It's a long time till Spring

Am I the only person who needs a reminder of this?  As soon as I've hung up the last of the tinsel I assume that it's sandals and floaty dresses on tap (and no, we don't have tinsel.  I am that mother that when my daughter was in her first year of school, came home in AWE at this thing she'd discovered called "tinsel".  The.  Shame).

But we have two whole more months of Winter.  Which is rather appropriate seeing as I am currently lounging in that fug which is Chrimbo Limno.  Where we look like we're living in a festive squat, the remnants of Monopoly litter the coffee table, where there once lay a very expensive Dutch wooden tray and selection of favourite candles - a game of Monopoly which, according to the rules, you can finish in an hour and forty five minutes.   Errr LIES.  Never in the history of Monopoly games has one been finished ever, let alone in such a titchy time frame. 

And don't even get me started on the food.  I can't look at any more food.  Randomly we really haven't drunk that much (go figure) but I'm even over the cashew nuts which is a white flag right there.

But one thing I don't have fatigue of is thinking about what I shall be wearing when normal life resumes next week and apparently it's not going to be bikini weather and it's unlikely that sandals will be our first choice of footwear. 

Therefore - let the sales bingeing commence and what better to start with than COATS.  Which you will be needing for months and months.  Zero need for justification - ok so there may be some needed for those that are a bit more of an investment but there are some which are the perfect January pick me up.

Starting with a classic wrap coat that would serve you so well for years to come.

Grace & Oliver Eden Wool Coat Vicuna was £599 now £399

Wrap and check in the sale at John Lewis from Modern Rarity.

Eudon Choi for Modern Rarity coat was £250 now £125

Check wrap is the name of the game this season and a great black one from Baukjen.

Lanham Wrap Coat was £299 now £119

Reversible Double Face Check Coat from Jaeger in navy was £350 now £149

Navy again at Harris Wharf London and with a hood was £455 now £228

Pink Wide Collar Cocoon from Jaeger was £375 now £199

More pink at Warehouse. 

Teddy Faux Fur Coat was £89 now £60

Pink at MSGM new to the sale at Matches.

Double-breasted wool-blend coat was £555 now £388

Navy double breasted at Matches from MSGM was £650 now £455

Shorter double breasted in my favourite - camel at Baukjen.

Farrah Double Breasted Coat in Camel was £299 now £149

Double breasted camel again with the Grace Coat at Jigsaw was £360 now £288

Fluffy green mohair at Jigsaw was £450 now £315

And then just a ridiculous number as it's so so lovely and so totally impractical but so utterly divine.  If I had a winter wedding.  Which I don't.  ALL THE DARN IT.

Ramsey collarless faux shearling coat was £525 now £367 

Kempton Car Coat in cream at Baukjen was £199 now £139 

Collarless again at Matches. 

Miller round neck coat from Elizabeth & James was £798 now £399

Speaking of the left field - OH HELLO! I have all the intentions of a normal coat and then I end up veering towards the statement. 

Grace & Oliver Fur Trim Coat was £499 now £299

And then one that is a lighter weight so you can definitely layer now and wear into the Spring. 

Ganni Leopard print coat was £235 now £165

And finishing with one I had the other week but it's now in the sale.. must... not... order...

Kyoto Floral Faux Fur from Warehouse was £99 now £60

Orrrrrrrrrrr this one... again.  Do. Not. Need.  But..... Oh this one I LOVE. 

Contrast Faux Fur Coat from Mango was £79.99 now £49.99

And here I am in a Modern Rarity one I have had my eye on for ages - you can still get it in the sale instore but it's sold out online.  It's long on me.  Very very long.  Which is PERFECT! 


Coat - Modern Rarity (sale this season)
Jeans - MiH from Fenwicks (sale aw16)
Trainers - Rogue Matilda (gift this season)
Bag - Balenciaga (aw16)

And a couple of other outfits from the last couple of days.  The rest of the time it's been a complete jama fest.  I can't even remember what day this was.  It was for drinks in the pub and then a party at ours.  The 23rd.  That's when.  What actual day it was - no idea.


Tee - FWP by Rae (gift this season)
Jeans - MiH from Fenwicks (sale aw16) 
Sequin jacket - Biba at House of Fraser (c/o paid project this season)
Trainers - Golden Goose (4yrs old)
Bag - Balenciaga (aw16)

I *think* this was Christmas Eve...


Grey Jumper - Me+Em (3yrs ago)
Blazer - Me+Em (3yrs ago)
Black leather leggings - hush (gift 4yrs ago)
Trainers - Golden Goose (sale this season)
Tools Bag - Balenciaga (aw16)

I am now off to the cinema with the children - the husband has decided he'd rather go to the gym than to a musical.  Which says a lot about how much he loves a musical... not.   Yesterday we went to see A Christmas Carol (yes we actually left the house) at The Old Vic which I was *slightly* nervous about as my children aren't entirely the Dickens' kind and my explanation of "it's exactly the same as The Muppets Christmas Carol but without any Muppets" hadn't exactly sold it to them... 

However, it was amazing.  The 9yr old might have fallen asleep (it does recommend 11+ which is clearly accurate) but the 11yr old (usually surgically attached to something that he can game on) was mesmerised.  As was the 13yr old and the husband and I thought it was the best thing we've seen at the theatre in years.  Thoroughly beguiling, charming, funny and sad at the same time.

I promise I will be back tomorrow - for maybe the last of the year.. or maybe I'll manage to crank something out on Sunday too.  What day is it again?  Am I the only one who has NO idea??

So we're off for jazz hands, sequins and The Greatest Show on Earth.  I will be back with something more Springlike tomorrow.  I promise.  That you can also wear now.

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16 comentarios:

  1. Damn it! That Mango contrast coat was meant to have sold out so I couldn’t be tempted! x

  2. I think you captured the post-holiday feeling perfectly.

    1. When you can't even imagine going back to work or school properly?!

  3. Love the checked Baukjen one, but no need of another coat. If any of your readers are at Disneyland Paris this week, get thee to LaVallee Village as Max Mara have the loveliest coats reduced to € if only I needed another coat!

    1. ooh I need to know more about LaVallee Village... how do I not know about this?!

    2. It’s in Val D’Europe (one stop from Disneyland Paris) and owned by the same company as Bicester Village. I’d guess a reasonable crossover of stores, but then some unique ones like Eric Bompard Cashmere, and Repetto. Loved the bags also but they were bigger work/tote bags than I was after (Furla from €89, and Coach. If I still worked FT I would have had the Burberry Banner for €600, was €1750!). Next time I need to ditch the kid and spend half a day there.

  4. I so don't need another coat bit am majorly in love with three Green check grace and Oliver one!

  5. Grace and oliver one is so lovely but have too many coats and just got obsessed with a fake shearling jacket in Topshop sale as have bought a skirt and need a shorter jacket to balance out longer hemline as a coat can look a bit dowdy over a longer skirt I think - what do you wear with your longer skirts? This is the skirt, of course not in the sale and even more expensive if it has its own jacket as well!

    1. I have to say I am currently loving a blazer...

  6. I think of Megan Markle when I see the bathrobe coats.

    1. Do we think that's what she'll be known for? Preferable to a pair of nude court shoes?!

    2. No doubt she’s known for them now. I don’t think she carries them off though.

    3. But, are the nude court shoes preferable to Meg’s baggy boots?

    4. Ah now you see I love a baggy boot!! I just think that Kate is much more conservative and traditional in her dress sense whereas Meghan has always been more interested in what’s on trend. Will be v interesting to watch!!