Jumpers that love you back

Oversized but definitely not overrated. 

These are the jumpers that you need for the upcoming holidays.  For days on long walks in the crisp, winter air to a lovely country pub... or perfect for lying on the sofa hoovering Quality Street.  Your choice.

The ultimate in dress down luxury if there is such a thing and there IS such a thing - it's the perfect slouchy, cosy, chunky jumper. 

First up we're easing you in gently with the plain ones.  In my dreams, I have visions of swanning through the park in leather leggings, a divine oatmeal jumper, cashmere leopard accessories, holding hands with my lovely husband whilst my three gloriously behaved children skip ahead of me singing Christmas Carols as we meander along in a winter wonderland of snow tipped loveliness.

The reality is, it will be pissing with rain, I will have a stonking hangover, I won't be talking to the husband as he used up the last of the milk for his coffee and it's the ONE thing I didn't buy more of.  The boys will be fighting and physically tearing chunks out of each other, the dog will have got loose and be chasing a deer and the teenager will be moaning as we didn't let her bring her phone which has been surgically attached to her hand for the entire holiday and she's stepped in fox shit.  TA DAH!!  Sound vaguely familiar?   Surely we can't be the only ones who don't exactly have The White Company version of Christmas...

SO the least we deserve is a new jumper?  For sitting on the sofa stuffing our faces with cashew nuts and oven baked party food from your favourite supermarket whilst mainlining gin.

Jumbo Turtleneck Sweater from & Other Stories £69

Long at ASOS.   Rokoko Oversized Jumper £28

Roll Neck Ribbed Jumper from Topshop £39

Ecru at Mango £49.99  And don't forget your 30% off with the code VIP17.

Multicoloured hand knitted. 

OneOn Hand Knitted Oversized Multi Coloured was £145 now £101.50

Rokoko Oversized Sweater £28  I LOVE this one... seriously seriously love.  So much so I've just placed a sneaky order even though they only have it in large left but it's perfect for over that tan pleat skirt.  In fact over any skirt... 

Grey Turtleneck at & Other Stories £89

Getting brighter.. these are all perfect additions to any neutral wardrobe.

And in yellow... mohair blend turtleneck £69 from & Other Stories

Green frill neck from Topshop £39

And finally one for those who hate a roll neck.  You get one today...just the one.  SORRY!

Oversized cable knit sweater from & Other Stories in Coral £89

Actually there is one more....

Extreme Long Sleeve Knitted Jumper by Boutique £60

And they just keep coming... this one from H&M although only in small. *weeps*.

Jacquard knit Jumper was £34.99 now £27.99

The perfect option for today.  A day on the sofa.  With the Gilmore Girls and a whole load of guilt at not having done more.... ARRGGGHHH.  Eight days left.  Just thought I'd throw that one in there.  


Jumper - H&M (couple of years ago)

So I now HAVE to do some laundry.  Ugh.  Am very much looking forward to next week when I will absolutely allow the children to wear pyjamas all day.  For no other reason than I can throw them in the tumble dryer and not have to hang them up.  Yes, my laziness knows no bounds.  And then there is a glass of mulled wine with my name on it and the final of Strictly as I still haven't watched it... the Gilmore Girls are the tv equivalent of crack..

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12 comentarios:

  1. Love them sleeves on that red Rokoko shame it looks as if it is cropped

    1. I’m hoping (as in praying.. 🤣🤣) that it’s not cropped cropped but just shorter to sit in a waist band which makes it perfect for over skirts.... PRAYING I tell you!!

    2. Lol so were your prayers answered

  2. Love an oversized cosy jumper!
    Off topic, but can you share where your clock in the background of your photo is from...I've been looking everywhere for a clock for my kitchen and yours would be perfect 😊x

    1. Aha. I got from it an antique shop in Suffolk. I don't think it's remotely antique.. apparently it was from a film set. MY ARSE! It doesn't even work! BUT I love it and we've had it for years!!

  3. Annie C have a look at Cox & Cox, they have great clocks this size.

  4. That Rokoko jumper *HEART EYES* AAAAAGHHHH and it's sold out. Love me a chunky, oversized cable knit. Currently my fave is a JW Anderson x UNIQLO men's one (the women's was a v-neck and I wasn't down with that). But yes to all of these, I want them all.

    1. oh GOD I meant to get that in cream. ARRGGHHHH!! Ok if it makes you feel any better, the Rokoko cable knit jumper is actually brick/rest and not red. *weeps*

  5. Wow! This collection of jumpers is appreciable! Thanks for sharing!