Monday Must Have

.. on a Tuesday. 

Blame Christmas.  It having been on a Monday.  

And as it's Christmas, then we are having a blow out of a Monday Must Have.  I have thought long and hard about whether or not to put this up as it IS an extravagance and it's still expensive, even in the sale. 

But I wear mine so often and love them so much, I thought if you were thinking about one, now that they are in the sale - there is no better time to invest.

I reckon, if something can be the most perfect Christmas Day outfit, out for lunch ideal top, throw on every day with jeans, a skirt, trousers - whatever bottoms float your boat, it's worth investing in. 

Tis a Bella Freud Jumper. 

And here are the ones that I have found on sale, any of which I would happily give a very good home to.   Size wise - I find a Medium a large 10/Small 12.  Hope that helps.

First up, the one that I am seriously contemplating... as I have it in black, wore it yesterday and am going to wear again today and could happily wear it every day until I need to swap it for a tee (or I wash it - I promise the latter will come first and for the record, whilst we're here, I handwash mine in the machine).

Bella Freud Pink Fashion Jumper was £290 now £174 from Matches in a Medium 

At Net a Porter in a Large was £290 now £145 in a Large

Red Now jumper from Coggles in all sizes was £280 now £168

Burgundy Dolls Jumper from Coggles again in all sizes was £295 now £207

And grab this one quickly - the classic Ginsberg is God on sale was £290 now £229

And a black Superstar Jumper from The Conran Shop. 

They randomly list each size as a different item and they have Medium and Large left.  Here is the Medium - with a sparkly Superstar.  Was £280 now £210. 

And the link for the Large which is also now £210.

And here I am in mine... make up optional.


Fashion Jumper - Bella Freud (sale Matches current season)
Wide leg trousers - M&S (aw16)
Francy sneakers - Golden Goose (sales from Farfetch current season)

And now I am off for a Christmas party - at our house.   So I need to go and cook and pour wine and cook and errrr cook and do some other stuff! 


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12 comentarios:

  1. Right! I’ve ordered the BF Fashion knit in pink, feel a bit nervous but I reckon I would probably spend more than that from various other retailers so I’ve made a deal with myself, this is the only sale purchase I will make, and it IS an investment.
    I’ve also recently returned some bits to ASOS so that’s my justification right there
    Thanks for the heads up...

    1. You won't regret it! (remember hand wash!!)

  2. How do these look on someone generous in the bust department? Any idea?

    1. I think it probably depends on which style you go for. And whether or not you're used to wearing round necks or not. Hopefully someone will be able to help...

  3. Mimi, I’m an XS with an E cup (for transparency purposes, I HAVE had some help there)....I invested in the 1970 jumper and the 1970 square is quite high so was worried it was my boobs that were not making it work. But having carried out extensive research on every single blooming pic of someone wearing the 1970 jumper, the writing goes above EVERYONE’S boobs, not just mine. If you’re worried go for the ones that haven’t got the white stripe across? The writing should sort of ‘float’ above your boobs?!!

  4. Hi Helen, thanks so much for your reply. I'm about the same size as you, so this is really helpful:)

    1. Glad to help. When spending such a lot we need to know they’ll look ok :)

  5. Hi Kat, way way off topic here and I hope you don't mind however we are looking for a reputable breeder for an Australian Miniature Golden Doodle and I wondered if you may be able to recommend the breeder of your lovely doggy please? Thanks and regards, Anna.

    1. Ah - now mine is actually an australian labradoodle and not a golden doodle. But if you're looking for the former, then I would highly recommend Doodledoos in Hereford. Hope that helps!

    2. That helps enormously, thank you. Happy New Year to you and your family :)