A tweak on a classic

Now this very very nearly made it into the number two spot of things with which I am obsessed but not quite as it is a variation on a theme. 

Striped jumpers.  Not of the jersey breton variety as that's definitely an obsession I've been grooming for years.  Nope, a good old sweater.  Not an oversized knit, a more fitted version.  One to wear with skirts, boyfriend jeans and my newly found fave of wide leg trousers, be them cropped or over long.  And I have only one.

Actually I say I have one... I do have a black and white H&M version that I have a love hate relationship with as it's on the cropped side and seeing as my waistline seems to grow in direct correlation to my age, I need high waisted numbers to tuck the muffin into.  But I have some of those coming up in the next couple of weeks so fear not.

The one I have been wearing this season is a black and ecru Zara one.  But the reason for writing this blog is that a) that I'm wearing it today and b) because I saw simply the most amazing jumper yesterday.  Which led me to start thinking, maybe I could justify more than one of these in my life.  (one that doesn't require Simon Cowell's trews to wear with it).

It's ignited my love of all things French.  Which, to be honest, doesn't bubble very far from the surface anyway, but this had the creative juices flowing. 

Check out this baby.

I didn't try it on as whilst the dress I had on yesterday was superb for a jeans session, it would have involved the expulsion of more energy than I had to remove and try a jumper on.  I will say it looked small.  Small as in "the size 10 would fit a Barbie doll" small.

Devona striped stretch-knit from Isabel Marant £190

Or the red version.  I would happily have either.  Note, either.  Not both.  Ok maybe both.

However that is a lot of money for a jumper.  And whilst I love all things Marant - I'm not going to lie.  For the money, I'm not sure the quality is *that* good.  It does completely depend on the product, that I will acquiesce.  However, never let it be said that I can't find some alternatives, and starting out with more burgundy from the new season in at Me+Em.  

Ideal for those who prefer navy to black.

True Chic Stripe Jumper in Bordeaux/Navy from Me+Em £119

Speaking of navy, it's definitely the classic stripe colourway.  Which means there are lots of options out there.  I should probably point out now that practically all the more fitted jumpers I could find are with a round neck.  That, combined with the stripes, isn't necessarily a match made for breasts, so I apologise in advance.  

Pimkie Stripe Jumper £23.99

G-Star Stripe Knit Jumper with leather look panels was £80 now £48  And how amazing does it look with khaki?

Sorry, but we all know how much I love a high neck. 

ASOS Jumper in Stripe with high neck and split wrist £18

A wider stripe now in the sale at ASOS.

Levi's striped jumper in navy was £75 now £52.50

And finishing the navy selection with a twist on a tweak at Finery.   Adore the high neck at the back of the jumper and the buckle detail at the side.

Sycamore Stripe Tie Knit with Cut Out Neck £55  

And onto my personal favourite - oh yes.  Black.  Obviously.

Breton Jumper from hush in ecru and black was £75 now £55  An outfit which I would happily wear every day (and do).

Looser now with a slash neck.

See U Soon Breton Jumper in Black Stripe from La Redoute £55

Irregular stripes (I'm not going to lie - I do prefer mine more uniform...) but love the layering over a shirt idea.

Black and white True Chic Stripe Jumper from Me+Em £119

And now we have the multi coloured options.  The metallic ones, the bright ones, the ones with frilly bits.

Weekday stripe Jumper was £28 now £14

Whistles stripe rib jumper was £95 now £55

MiH Jeans Moonstone long sleeved was £265 now £159

MiH Drew wool sweater was £195 now £117  Absolutely love this colourway.

For those who prefer a more pared back look but don't like the harshness of black.  Grey.  Perfect for a lighter look for Spring.

Only Hi Neck Stripe Knit Jumper in grey £32

In case you like with black...

Grey marl striped wool mix jumper from La Redoute £22

And then sunglasses time.  But what a bargain.  By the way - the black bit at the top is a totally separate choker. 

ASOS Jumper in Metallic Thread with Frill Cuff Detail was £25 now £10 

Pushing the boat out but one that would go with so much. 

PS by Paul Smith Striped Crew Neck Jumper £195

And this one from Whistles which would just look amazing with khaki.

Whistles Stripe Rib Knit Jumper was £95 now £75

I am loving the colourful stripes.  Definitely food for thought.  But today for me, it was all about the monochrome.  With some leopard print.  Stripes and leopard are a match made in heaven in my book. 

And yes.  They are new boots.  More info on these shortly.  Alas, these are the ones I got from Harvey Nichols yesterday (for a steal) but all sold out now.

Black and ecru jumper - Zara
Faux leather joggers - Topshop
Black wrap coat - Jaeger
Rowi leopard boots - Isabel Marant
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton

Hope everyone has got through the first week back unscathed.  I am off out tonight for birthday drinks for a friend and so so looking forward to catching up with the girls.  And then tomorrow - a weekend with the family.  Can't.  Wait.  To.  Do.  Nothing.   Apart from football and rugby training.. and homework... Actually taking myself off to the shops to do some research from a couple of articles I've got coming up, looks a lot more appealing.  

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22 comentarios:

  1. Did you have to size up in the Marant boots? I tried a US10 (UK8) which is my usual size, but they came up cripplingly small. And they didn't go any bigger! Beyond disappointed. Also tried Givenchy studded boots (US11!) but were too uncomfortable, and Chloe Susannahs (US9.5) - ditto. So a big fat fail on the fancy boots for me! Thinking about trying the Topshop "Givenchy-style" boots, but put off by all the reviews saying they're horribly painful. Any idea if that's true, or what the sizing is like? Thanks!

    1. I have the Top Shop Givenchy style boots (aka, total rip offs!) and whilst I do have more comfortable footwear, I don't find them painful. When I first tried them on I thought they fit badly...until I realised that the straps are actually functional (who knew?) and once I'd adjusted them they were fine. I took my usual size in them and can wear them with normal socks, no problems.

    2. I tried them on and I found them true to size... they did feel quite *stiff* though. They are amazing boots. I think they're bringing out a suede version which I reckon would be much easier to wear?

  2. Love the Me&Em jumpers. I have a couple of Wyse cashmere striped jumpers that I absolutely love and wear all the time.

    1. I keep meaning to get my Wyse one out again!!

  3. Two weeks ago I snapped up a lovely Iro jumper in TKmaxx for an absolute bargain. It is fitted, had dark grey and black broad stipes, navy and dark grey on the arms. Have been wearing it non-stop with basically every possible bottom ( including PJ) This type of jumper is really a Must Have ( do you hate that to?!)

    1. OMG that sounds amazing.. haven't been to TKMaxx for eons. It's somewhere I can lose hours of my life!

  4. Bought the cheap as chips ASOS one before Xmas. It's bloody amazing for the money. Love the Marants, that first pic. Swoon x

  5. Bought the cheap as chips ASOS one before Xmas. It's bloody amazing for the money. Love the Marants, that first pic. Swoon x

  6. Stripes, yes please. I have been living in mine the last few days, cosy cashmere and merino. Sub zero temperatures and a head cold make warm sweaters a necessity!
    Am tempted by the one from finery, it'll have to wait until next month though as my budget is spoken for this month!

    1. Oh hope you feel better soon! The Finery one is gorgeous isn't it? So lovely to have something different!

  7. I love every single one of these 😚

  8. I'm very particular when it comes to stripes - I think they can make me look too wide but I bought a navy/ecru one from TK Maxx before xmas for £20!! And its pure merino wool and fits beautifully. Bargain!!!

    1. I'm a short size 12 with ample boobage, and like you I'm particular. I find if the main colour is navy, so I can wear navy trousers or dark jeans then I can get away with a more relaxed fit. If they're more colourful, then I tend to go more fitted. They have to be crew neck, no boat, turtle or polo necks in sight as these do nothing for my boobs!

    2. And I have no boobs and can't do a v neck as I look like skeletor.

  9. Would really love it if you could suggest how to wear stripes when you have a larger bust, or is it a no-no ?

    1. I am a 32F/G, size 12, and 5'3'' and I wear stripes all the time. Personally I go for the shapes that I know work for me anyway, so scoop or v-neck would be good (I love Boden striped t-shirt with a scoop neck). I like crew necks, as long as they're not too high. Fitted works best for me, but I do have one relaxed fit in navy with paler blue stripes that gets worn with navy skinnies. So you get a more slimming column of colour. I love a contrast scarf with this outfit, to add a pop of colour and distract from my boobs.

    2. A scarf is a genius idea! I also think wider stripes work better than thinner stripes but it's getting the shape right. So yes, v neck or scoop neck. It's also a case of just trying on and seeing how they pan out.

  10. Danish pastry are you me in disguise im exactly same size as you everywhere!!


    1. They do say we all have our Doppelganger! 😀