Did someone say party?

So I fully appreciate that some people do not want to buy anything new and sparkly that they will only wear once or twice.  

And thinking about it logically - doesn't it make more sense to buy something that's versatile, that you can wear for work, for play, in December and into the Spring.  Then add "Christmas Spirit" (as my 9yr old says) with a pair of full on sparkly shoes.  (there are only so many ways I can say sparkly, bling, festive and Christmas, I'm warning you.  I may well be cracking out the "jazz hands" before the end of the blog, I apologise up front).

These can make all the difference to an outfit.  Friday night for example - jeans, tee (ok so I did add a sequin blazer and my faithful glitter initial bag) and SHOOOOOOS.  

The best thing about these is that there is something for all budgets and for all tastes.  I've even found some amazing flats.  Which are actually super handy for those parties when you have to stand up all evening.  Or for house parties when you don't want to be dressy dressy but do want to have a nod to the festive occasion.  Flats with attitude are the way forward. 

But I'm starting with the ones that I wore on Friday night.  These are what I wore on the Ted Baker shoot and was allowed to take home with me (seeing as I'd managed to get them covered in mud...).  They are truly a thing of beauty. 

Brooch Embellished Court Shoes £150  They are high, but they're cushioned.  When I say cushioned, it's like treading on a duvet.  Which doesn't sound super plausible but I promise you - it does.

Metallic Leopard Print.  What could be better?  Especially at this price.

Leopard Print Emily Shoes at Dorothy Perkins were £25 now £12.50

Black glitter at Dorothy Perkins - again a complete bargain. 

Emily Pointed Black Glitter Courts were £27 now £18.90

Others that I also found online at Ted.

Satin Embellished bow court shoes from Ted Baker £140

Silver Embellished Evies at Oasis £45

Navy at M&S (a hard colour to find in a heel... - they also have black, royal blue, fuchsia and a champagne).

I think there may be 20% off at M&S this weekend.  On your Sparks card?  Fingers crossed...

Stiletto Heel Trim Pointed Court Shoes £35

Then the flats... I wasn't sure about these.  Until I started doing some research.  Dang it all to hell - these are blooming genius.  GENIUS!  Ok who's in?  I'm doing a blog for M&S this week and I wanted it to be festive.. I think I might do how to style flats for the party season.  What do we think?  Not everyone likes wearing heels, do they?  *suppresses urge to fling out all heels and invest in an entire army of flats*.  

Crystal slingback shoes from Mango £49.99

Satin Bow Embellished Flats - the flat versions of the above heels from Ted Baker £120

Rosalie Flats from Boden £120

Or in a black and pewter Jacquard from Boden £120

Silver at Oasis. 

Satin Bow Loafers £120 in Oxblood from Ted Baker

Loafers at Dorothy Perkins. 

Black Linzi Embellished Loafers were £25 now £20

Blue Harper shoes with silver stars at Accessorise £29

And finishing with the mid heel.  I am happy (?!) to say these are not for me.  A style I can happily explore in great detail but they simply don't work for me.  Which means i'm not tempted.  Which doesn't happen often.... 

There are also not that many of these around so was happy to find these as I know some people LOVE them. M&S, however have a fair few pairs.  Oh holy hell, do we think it's an age thing?  Who cares anyway - as mid heel jazz hands (SORRY) shoes go, these are the best that are out there for the money.

Block Heel Jewel Slingback Shoes from M&S £35 

Kitten Heel Slingback Court Shoes from M&S in gold £29.50 (they also had them in blush but they're only now available in tiny sizes) 

And here I am in mine from Friday night.  


Sequin jacket - Zadig & Voltaire (from TK MAXX)
Linen tee - Rotten Roach
Belt - Weekday at ASOS
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Bag - I Know The Queen

Lovely day yesterday.  I will fess up to being *slightly* worse for wear after a late night (in my shoes....) on Friday.  So long dog walk (before it started to absolutely pee it down) and then the cinema (Paddington 2 - loved it and balled my eyes out but I'm going to throw it out there that Thor 3 is better.  I KNOW.  But trust me...!  PLEASE has anyone else seen it and can back me up.  Or tell me I'm losing my mind...) followed by Pizza Express with the kids whilst the husband went to the rugby. 

It's my turn to go out out today, without the kids.  Off to London for a bottomless brunch (at 5pm... hmmmm) for a friend's birthday.   On a Sunday night.  Can't quite work out whether it's really decadent or really foolish....

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10 comentarios:

  1. Metallic leopard print and £12.50?!? Oops I *might* have accidentally pressed order on those x

  2. Another like here for the DP ones. Never thought I would be attracted to the flats either but I’m thinking they would be great for chef duties on Christmas Day. Much more chic than the elf slippers I was sporting last year!

  3. Ooh, I like this idea. Teetering around in high heels whilst wrestling with the turkey is no fun.

  4. Just received a pair of Boden velvet flats with the festive season in mind! I will treat them as a pair of posh slippers! (A lot of Danes don't wear outdoor shoes in their homes - heels and wooden floors aren't always a match made in heaven. So I feel more dressed up if I have a pair of flats that fit the bill).

  5. Last year I bought some clip on shoe decorations. Only a few quid from eBay and they tarted up my plain old stilettoes. Next day, I clipped them on my flats (they do have a tendency to fall off though if I'm dancing aggressively :-)

    1. OMG I meant to include these!! Saw them in Aldo! GENIUS