A duvet day

But not in the way that you think.  First up, can I say how much I love a duvet day.  I have an inner sloth that rears its head at any opportune moment.  I could happily spend all day in my jamas - either on the bed (I will say I don't like being IN the bed, I'm not a complete slob - just a bit of one..) or on the sofa, candle lit, coffee on tap.  

And sometimes I would love to go out in something as comfortable as a duvet.  If I could get away with wearing my jamas underneath which no one could see, well that would be a double whammy.   This is for Sundays, for days during the week where I don't have to go to London and I have pilates, dog walking, working from home and normally a trip to the supermarket.  Yes that will be ALL the glamour required.  Don't get me wrong - some days I don't mind.  I do tend do exercise, dog walk in my gym gear and then get changed.  Like today.  I took advantage of the milder, dry weather to wear a very comfortable and easy outfit. 

But come the weekend.. when it's supposed to SNOW!  All. Bets. Off.  It's practical with a capital P.  I need to wear layers.com and then something on top that will protect me from the elements.   And ideally - will be something akin to as warm and comfy as a duvet. 

A parka is what I usually wear but I'm not sure how I have got to the age of 44 without a full on long line puffa.  

So there some classic styles that you can get - first up, I would definitely head to Uniqlo where they handily have some offers in.  I buy my boys the children's (funnily enough..) versions every year and they're superb.

Women Seamless Down Long Coat in Navy was £129.90 now £99.90

Then it's harder to get fully long when you are an Avatar.  However ASOS Tall have come to the rescue. 

ASOS Tall Longline Puffer Coat was £65 now £45.50

However if you're not Gulliver then a normal length one will no doubt be absolutely fine for you. 

ASOS Longline Puffer Coat was £65 now £45.50

Another version at La Redoute and now in their early sale.  I love the popper detailing at the side.  Perfect if you're striding out on a dog walk (or any form of walk - you don't need a dog to do striding..).

Long puffer padded coat from La Redoute was £115 now £69

For many though, the perfect length is going to be midi.  As I would think you do want your bum covered (cold arse anyone??) and we are going for the practical stance in this post. 

Classic again at Unqilo in black was £109.90 now £89.90

Also in grey.  They also have it in navy and a purple shade.

ASOS Midi Puffer Coat £70

Shorter again at La Redoute and this time reversible.  

Oversized reversible padded puffer jacket was £99 now £59.40  One shiny, one matte side.

Then we come on to some versions that aren't quite your usual puffa.  A Quilted coat with a bit of attitude.  This one from ASOS I simply love (although I do fear that it would be midi on me..)

ASOS White Oversized Quilted Coat in Matte Fabric £110

Blue with a collar that speaks for itself.  It's the little extras that sometimes make a more reasonable coat look so much more expensive.

Large Collar Padded Coat from M&S £79

Extra detailing on the collar again at House of Fraser with James Lakeland.

The Alissia Puffa Coat was £299 now £199

More detailing on the hood - this time with faux fur. 

Biba Longline Hooded Puffer Coat in Mustard £149

And in two more shades at Label Lab. 

Shay Longline Puffer Parka £149 in black 

Or the khaki... again £149

However when it comes to oversized and warm and pretty much exactly like wearing a duvet... call off the dogs.  You may laugh (I'm torn between giggling and being ridiculously impressed and it's definitely veering towards the latter). 

Khaki Ashish Sleeping Bag Puffer Coat from River Island from the River Island Design Forum £180

And finally finishing with a couple of shorter numbers.  I have one of those that I was given by Ilse Jacobsen five years ago and it is still going strong.  Fantastic for wearing on its own when you don't need something heavy but great for layering under other coats as they're so lightweight and offer superb warmth. 

So if you don't feel like doing the full puffa monty - these a great option to add warmth to under your usual coat.

Ultra Light Down Jacket from Uniqlo £59.90 in grey 

ColdControl Lite Puffer Jacket in Black from Gap £84.95  Also available in Tall & Petite 

I also love it in this shade of blue £84.95- blue uniform it's called.

And at M&S in 9 different colours. 

Padded Down & Feather Jacket with Stormwear in Sage from M&S Collection £49.50

However here I am today with NO coat!  


Jumper - Orwell + Austen (aw15)
Trousers and Tux Jacket - M&S (from collaboration - in store now)
Half Moon Bag - APC (ss16)
Superstar Sneakers - Golden Goose (ss14)

Ok so admittedly I wasn't really outdoors at all (yes I did have a parka on for dog walking earlier) - a trip to get another Christmas tree and some more decorations.  We are doing festive large this year.  The husband doesn't know yet.. he's due back any minute and I'm pretty sure I might have neglected to run by him the moving of a lot of furniture so we could get a tree in the hallway.  I have visions of singing Christmas Carols in the hallway like a Hollywood film (in admittedly a LOT smaller hallway.. details schmetails).  I fear I may be the only one partaking of this vision... 

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  1. I tried the Uniqlo midi version, but at 5ft 6 it was almost down to my knees! And the shorter one was just below the waist (as it looks). So the hunt continues for a non-bulky, bum-covering one! I do have a short one from Columbia, which is fab - it has a silver lining that reflects your own body heat, so it can be really warm without be massively thick. I'm on my second one of those, can't speak highly enough.

    1. Hmmm the problem is that I think most of the puffa are super puffery... The super lightweight ones I think I've only seen at Uniqlo BUT I haven't looked that much for one to be honest... good luck with the hunt!

      OOH actually I say that - but my Ilse Jacobsen one is super thin and meant to be worn as a layer. But it's only a short one - not a longline version...

  2. I got a long one from Esprit last winter, im 5'10 and its a great length. I LOVE it. The only downside to these coats though is that its never really cold enough to get the full benefit and I usually end up uncomfortably hot in mine unless I wear something underneath that usually renders me freezing whenever I get to where im going and have to take the coat off!!

    1. This is very true. Although I will say standing on a rugby pitch for 5hours in a tournament - I think these would be fine! It's when you start to do anything energetic - ie move - they can be on the warm side!!!

  3. Zara always seem to have really good quality puffa coats/jackets. I love them but if I glimpse myself walking past a mirror I can’t get away from the fact that I look like a lagged hot water tank.

    1. I was talking to a friend about this the other day and I said that but she said this year they're all slightly random? I will admit I haven't looked - Zara used to be my first port of call for EVERYTHING but the prices have gone up, the quality has gone down and anything lovely is so so so ubiquitous. But I do love love my over the knee boots... and I also think their aviator jacket in brown is divine (and sold out in large sizes.. OBVS!)

  4. I love a duvet day! This morning I woke before the alarm and totally enjoyed I had 15 minutes of cosy-ness under the covers. You know that level of warmth when you are really toasty without it being too much! Jusr half a degree warmer and I would have been too warm!
    Loving your tux, so stylish, yet not OOT.
    I tend to overheat in a proper down filled puffa, and I haven't yet started on the hot flushes! I have been looking at the short ones front Uniqlo for a while now, for some reason I can't get past the looking stage. I get through the winter with fleece lined raincoats/parkers and if or when the big freeze comes I've got a none down puffa that gets dragged out of retirement for a day or two!

    1. I think if anyone can justify a new coat it's someone living in Scandinavia!

  5. Love, love, love your outfit. I am almost always cold so saw this blog and thought yay, this is the one for me :-( although it's been mild here the last few days so I've enjoyed not wearing boots with two pairs of socks. I have a proper north face duvet coat which is shaped at the waist and has a waterproof top layer should I be able to find it and attach it. It's pretty thin and I love it. BUT, it's ancient and last year I started looking for a replacement. Still looking :-) I think it's because there are other things I'd like to spend my money on. Like sparkly anything! xx

    1. That's the problem isn't it - it's trying to find something that's practical that you also love to wear... as opposed to blowing the budget on taxi shoes for that one party you've got!!

  6. Splashed out on a Polo RL one from HoF in their dicount sale 2 weeks ago, could have bought a decent dress for the price but its been worn daily since so figuring it'll earn its price by the end of winter, also unsure how i've lasted so long without one of them!

    1. Exactly! As I said above - it's finding that practical jacket that you love wearing - then you don't mind splashing out on it!


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