An all year round wonder.

The skirt.  I'm not sure I've done one of these for a while and seeing as they're currently my favourite squeeze, today I am looking at skirts. 

I'm also going to mention another S word.. .don't all hate me.. SPRING.  Yes we're only a couple of weeks into Winter and we haven't even done the whole C thing yet (5 more sleeps - ARGH!) but I'm already starting to think about what we'll be wearing in the coming months. 

I should point out that this is obviously a total procrastination ruse to not think about the PILES of stuff I should be doing right now.  Suffice to say there are things I need to plan as I'm not sure how the family will feel about playing freezer roulette on Christmas Day... and let's face it - there's nothing that I look forward to as much as the Christmas supermarket shop.  And before anyone says - no I don't do it online.  Have done that too often over the years and have either had a woeful substitution (although nothing as good as the anecdote someone put on one of my Insta posts - her friend who was sent Turkey Twizzlers as a sub for her actual Turkey.  HA HA HA) or I forget to put something on, so I STILL end up having to go endure the torture that is a festive food shop. 

No, these skirts will definitely take you into Spring.  And they will work now.  As I discovered the last couple of days when I wore two lighter weight skirts with knitwear instead of tees and I think they looked amazing.  Though I do say so myself.  You know when you put something on and it just feels right.  YES YES YES - it happens sometimes and it makes you feel so good. 

SO skirts it is.  Wear now with knitwear, wear into the Spring with tees.  I'm going to just throw in tights as being optional.  I have to say I went barelegged in both of mine but I wasn't really outside for very long if I'm honest.  Do you not find that even in the Winter - there are days when sometimes you're just not hanging about that much?  Ok so the odd 10 mins on a platform but I do find that a scarf up top sort of counter balances the chilly ankles.  I appreciate this may just be me so feel free to don the hosiery. 

Without further ado, let's get skirt shopping (will also just throw in that these also look amazing with heels and a silk shirt.. just in case anyone was wondering if they work for the evening, oh yes they do).

Spotted Hanky Hem Skirt from Topshop £36

Asymmetric Self Jacquard Skirt from Topshop £42

Black and gold maxi at & Other Stories £69

Monochrome number from Topshop. 

Side Stitch A Line Skirt from Boutique at Topshop £69

And how I love the leather versions.

Black leather at Topshop - Step Hem Leather Skirt by Boutique £160

Leather in cobalt blue at Boutique at Topshop £160

Leather look in a different shape at ASOS. 

ASOS leather look in burgundy £48

Navy Satin Midi Skirt by Boutique at Topshop £75

Then there are the more summery ones. 

Sacred Hawk Wrap Front Maxi Skirt £38

Back to the asymmetric hem in an unusual sweatshirt fabric.

ASOS White Sweat A Line Skirt £45

Floral at Anthropologie 

Farm Rio Yolanda Maxi Skirt £148

Shorter print in monochrome moons and stars tiers at Monki £30

But possibly my favourite... 

Coralie Tulle Skirt from Anthropologie £148

So here are the last couple of days and me loving all the skirts.  Well two of them.  And the eagle eyed amongst you will be more than aware these are all of the midi/maxi length.  I have definitely not forgotten those of you who favour a shorter number - you have your very own blog coming up in the next couple of days.  With absolutely NOTHING longer than knee length.  There are some gems, I promise.


Jumper - Orwell + Austen (aw16)
Leopard Print Skirt - Zara (7yrs ago)
Flutter Sneakers - Air & Grace (gift this season)
Jacket - Ted Baker (c/o photo shoot with them this season)
Sunglasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive (this season)
Tools Bag - Balenciaga (aw16)

And this is me in the Cotswolds for our work Christmas Party (all my merry counterparts from Gleam Futures).  We all stayed at The Lygon Arms which is completely and utterly divine, Bobby Brown were on hand to do our make up, followed by dinner, dancing and a lot of cocktails. 

So many cocktails that I completely neglected to have my photograph taken.  WHAT?!  So, I shall be rewearing the outfit for New Year's Eve.  Total result. 

This is what I wore during the day - another old favourite of a skirt, amazing makeup and hair which I had cut at 8am in the morning!  Managed to tie in my hair cut (I have had the same hairdresser for four years who cuts my hair at home - not colour - I put that in the capable hands of the wonderful Mads at Josh Wood) with the party.  Therefore I had the perfect blow dry.  Nothing to do with my handiwork.


Jumper - Bella Freud from Matches (sale this season)
The Big Skirt - La DoubleJ (sale ss17)

So we've been on our annual ice skating escapade this evening followed by Yo Sushi which was all rather lovely but I feel HORRENDOUS.  My throat hurts, my head is killing me, I feel like I'm about to keel over.  Tomorrow I have two meetings and a lunch with my oldest friends which I can't miss but I think it will be a swift one.  The law of all the sod.....

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10 comentarios:

  1. I broke with my usual shorter skirts and ordered the emerald green bejewelled tulle maxi from Mango last night, intending to wear it on Christmas day, perhaps with plain black cashmere sweater. Kicking myself now though because I forgot to order it with my 30% code - may have to call customer services tomorrow to see if they'll apply retrospectively. Anyone had this with Mango? Boden have accommodated me in the past (I seem to make a habit of forgetting to apply my codes) so hoping Mango do too. BTW, love that Orwell and Austen sweater - gutted I missed out on that one.

    1. I’ve never thought to do this.. I usually go to the laborious task of just re ordering and sending back the original (or the one that comes that was reduced on the first receipt.. so long as they’re the identical item!).

      And how have I not seen a green jewelled skirt?! This sounds all sorts of awesome!


    Just checked Mango's website and the skirt's gone down to £39.99 (from £59.99) so now I'm going to have to re-order it altogether. Hope at least one of them arrives before Christmas!

  3. I've seen a gorgeous navy skirt, on the Boden preview for next season, with a frilly wrap (a little like the ganni polka one as far as the cut goes), I'm torn between "yes I need this!" and "no I don't wear skirts enough!".
    But this would work with boots now and sneakers or brogues later which might mean I would wear it more, or not... I can't decide...

    1. It’s probably one of those things you need to order to get out of your system or to see if it works?

      I do think that it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut of the same style, whereas with a tweak here or there without reinventing the wheel, you can get a whole new look... wearing chunky boots with a skirt for example... or instead of wide leg trousers, a skirt!!!

    2. At the moment I have the skirt in my basket as well as a long sleeved breton with "ooh la la" written in sequins. I'll have to wait until the end of February to see what I think though!

  4. OOOH quite fancy that green skirt - with a chunky jumper. Worried that as a 60 year old I might look a bit whatever happened to baby jae in it though - will ponder! Wish it came in petite

    1. Go for it! Sounds great, and if you get it and feel uncomfortable you can always send it back...

  5. I think you live in the same town as me and I'm desperate for a home hairdresser as I can't get out. Can you email the details pretty please?