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So it has occurred to me that there is one item (ok so as I type here, I can think of many but for the purposes of this blog we are talking this "one" item..) that you can rely on come Winter and Summer to save your outfit bacon.  One thing that can elevate a normal outfit into something that little bit more special. 

All hail the Statement Jacket.  You can throw this over a plain tee and jeans and suddenly you're Christmas drinks ready.  A plain silk blouse and trousers can be transformed into Party Queen - or at the very least you will look like you've made a real effort.  Whilst still feeling yourself.  If you're not a dress person - and especially ones that are pushed at this time of year which are often very dressy, usually figure hugging and perhaps not the most versatile when it comes to wearing them again - then these could be the option for you. 

Now I have done a post on sequin versions a couple of weeks ago here but there are definitely other embroidered, velvet and textured to add into the mix.  Plus I bet there's more bling out there too. 

Starting with ones that they will definitely see you coming in - but fear not, I have found a fair few that demonstrate less if more.. 

First up, one I saw online at River Island - this is ideal if you don't like sequins but do want something with more of a festive feel to it.   Although to be fair if you think sequins are a bit much, this will probably have you running for the hills.  Maybe this is for those who want sequins on speed?  Personally I would dress this down with jeans.  But then I'm not usually an over dressed person.  I like to add a bit of bling as opposed to wearing it head to foot.  Only because I'm a wimp.

Black RI Studio fringe embellished jacket £85

Staying with all things super statement now at ASOS. 

ASOS Pearl Embellished Jacket £95

Lilian Jacket at Boden was £300 now £270

Pink three quarter sleeve fringe jacket from River Island £60

And then ignore the trousers below - statement blazers are the perfect option if a normal blazer is the jacket of your choice on a day to day basis.  I always think a great tip on how to feel comfortable if dressing up is out of your usual comfort zone, is to find a version of your usual uniform in a different fabric, texture or colour. 

Black and gold jacquard blazer from River Island £70

Jacquard Party Blazer at Boden was £170 now £136

A quick sequin fest but in a classic blazer shape.

Sequin Embellished Blazer from River Island £68

Blazers again at Boden and we're moving onto VELVET!  And one that you could easily wear into the Summer with a tee or fine knit jumper underneath.  Crown optional.

Velvet Emilia Blazer was £140 now £112

Velvet in a different shape at The Outnet.  Again, one that has Spring written all over it. 

Uta printed velvet jacket from Isabel Marant was £365 now £189

Orrr how about a velvet tux.  From, yes, Missguided.  It's always worth a trawl through the billions of random cut out, cropped and high shine numbers to find the odd gem.

Premium Black Velvet and Satin Tux Jacket from Missguided £45  Now... it also says you can get 50% off this item with the code DISCODIVA so fingers crossed  They do often do these random codes.  That's how I got my much commented on (positively) hooded tiger sweatshirt for half price.  I was just looking online one day and the code popped up on the item.  It hadn't been there the day before or wasn't there the day after.

Burgundy velvet also at Missguided and again, it does seem to be that you might be able to use the code DISCODIVA for 50% off.  Also comes in black and a nude/champagne colour.  It also has matching shorts.  They didn't quite make the post but knock yourself out if they're your thang...

Burgundy velvet military blazer £35

Velvet Blazer from Topshop £120  I could not love the colour of this more.  Sublime with denim, the perfect contrast with black and an amazing shade to take you into the Spring with a white tee underneath.

Cropped velvet at Topshop £45

And again at Topshop - a slouch midnight blazer.  This is perfection and everything I would personally want in a party jacket. 

Slouch Velvet Jacket from Topshop £49

However I've saved the best to last.  It's statement with a small s.  Subtle but dressy.  THIS is the one I would be getting.  Although I have to say the two velvet blazers from Topshop are edging their way onto the podium.

Vero Moda Jacket with Fluted Sleeves £50

Are you a fan of the statement jacket?  I find them infinitely useful for those occasions when you really don't know what to wear and don't know whether to under dress or over dress.  We could call them the Goldilocks option in your wardrobe.   They also usually layer under heavier coats.  Speaking of which - how did everyone get on with the aviator jacket?  I thought I was OVER them until I saw someone last week in what looked like it should have been from Acne or Dries Van Noten and it was a faux one from MONKI!  

So I had said I wasn't going to put anything clotheswise on my Christmas list but honestly, I think I am in love with this coat. 

Speaking of coats that make a statement - this is actually from last Sunday.  Today was the 2yr anniversary of my mum passing away so we did rugby (was really lovely to catch up with friends actually) but I have then come back, put the tree up and totally forgot to take a photo.  I will say I am wearing essentially this though, except I had a parka on instead of the faux sheepskin.  This is classic Sunday rugby fare.


Coated skinnies - New Look (aw15)
Faux patchwork sheepskin - Topshop (aw14)
Boots - Seven Boot Lane (gift new season)
Hat and scarf - Black (gift new season)
Tools Bag - Balenciaga (aw16)

We are going to have a lovely evening watching a movie - the husband is cooking dinner (YES!) and I NEEEEEEEEEEEED to start properly thinking about Christmas presents.  The tree is up, the children no longer believe in Santa *weeps* so I reckon I can start putting their presents wrapped under the tree?  What do you do?  As much as a small part of me died when I realised the Santa era was over, there was another part of me that was giddy at not having to hide presents (badly... and then explain how I came to have the gift that Santa was going to bring them - blah blah blah...!).   All ideas gratefully received. 

And for everyone who has asked for warmer coats and jackets - they're on the way.  As, I believe, so is the snow at the end of the week. EEK.

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7 comentarios:

  1. I love a statement jacket! Food for thought here...
    As for putting the presents under the tree already, could they be tempted to have a peek? I was cured of wanting to look for my presents the year I 'stumbled across' a hideous track suit, and spent ages practicing a happy face for when I unwrapped it on Xmas day! Luckily for me, my older sister was the recipient, and she loved it. I had a major sigh of relief and never wanted to look again!

    1. Ha ha ha!!! I think I’ll just put a code on them so they don’t know who they’re for....

  2. Sequinned jackets in lidl today and mohair jumpers - all boxed bargain ! 9.99 - 19.99 ��

  3. Nooooo santa or no santa, it's still exciting for them to ARRIVE as if by magic overnight on Xmas eve. Hide those babies away until the last minute!!!

  4. My mom used to put a code on our gifts, too...very often a tiny initial hidden in the details of the paper and every now and then she couldn't find it so someone had to open it so she could tell whose gift it really was! The regular gifts were always under the tree before Christmas, but Santa always brought one thing while we were younger and he filled our stockings until we moved out of the house.

    Contemplating the last jacket...did the size guide online and it came up with "71% of people like you did not return a size small" BUT the model is also wearing a small and she is only 5'5" and I am 5'10"...what would you suggest as I won't be able to afford to send it back (from Japan) if it doesn't fit!