It starts with denim...

One of the great things about writing this blog over the past almost seven years is seeing all the new brands that have sprung up that are completely shoppable by... let's just say the more mature woman (I still haven't worked out how to say that without making us all sound borderline geriatric).

That don't encompass a tweed suit with a sensible hem line or a variation on a cashmere twinset with some floral embroidery or pearl detailing.

So when John Lewis asked if I'd like to collaborate and have a look at their new AND/OR collection and show how it can be styled in and amongst the existing favourites that we all have in our wardrobe - that was a big fat yes.

Especially as the premise behind the brand is one that I complete buy into - it starts with denim... 

AND you add.. an embroidered shirt
/OR a tiered-hem dress
/OR a statement knit
/OR whatever you have in your wardrobe that you love and that works for you.  

I did an interview for a magazine the other day and one of the questions was "what's the one thing in your wardrobe you can't live without?". 

And a pair of jeans was the answer.  Yes I go through stages of not wearing them (usually in the Summer when it's too warm and my days of swanning around in denim cut offs are long gone).  But in some guise or another, they make it into an outfit at least a couple of times a week. 

I see jeans as the building blocks for any outfit (bar black tie which is something I mentioned in the interview.. and perhaps a wedding... blah blah) and ringing the changes to the look to suit the occasion by changing up the top, shoes and accessories.

There are pretty much all styles covered with regards to denim under the AND/OR label.  I was immediately drawn to two styles though.  First up my beloved loose pair with a red and white stripe down the side.

AND/Or Brea Selvedge Jeans £120   I would say these do come up small as well as being much much shorter on me (at 5ft10) than they are on the model.  They do give during the day but not as much as some denim.  I would recommend buying a pair that feel snug (not circulation cutting off) on the waist as they will loosen to a comfortable fit.  I took the 28.

My next favourite style is a straight leg.  I personally find this a more flattering cut when it comes to wearing shorter tops as opposed to oversized jumpers. And the versatility of a pair of classic black jeans is endless.  These will take you from during the day to out at night.  The black on black wash means that they would even work for some work environments. 

AND/OR Silverlake Straight Leg Jeans in Black £85

Then there is the perennial favourite which seems to be going nowhere - the skinny jean.  As I said - personally I prefer the straighter leg BUT as I get so many message asking if it's still ok to wear skinny versions as people are surgically attached to them - I thought I'd do some pics wearing the skinny versions.

AND/OR Abbot Kinney jeans in black £85  Again I took a 28 in these and I would say they are a true mid rise as opposed to low or high.

And then what to wear with them.  For me - the perfect day to night outfit with a pair of good black jeans is definitely a tee. 

And/Or Pigment Washed Top in Charcoal £35

In my humble opinion, the ethos of the brand is less on the corporate, preppy side and much more laid back and relaxed.   But that's not to say you can't mix the pieces with favourites from your own wardrobe to make them work for your style.   I often think that's how (completely fashion nob alert here...) you get your own "look".  

Combining pieces that perhaps wouldn't normally be pared together by retailers.  

For example - and this is a very familiar look for me - a smart blazer with the very vintage looking tee.  Classic straight leg or skinny black jeans are the perfect blank canvas.  Trainers for during the day.  If it's freezing - I would happily add a long coat over this, throw on a massive scarf.


Into the evening, the trusty sequin jacket makes an appearance.  Heels and we're good to go.


As well as being a relaxed looking collection, I definitely think it has a really boho vibe.  Which is something that I think people (errr that'll be me...) might struggle to embrace in the winter months.  However when you throw velvet onto a boho canvas, it suddenly makes a bit/lot more sense.

AND/Or Viv Velvet Tiered Dress in Indigo £89

So you may or may not have heard me mentioning, either on here or over on Instagram/Stories about me wanting to give the whole dress over jeans thing a try.  I think it could add a whole new dimension to our wardrobes - the concept of wearing a dress as a top/tunic.  I have tried but I haven't quite been able to make it work.  I think part of it is because my dresses are too long.  ARGH!  Therefore I took full advantage of being able to try a new dress.  

First up - over jeans.


But then, on its own with over the knee boots.


Other velvet items in the collection which would be so easy to incorporate into your Winter Wardrobe are this incredible top.  This would be ideal over the black skinnies for a party look - ideal for those who want to look dressy with a difference.

AND/Or Eva Velvet Top £59

Not forgetting the amazing statement velvet jacket.  Sequins may not be everyone's choice for Winter but this jacket would be the perfect alternative.  Dressed down here but with a pair of heels and a silky tee or cami, ideal for wearing out in the evening.

AND/OR Valeska Velvet Jacket £160

Staying with the boho vibe and even looking at blouses that are lighter side.   The Darcy top is made from the most incredible draping fabric which makes it ideal to wear tucked in or out. 

AND/OR Darcy Gathered Embroidered Shoulder Blouse £59

Over jeans for a dress down look. 


With black jeans for out in the evening.  If you are more conscious of your middle area, these tops are a complete godsend.  As they look perfect worn over your waistband - unlike some shirts which, when worn untucked, look like you've only got half dressed? 

This isn't the only blouse in the collection that would work for these outfits.  The joy of this lighter style is that they would take you into the Spring as well, when we're more used to wearing them.

AND/OR Pirate Blouse in black £59    Leather leggings, huge earrings and there is no reason why this blouse shouldn't get you through every party you've got this festive season.  Throw on with jeans and relaxed weekend days are sorted. 

Or in the Ivory

Other things that caught my eye in the collection which I could easily wear daily are the trainers.  No surprise there then... 

AND/OR Esfir Star Trainers £85

Or the white stars. 

AND/OR Evita Star Lace Up Trainers £85

Just going to throw in the gold grenade and run.... 

Anyone who doesn't do "party shoes" and has a more relaxed look but wants something with a festive feel.  Look no further.

AND/OR Enola Lace Up Trainers £85

Statement boots - also available in black but I have surprised myself with how useful a pair of red boots have been. 

AND/OR Orieta Fringe Boots £125

And this is definitely definitely going on my Christmas list.  THE perfect bag if you have had your fill of sequins and sparkle (and let's face it - we all reach that point in the season where you get red sequin mist and would love to shove glitter up an elf where the sun doesn't shine?  Just me?).  This bag has just the right amount of festive spirit (a hint of gold), black = pure elegance and yet you can use it on holiday in the Summer.  

AND/OR Tassel Clutch £55

I'm a dyed in the wool black girl but for those who aren't and love navy.. or winter whites.. fear not, this version will work for you. 

In the cream again £55

I have to say though, my favourite look for the boho blouses are with a long midi skirt and heels.  Love love love this outfit.


And actually how good would the above Tassel Clutch look with this outfit?  Dear Santa.....

This blog was written as a paid collaboration with John Lewis.  All opinions are my own.  Items worn were chosen by myself but gifted by John Lewis, not all of which I will keep.

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18 comentarios:

  1. I love the velvet dress, exactly what i’ve been looking for in a midi dress! What’s the sizing like? I’m usually a 12 but comments say it’s on the large side? Would you recommend sizing down t o a 10? ( I ordered the Hush Cosmos dress in size 10 and it was a perfect fit). Thanks!

    1. Aha! I’ve just put some stories up on Instagram and I said i got the 12... I wanted it on the looser side but I would still say it’s a slightly small 12. I’m always a 10 in hush dresses so maybe try the 12? Hope that helps!!

    2. Yes, thanks so much! Ordering in the 12 now!!

  2. Could you please tell me where your gorgeous sparkly blazer is from ? Thank you x

    1. Oh it’s a couple of years old now .. zadig & Voltaire

  3. Love this piece thx Kat. Big fan of "Romancing the Stone" flowy tops and dresses. With baby due in a couple of weeks I think the dress and tops could see me happily through the mum tum phase and into my trusted uniform again. Loved the stories too. Great to see the items on film. Happy weekend!! Shannah

    1. Oh Lordy these tops are PERFECT for you!!! And I’m loving the Romancing the Stone analogy. We tried to make the children watch it last week. They were less than impressed 😫

  4. Love the blue velvet dress, with boots it’s a winter winner. Also adore the loose t- shirt, jeans and heels with a hint of sparkle in the form of Christmas jacket. On the fence with the jeans and dress as I’m a munchkin of a human being but on you it looks fabulous.

    1. I have to say half of me loves it and half of me isn’t sure.. but I do love it with the red boots!!!

  5. Is the skirt John Lewis too? Looks perfect to go with a distressed grey tshirt I can’t wear because I can’t find the perfect ‘smart’ skirt to wear with it 😄

    1. Alas it’s not this season’s and you can’t get hold of it any more. So so sorry!!! I’ll see if I can find some alternatives that you can buy now!

  6. The Eva velvet top sold out in all but size 8 booooo really wanted it perfect for over Christmas..Have to keep looking.The velvet dress with the red boots looks fab on you

    1. Oh nooooooo!! There were loads of them yesterday 😫😫😫

  7. I never wear jeans but do like the velvet dress, just not over trousers, gold trainers are gorgeous!

  8. And/or tshirt already sold out 😭