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Ok so seemingly gone are the days when we all had to try and stay sober until midnight on Christmas Day so we could get cracking super early on the Boxing Day sales.... 

Oh no.  The sales have started.  Like properly started.  As in, you can get things for Christmas, as opposed to starting a bit.. but really starting on the 23rd so you haven't got time for it be delivered. 

GO FORTH AND START SHOPPING.  For yourself.  As I'm going large (on the wish list).  This is the luxury sales shop.  My birthday is handily in January which, as I'm typing this means absolutely diddly squat as.. well... Happy Christmas to me.  I will also say that I have heard the husband mention both a Kitchen Aid and Personal Training sessions for Christmas.  I'm just going to leave that there.  I know that some people would absolutely LOVE those.  Horses for courses but suffice to say, they're not top of my wishlist, nor do they feature vaguely near the top.  Or on it all, to be honest....

However, useful they would be and obviously I would be incredibly grateful for any gift received. 

But in the meantime, I shall just be doing a little bit of wishlist making on the side, just in case. 

Starting with the trainers that I honestly, honestly thought I would go off over the years.  But haven't.  I first bought mine in the sale from a website that doesn't even exist any more and have worn them pretty much every week for the past 3 years. 

I'm in for a pair of hi tops. 

These aren't in my size...DANG IT.

Golden Goose Francy Hi Tops were £310 now £248

Hmm the metallic green leather? Were £310 now £217

However it's definitely a toss up between these two.

White Red Glitter Francy Hi Tops from Golden Goose was £325 now £228

Golden Goose Francy Hi Tops were £328 now £228

Sophia Webster Riko Boots from Browns Fashion were £595 now £397

Shoooooos.  I have the Zara version of these from last year (actually they're a bit different and they were £70 from there!).

ATP Atelier Anzi mules were £230 now £138

OMG OMG OMG These shoes.... I love them.  I would never ever EVER wear them.  I would want to wear them, I would put them on, I would feel like a tosser and I would take the off.  And stroke them and talk to them and love them from afar.  But as for wearing them?  Nope. I know I wouldn't.  I have bought ones like this and tried.  I can't make them work *weeps*.  (but this is my leopard dress - sold out, sorry - and genius new way to wear it).

Dorateymur Black Patent Leather Galaxy 70 Mules were £340 now £204

Then there are the bags...

Saddle leather and suede DVF clutch was £174 now £121

Classic black from APC Diane Leather Cross Body Bag was £375 now £262

Monochrome magic at DVF in the sale - was £534 now £320

Feeling the jumper love. 

Molly Goddard Jim Striped Jumper was £140 now £84

Classic grey at Lot78 was £220 now £110

And a skirt which would be perfect now and pay for itself come the Spring.
Ganni Glenmore Floral Print Skirt from Browns was £210 now £126

And then THE DRESSES!!!  So I am not in need of a dress.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  I actually have one very similar to this from & Other Stories last year.  Except that I believe I was going through a v thin phase and if you so much as eat a pea in normal weight times you can see it.  Hence I have worn it the sum total of once... but it's reminded me how much I love it.  Hmm maybe I can shoehorn myself into it for New Year.  Isn't that what Spanx are for?  And dim lighting?

Ganni Duvallace Lace Midi was £235 now £141

Thinking forward to Spring.. 

Leclaire print cotton blend wrap dress from DVF was £228 now £136

And then one I just LOVE (do not need do not need do not need...).

Striped silk shirtdress from DVF was £414 now £248

But finishing with my favourites.  Perfection in a jumper and could anything be more appropriate? 

Fashion wool sweater from Bella Freud was £290 now £174  BUT BUT I've just seen on the Net A Porter sale it's 50% off at £145...

And the classic black... was £290 now £203

So I need to stop looking as my boys are FIGHTING upstairs as I type (seriously - how hard is it to stay out of each other's bedrooms?  I shouldn't really moan as, compared to some, I'm lead to believe they don't really fight that much at all so I am belly aching on for nothing), I went to sort them out earlier and the dog ate my dinner.  Which wasn't a dinner so much as a treat of one of those boxes of party food that I love, washed down with a mini bottle of prosecco (that she didn't drink...!!).   But I was soo looking forward to it and now I am on poor dog diarrhoea watch for the night and I need to STOP looking at the sales otherwise I won't be held responsible for what I order.  

But you must share if you get anything...pretty please?! 

Here's what I wore today - still crushing on the navy and the leopard.


Navy and white polo neck - Rue de Femme (gift new season)
Navy blazer - Zara (ss17)
Navy sweatshirt - FWP by Rae (gift new season) 
Navy wide leg trousers - M&S (new season)
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose (sale ss15 - or it may have been ss14..)
Leopard Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends (gift ss17)

I am now on the hunt for presents for the husband.  The children are 99% sorted and I've even wrapped them which is the first miracle of Christmas for years.  Any ideas for bigger presents for the husband very gratefully received.  He wants a loop pedal or something but I'd like to get him a surprise... maybe I *should* just have another look at the sales... I haven't looked at the Net sale yet (someone stop me).

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12 comentarios:

  1. Got some Gucci Marmont loafers, now thinking did I really do that!?!

    So talk me down, please!

    Sorry the dog ate your tea, but welcome to dog ownership lol! Can't put anything down or the little cherub will make off with it 😁 wouldn't be without a dog in the house though!

    1. Thought I was going to get the gold ones, but the silver ones were lovely too.

      In the end came down to the silver as they had those in my size, I had to size down as they come up big. They are bloomin' gorgeous, and with a decent discount too.

      Had to laugh to myself when the girl said 'they are both a neutral' as that sounds like something I'd say to my OH or could imagine your good self saying 😉


  2. I would love a Chloe Marcie bag but small children keep eating into my handbag fund! Any tips for a look alike? Love your blog and insta stories. Thank you

    1. Have a look at the See By Chloe bags. They are amazing this season and I’m sure they’re in the sale now..

  3. Does he travel? I have treated mine to a cabin sized suitcase from Maxwell & Scott. https://www.maxwellscottbags.com/products/piazzale-wheeled-leather-trolley-case.html

    1. Aha! He doesn’t travel suitcase enough but I did buy him a Mulberry Travel bag last year! I’m thinking belt....

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nooo! I'm not even looking at the sales as I know I'll get sucked into something which is obviously a HUGE bargain but almost identical to something I already own (and in all probability never even wear).
    I've bought my husband a fitbit Blaze - he will appreciate its fitness tracker properties, I just want to be able to wave it in his face and say "See! You've slept for 11 hours in the past 24!" (He is a massive sleeper/denier of being a massive sleeper). He also has a cashmere sweater, because he has come to expect luxury clothing items as gifts (or he sulks a bit). He's so entitled.

    1. hmmm a fitbit.. he has a new watch AND he just bought himself new cashmere jumpers. ARRGGHH!!!

  6. Had my eye on a pair of Munthe trousers which were £150 presale. They are navy with gold embroidery and are the kind of thing I'd wear when others may wear a skirt, great for Christmas day and possibly a summer wedding. I'd already passed on them at 20% off, and was still wondering if that was the right decision. But then this cheeky mail told me they were 40% off, and I bagged the very last pair! Blown the budget for this month, but hey...

    1. Oh they sound so so so perfect!! And it’s really hard as we know to find lovely navy things. I bet you have these for years!! Some things are meant to be!..