardening when I know I'm going to end up dirty. So it never gets seen on the other side of our 5 foot hedge!
    As for the Kate pumps (I dislike the term pumps for heels - pumps are what I wore for PE in school), I do actually own a pair, I don't wear heels very much at all, almost never in fact, and I was seduced by the fact that they go with everything, and they elongate my short legs way more than any other colour (they cost about £20 from M&S about 10yrs ago, so owe me nothing).I wouldn't mind a pair that are a bit more edgy, but shoes rather than sandals, and maybe with heels not quite so high (help needed, Kat). Oh and they need to be classic enough not to look out of date within a few years - I get the feeling I'll be looking for a while!

    1. There really is nothing wrong at all with a heeled court shoe, I own them myself! I think it's more the fact there are SO many amazing shoes out there yet it seems to be these that were deemed "suitable" for women of a certain age (and poor Kate isn't anywhere near "that" age although she does have a level of demureness which is appropriate for her role but not necessarily age appropriate I personally feel. Although she's been nailing it in recent months, that's for sure - there's definitely been a change in the direction of the wind!)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You've just perfectly summed up my fears for middle-aged dressing. I like to call it 'Woman at Per Una' which occasionally morphs into 'Mad Art Lady'. Another fear is what my daughter calls 'teacher trousers' which are the black bootcut, slightly shapeless sort. Eeek. Loving the blog! x

    1. Awwwww I know exactly what you mean! It's a very very very thin line isn't it??? BUT at least we have sooooo many options available to us than we did even just a couple of years ago!

  5. I will say, one of my FAVE pairs of shoe boots are from LK Bennett - I've had them for five years now and they are one of my favourite favourite pairs of shoes! I''m not "great" with a court shoe anyway - they scare me - so I do just tend to avoid. Unless they're super pointy. I LOVE a pointy shoe. It's just horses for courses and one man's meat and all that. I think 100% it also depends what you wear them, where you're wearing them and whether you're comfortable in them!

  6. I found a brilliant pair of strapped, buckled sandals in a beige/grey suedette with a chunky wooden effect heel from New Look last week, just waiting to wear now! You need to buy when you find something because the good stuff doesn't hang around.

    1. Oh they sound amazing. NewLook have some gems every now and again!

  7. Have you seen the Boden Octavia Sandals and also the Eleanor Woven Heel? Not cheap, but there is 25% off today.

    1. ooh no I haven't - I'm on it, thank you!!