Just call me Mrs Christmas

As this is the only post you'll need to get your Christmas stocking shopping done. 

And it's all thanks to M&S.  I'm not going to lie - I feel ever so slightly like a fraud writing this blog for them, as it's literally documenting "a day in my life" of usual Christmas Shopping.  For my December post for M&S, they suggested I look at gifts. 

I have, for years, bought all my stocking shopping - especially for my boys - from M&S.  I say "a day in my life", what I really mean now is a very comfortable hour or so on my sofa with a mulled wine and a Christmas film (ok so the reality is I'm probably catching up on I'm a Celebrity but...) and getting a huge proportion of the Christmas shopping done in one click.  Now there is a LOT to look at - loads of fabulous 3 for 2 offers on pretty much most things you can think of, so instead of having to go through everything yourself, I've cherry picked my favourites for you.

So without further ado - let's get shopping - alas I can't do the wrapping for you as well, that's something that seems to take longer every year (again - mulled wine makes it a lot less painful but speaking of painful, the older I get, the more it hurts my knees or my back as I do it all on the sitting room floor.  Where do other people do their wrapping?  I'm thinking a dining room table is probably a far better idea....)

Games.  I know I sound like a right Scrooge but after years of hoovering up plastic tat, I have turned into that (vaguely) responsible parent who buys useful gifts.  

10 Clues Game £5

And useful these are.  We have a terrible time keeping one of our children (asperger's...) at the table whilst everyone finishes their meal.  So we always have something on hand as entertainment.  These are genuinely the most perfect solution.  Tiny enough to keep on the table without having to get out a big board and quick enough to finish without having to sit at the table till someone falls asleep.

Kids'  V Adult Game £5

For the Star Wars Fan in your life... £5

And then we LOVE a puzzle at Christmas.  Ok so the 11yr old and I love a puzzle.. everyone else can leave it, but anything that gets them off something electronic for half an hour is worth any money in my book.

500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle £10

Neither I nor the husband have stockings but we do struggle to buy things for him (that aren't socks..) but I know he will love this as an after dinner game (without children...). 

The Great British Pub Quiz £12.50

This one we bought him last year.  Although we do play this with the children.

True or False £12.50

I might keep this one for next year...

After Dinner Trivia £12.50

Perfect for the Dad with a beard. 

Men's Beard Grooming Kit £10

Again, this is perfect for a little boy who needs to fiddle... he loves to juggle.  

3 Sprout Juggling Balls £8

Another genius idea for keeping them occupied.

Magic Tin £10

And anything that persuades small boys to wash... I buy these every year.  They are clean in January at least.  

Darth Vadar Bath Foam was £6 now £3

New additions to the Star Wars range (I did tell you I buy them every year!)...

The Ewok now £3

And Princess Leia also now £3

Also new if your children aren't into Star Wars - Marvel!

Marvel Hulk now £3


But my personal favourite.  Can we take a moment to admire THOR!

Not forgetting Ginny... 

Dog Toy Sausages £5

Dog Toy Smile £8

And things for the 13yr old daughter that aren't make up related - she will love this (and yes, we will borrow for after dinner games as well...).

Night at the Movies Quiz £12.50

I defy any teenager not to make good use of this... 

Lightning to USB Charging Cable £12.50

And this is perfect.  In fact I think I might get one for myself too...

Retro Cassette Power Bank £9.50

Two of these for her stocking... and yes they are reusable.  Who knew?

Let it Snow Hand Warmer were £5 now £2.50

For the ladies in your life - first up gloves, which in our house are apparently disposable.  So I'm certainly not going to spend a lot on them for the 13yr old but these are PERFECT for any teenager.  And I don't think there's any reason why the black ones couldn't be used for boys. 

Knitted Touchscreen Gloves £9.50 in black 

Or in the dark grape £9.50 - perhaps slightly more feminine.

However for the ladies in your life who are more responsible, then you may want to take advantage of the leather and cashmere 3 for 2 options.

Cashmere lined leather gloves in navy £39.50  These all come in three sizes.

And in the tan... 

Or classic black again £39.50

And then the cashmere scarves... again all on 3 for 2.

Pure Cashmere Star Scarf £69

Or the Oatmeal Mix again £69 

Then if you are doing an online order - a couple of things to Christmasfy your house... 

A-Z Light-up LED Wooden Alphabet Baubles £5  On 3 for 2.

And one (or two) of these which are sublime when it comes to adding instant Christmas.  For some it's all about the Quality Street - for me, it's the fragrance.  To say I am mildly obsessed with a Christmas candle is an understatement.  

Christmas Wish 3 Wick Scented Candle from Neom £45

Or the Perfect Peace one which I will admit I haven't smelt but all Neom candles are simply sublime so I can't say this one would be any different, again £45.

I must remember to actually do my order.  I did the post the other day on Christmas presents and completely forgot to press BUY on any of them.  Seriously, what's wrong with me?  This is the story of my life - starter not a finisher.  I am off to complete my ordering so it does actually arrive.. as opposed to wondering where it all is and realise it's still sitting in my online basket.  Oh how many times have I done this?  (only to go and order it and find it's all out of stock?  Big fat Christmas fail!).

They also have these little boxes which are £3.50 each and 3 for 2, but only available instore - perfect for padding out the stocking and then throwing in a handbag for meals out... no more ipads at the table (this is when we take the children - the husband does manage to chat without resorting to playing a game on his phone...!!) 


I am off to the Jingle Bell Ball this evening.  WHOOP.  The 13yr old is very concerned that I will be singing along with all the songs.  Hell to the yes!  Photo of what I finally wore tomorrow (it's not that interesting..!!).

As stated within the text, this post was written in collaboration with M&S.  All items were chosen by me with no editorial input from M&S.

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4 comentarios:

  1. Those cashmere lined gloves are a real find! I can't wear fleece lined ones until we get into minus double figures, they're just too warm for me. Oh and the fact they come in different sizes, my hands are a tiny size 7! I may just order all the colours as non fleece lined gloves in a small size are like the proverbial rocking horse poo!

  2. Vader, Thor and Leah ordered. Thanking you! Stocking fillers are a headache, especially when, pre-wrapping, one pile of pressies is bigger than the other...

  3. Perfect. I plan to get the touchscreen gloves for my 12 and 14 year old, 10 clues for big family dinner and Star Wars Trivia for the brother-in-law. For the boys I am also getting Bawbags (amazing Scottish pants that I mentioned in a previous commenthttp://www.bawbags.com/mens/boxers.html ) and It's Lit candles https://soyandjoy.co.uk/products/its-lit-quote-candle

  4. ....I stand up when I wrap. I wrap on my kitchen work top which is perfect height. Anything else seriously sore neck/back/knees. Mulled wine on the side of course! Not as cozy as traditional wrapping places like the floor but much better for your posture. How sad is that. 😣