How to look like Sully from Monsters Inc

This applies to me only... I have coat envy.  The wondrous things of faux fur pure joy.

I can't wear these.  I love them on other people and believe me I have tried.  But there's something about being tall..about the extra bulk, about - oh they just don't work on me.

Which isn't a problem, as it's something I can look at, drool over and not purchase.  Oh how I love a post like this.  I have seen so many that I love, so here is my round up of some furry gems.  That you will not be seeing on me in real life - only in my dreams.

So starting with shorter versions.  And these are something that I think DO work for the more diminutive amongst you. I have a couple of petite friends and they all have one of these and look completely amazing.  I think they have more of a vintage vibe.  Actually I think most of these have a fabulously vintage vibe.  What's not to love?  (hmm I do not need one...definitely not a short one.  But the longer ones?  You have been warned...NO NO NO... Do.  Not.  Need...)

Faux Fur from M&S £79

The mini Sully...

Weekday Faux Fur Jacket £90

Short faux fur at Warehouse £96

Slightly random now but hmm I have to say I like. 

Fiona faux fur aviator £50 in camel 

Whilst we're on the topic of random - this one is simply superb.

Biba Faux Fur Embellished Coat £199

Another one slightly left field - like the one above, I think this has quite a vintage feel.

Patchwork Effect Fabric Coat from Zara £79.99

Mid length (admittedly this does depend how tall you are - these could be longer on some).

PINK.  And... 30% off at Mango with the code VIP17.

Brooch Faux Fur Coat from Mango £89.99


Faux Fur Coat from Mango £79.99

Violet... again £79.99

And blue... ( almost Sully...Sully with a suntan?).

Moss Copenhagen Coat in Faux Fur £135

Green faux fur at Biba £179

An unusual neutral grey with monochrome at Suncoo.

Suncoo Faux Fur Coat £309

And the longer ones.  So actually these I think I could possibly do.  

Boohoo Faux Fur from ASOS £80 

Ok so you see all the "these don't suit me", "I don't like these"... and THIS ONE I LOVE.  So I would probably look like a cross between a Chewbacca and an Ewok but err bothered.  I love it.  Star Wars on trend must have?  Justification if ever I heard it.

Story of Lola Faux Fur Coat with Sporty Trim £150

Speaking of bonkers.  Yup.  The right side of bonkers.  I SO would wear this.  Chewy, you are dead to me.

Kyoto Floral Faux Fur Coat from Warehouse £99

Multicoloured faux fur at Zara £95.99

Divine in bright red at Mango.  Alas this is sold out online at Mango but there is still limited stock left at ASOS £119.99

And then this one which I've been umming and ahhing over all season but it's the same colour as the Warehouse (not fur but similar - CHECK ME OUT) one I got last year.   Can someone else please buy it as it's simply divine.

Contrast Faux Fur Coat from Mango £79.99

And here I am today in my version of a fur coat - my beloved leopard. 


Amour jumper - Zadig & Voltaire (ss17)
Jeans - Zara (sale aw16)
Belt - Weekday from ASOS (ss17)
Coat - Helene Berman from Anthropolgoie (this season)
Susanna boots - Chloe (aw16)
Leopard snood and wrist warmers - Somerville Scarves (gift this season)

Another week done.  Although that is another week nearer to Christmas as my children keep reminding me... which is fine but I STILL haven't got any thoughts about what to get the husband.  ARRGGHHHH. 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Love these. The crazier the better. Unfortunately the love is not matter how many I try on!

    1. I'm sat here thinking - I'm SURE I could make that Warehouse one work.......

  2. I love them too, but alas being tall means I resemble a wookie ��

  3. I think it would look great on you...I always feel like the Honey Monster but I’m a lot shorter than you - and sadly these make me look as wide as I am tall. Go on, try it....

  4. OMG I adore the violet one 😍

  5. Thoughts on husband presents! In the past I have done hot air ballooning, be a spy for the day, drive a Formula 3 car and Indian cookery lessons (these are some of the past presents). Now I have resorted to asking him to pin what he would like on Pinterest and give plenty of choice, so still some element of surprise and I have a board with what I would like. Not necessarily that romantic, BUT.... it does focus the mind on what you would really like and also gets him to do the same. Also have booked Michelin star restaurant- we're not real foodies, but do enjoy the whole experience. Hope this helps with some ideas at least. Good luck. Love your blog by the way as it has helped to get me out of a style rut and got me to try new looks.

  6. I love the furry beasts but if it rains ........NOT a good look and too bulky to were under anything . I'd like a thinner one with the same effect. Saw an amazing full length sequin one at Zara and I got this for my brother, maybe twinned with a belt? Looks very lovely, I got it in tan

    1. Oh I can't see it!!!! Will have a good peruse of the Zara site. And that tidy is genius!

  7. I'm a petite size 12 and these do add bulk on me too, doesn't stop me trying them on though! I saw a lovely navy cropped one in next, I think, but again it was too much. Maybe one with a touch of fur, but not all over?

    1. Cropped if you're shorter are a great idea x

  8. New snood & wrist warmers are fab, Audrey x

  9. I find most of these drool-worthy. I was really surprised by that. You have solved a coat problem for me this winter and gotten me out of a HUGE style rut. Thanks. The Wookie & Sully comparisons are great, ha ha!