Christmas jumpers... way.  Not a Santa, a reindeer or a snowflake in sight.  These are Christmas Jumpers that you can wear at a special treat for a present or for the big day itself.  

Yes there is "obviously" method in my madness here.  Not sure if I'd mentioned it but I had mooted the idea amongst the family of having a pyjama day for Christmas this year, seeing as it's possibly just us for Christmas Dinner.  Which went down like a fart in a lift.  Apparently that was "a disgusting idea" according to the 13yr old.  

I did say that I had planned on getting everyone new jamas, onesies - whatever they fancied but alas, there was no persuading them. 

But I really *really* want to be super comfortable this year.  So wide leg trousers are a must (got them).  And what could be more luxurious yet dress down than a good old jumper.  Less of the "old" and more of the "take advantage of the opportunity" to invest in a fabulous new piece of knitwear.  

There is no jumper that I love more than a slogan one.  I know some people are beyond over them - personally, I could genuinely wear one every day for pretty much every occasion.

And what has been my number one choice if we're talking the ultimate in luxury?  The Bella Freud option.  I bought this one last year and couldn't love it more.  I wear it  A Lot.  (handwash...).

Roll neck 1970 wool sweater £295

And the red one which I've had for three years now.

1970 Bella Freud Jumper £290

However you don't have to spend a fortune (ok a small fortune) to bag yourself a bit of Bella.
Fred Perry Bella Freud English Boy Jumper £125

Staying with an upped budget but one that is half price.  I am curiously curiously drawn to this.  

Love Moschino Marvin Martian Wool Jumper was £250 now £150

I got the sweatshirt from Zara men which I love but I do like the knitwear version (slightly more mind you but would be perfect into the Spring as well).

Wildfox Diet coke Jumper from Very Exclusive £105

Slightly creamer again at Very Exclusive

Wildfox Future Seeker Jumper £260

Yellow at New Look. 

Sisterhood jumper - New Look £19.99

Grey Actually I Can Jumper from New Look was £19.99 now £11.99

Grey again at Mint Velvet.  Love, love the orange with the granite.

Granite Adore Slogan Knit Jumper from Mint Velvet £69

Black now at Sugarhill Boutique.  I've never ordered from here so I can't confirm what the shape is like but I love the print, the fabric and the price.  If anyone has any info, that would be fabulous.  It does look longerline than most.

Sugarhill Boutique Premium Jumper £79

This looks like a similar shape - perfect if you are looking for something longer. 

Sugarhill Boutique Rita Signature Jumper £49.50 

Two other options.. 

La Vie Est Belle from Sugarhill Boutique £49.50

And in the tan - £49.50

Black and metallic silver Love Jumper from hush £85

Black and silver again at Orwell + Austen. 

Mon Coeur Jumper in cashmere £210

Monochrome and what looks like a slightly cropped top... But over high waisted skirts or trousers this would be perfect. 

Jane Norman Black J'adore Jumper £22 

Oversized in pink at ASOS.

ASOS Jumper with Expensive Taste Slogan £28

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Face Intarsia Knit Jumper was £229 now £160

The reason the Sonia Rykiel one above appeals as it's the nearest I'll get to this one... 

Sonia Rykiel 175 Saint Germain Jumper £685 from Net A Porter

Nothing says Christmas like a zebra...

PS by Paul Smith Zebra Knit £195

BUT am finishing with mine which I think is the pick of the bunch. 

Black Tres Bien Embroidered Jumper from New Look was £19.99 now £11.99   Now this doesn't look as fitted as this in the other pictures - it says it is a relaxed fit so I think I'll probably order down.  Or order three sizes to get free postage.  I KNOW RIGHT?!

And here I am in one of my very favourites which I would happily wear every day.  


1970 Jumper - Bella Freud (aw16)
Mayfair Skinny Coated Jeans - Boden (at least three years old)
Superstar Sneakers - Golden Goose (ss15)
Leopard Coat - Helene Berman from Anthropologie (new)
Tools bag - Balenciaga

So that wasn't me today - that was yesterday and what I wore to the Jingle Bell Ball which was completely and utterly SUPERB.  I went with two friends for their daughters' birthday although the children were all sat the other side of the aisle from us so we did "sort" of look like three sad old birds dancing and giving it large to every song.  But you just couldn't not!  It was the most infectious event I've ever been to.  Loved every single minute of it. 

Today - bad weather cancelled rugby and I could not have been happier.  Not an iota of a hangover (have only had one glass of small red wine since Wednesday for some random reason) but it was just completely fabulous to have an unexpected day doing sweet diddly squat and staying in my jamas.  

To be honest, we don't even have that much snow.  Actually the reality is we have none now and the forecast has changed from snow to rain for tomorrow so school is definitely on and the children are GUTTED!  I'm working from home, a lot of admin looming so I'm hoping to be able to get on in peace.  Ooh and maybe some present wrapping?  Who knows...

So talk to me about slogan jumpers.  Are you totally over them or do are you drawn to them like an 8yr old to tinsel?  That Moschino one is very wrong isn't it??  Or so wrong, it's right?  I can't decide...

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16 comentarios:

  1. Love a slogan jumper. I have 2 Bella 1970 jumpers (silver & red) and love as much as ever. Now in love with a Bella cashmere but at £400-ouch!!

    1. I haven’t even gone near the cashmere... I’m trying to track down a Lion one... nothing but coming to the game REALLY late! 🤣🤣

    2. I would have them all and wear mine loads. Seen the lion one on the Bella site but think only larger sizes.

    3. I’ve gone for the Fashion one... in black. In the sale. It’s perfect and ridiculously versatile!!!! Hello Christmas Day!!!

  2. Sugar Hill comes up small in my experience. I'm normally a 12 and the 14 jumper is a close but not tight fit.

  3. Sorry for me they look like jumpers you would buy when doing the shopping! Surely everyone wants to look elegant, or is that just me.

    1. I guess Elegant has different connotations to different people. I personally think a jumper can look incredibly elegant but that’s just my POV!! A sleek fitting jumper is my idea of heaven!!!!

  4. Just you anonymous, elegant isn't a look I've ever gone for personally, but each to their own I say, sounds a bit old lady for my liking! Love the jumpers, however with big boobs and broad shoulders I need a bigger neckline - were there any jumpers you saw on your quest for these that might have less close necklines!? Thank you, fab blog as ever.

  5. Christina BinfieldMonday, 11 December, 2017

    Have you seen Ted_colourbynumbers? Its fab, right up your alley :) xxxx

  6. Am also tempted with the Marvin Martian Moschino one. Worried that it would look too ‘young’ on me...a tad trying too hard?

    1. I have to say, I ordered it and am going to send it back. It comes up really small and I’d rather spend that little bit more for a Bella in the sale. BUT it is a lovely thin knit and I think it is very cool!!

    2. Sorry you had the hassle of the return thingy. That’s answered my question though. Was going to either buy the Moschino one or save more for a Bella Freud. I’m an XS but with boobs so can’t wear higher necks. Shame about the funky Martian one... my friends were divided. :-(

  7. Going back to the Metallic ‘Love’ on the Hush jumper. Ridiculously delicate. Worn twice and the lurex thread unraveling...
    Another question. Am seriously considering ‘investing’ in the 1970 red BF. Does it bobble under the arms and sleeves? As that would really pee me off for that money!!