The devil's in the detail

No I don't come up with the title before the post (how arse about face would that be - but then again, it's me all over) and I was going to do statement jackets and use this title but... but but but, it's occurred to me that I did mention I was going to do belts.  And I am using one belt at the moment.  On which another rivet fell off today.  It's at the back, so you can't see it ergo I will carry wearing it as I do rather like it.

And this title works just as well for the detailing a belt can bring to an outfit.

It has though made me think with me being the proud owner of two belts - another one would perhaps be a good idea.  Mine wasn't expensive that - it's a Weekday one (leather though) from ASOS which was about £25, although I wouldn't have expected it to fall apart but to be honest I have worn it too much to return.  Just one of those things.

SO - do we go big money?  It's horses for courses.  I make no bones of the fact I like spending money on bags and boots but I have to say, belts don't necessarily float my boat. 

Personally, I'm all for the reasonably priced, ideally leather (and ideally that don't fall apart...) and non branded.  Which is something I thought I'd never say but there you go.  Although to be fair, my belt history is telling - one from Primark (which owes me nothing) and my Weekday number.

Oh and I probably should have said that the belts are to hold up jeans and other trousers that have belt loops.  Not waist belts.  Although I guess you could double them up as that if you want?

First up - loving a stud and a bit of leather.

Ellena Stud Belt Topshop £38

Studs again but not leather... although I do love this one. 

Studded Buckle Belt from Topshop £32

Gold studded at La Redoute £15 but 40% off with the code CYBER

Eyelets patent belt at Mango £15.99 with 30% off with the code CYBER17

Pearly at Stradivarius £7.99 Just to reiterate, I have no idea what the quality would be like from here - but at £7.99 I'm going to throw it out there that you're not going to be handing this down to your daughter.   Having said that - if we're talking the cheaper end of the market, I have, over the years, bought a number of shoes from Forever 21 which is one of the cheapest shops on the high street and I would say the quality is the same as the lower end of Topshop (which is a LOT more).  But that's not to say this will be the same.  As it's a belt and not shoes.  Not to mention, a totally different shop.  As you were...

I will say though, that my favourite stud belt is this one from Mango. 

Studded Belt £15.99

Well I thought that was my favourite but then I happened to look at Gap.  I'll be honest - I had pretty much exhausted all the usual sites I looked at (some had absolutely none) and as I said - this isn't a post about branded belts but just a practical belt to hold up jeans (holy hell, who am I and what has someone done with me?).

These are verging on belt porn.  Which sounds all sorts of wrong diddly but they're definitely the best I've found for the money. 

Studded leather belt from Gap in raspberry £19.95

Grommet Leather Belt £22.95

Nail head belt from Gap in true black £22.95

And then moving away from the studs.  Although after the above Gap ones, I'm not sure we need any more.  Just in case studs aren't your thing.

First up - plainer with a hint of metal. 

Metal Buckle Belt from Mango £17.99

Leopard at River Island.  Faux pony skin belt £22

Vintage style leather at Uniqlo £24.90

And I'll be honest - I would have thought there would be more.   But there aren't and I do think the ones above are a pretty good bunch to choose from.  Unless you're looking for a branded number in which case - enjoy the copious amounts of belt heaven over on Matches, Net a Porter and My Theresa.  You'll find me in the handbag section. 

Wearing aforementioned slightly broken belt today. 


Coat - Zara (4yrs ago)
Jumper - Luke Edward Hall for The British Designers Collective at Bicester Village (gift new in)
Jeans - Zara (aw16 sale)
Belt - Weekday for ASOS (ss17)
Loafers - Gucci (aw15 but still available)
Half Moon bag (ss16 but still available)

Yes, that was me looking on the rather moody side.  Contemplating which muppet goes and watches football with no socks on.  IN THE RAIN.  In my defence, it wasn't raining when we left or when the match started.  Which was supposed to be half an hour. Except that not in the history of kids' sporting events has anything only lasted half an hour. 

I am now dethawing in my jamas on the sofa, wondering why we bothered to have a new Sky system installed where you now have to download things off the Catch Up Tv which, with our utterly pants wifi takes about a week.  Maybe I'll just watch the news AGAIN and see the engagement announcement for the gazillionth time today.  Hands up who's excited about a Royal Wedding?  And will she gazump Kate's baby?!

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7 comentarios:

  1. Thank you - that raspberry Gap belt is exactly what I've been looking for! I've got a pair of black Rag & Bone jeans that are slightly too big (because only the size above mine was still available in the outlet!), so that will do nicely. I've been buying more things in dark red lately, so this will be perfect!

  2. Ordered one on black Friday from Elliot Rhodes that had been on my wish list for a while. Blue snakeskin with a touch of sparkle and a rose gold buckle. Their belts are amazing, especially as you can change the buckles. I may have gone a bit crazy over their belts the last year or so (I do wait for a discount code though).

  3. Aha. I can help re-Sky. When you go to download, click all formats and choose the SD not HD version. It takes minutes not weeks. I am hanging my head in shame here. Love the gap belts. There must be another code soon! K x

  4. This is why I don't like you :D I haven't worn a belt since about 1996 (my last favourite was a leather gap one!) I don't find them anything other but inconvenient and sometimes slightly uncomfortable. I don't even own any nowadays. But I do love some of these and find myself trying to make a case to need one - given how much weight I've put on lately there's little chance though

  5. At the risk of playing devils advocate, and fanning the flames as far as a love of bags go, this one is stunning:
    I can only say this bag doesn't come in navy, and if I didn't stand firm I would already own one! There are a few other studded bags, some available in shades of blue...

  6. F88K it and get a Gucci. It is used more than my toothbrush. Almost. ;)

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