Layer me up

So the temperatures seem to be dropping.  Apparently it's going to get "freezing" according to a headline I saw at the beginning of the week (before Royal Wedding mayhem took over).  To be honest - it's hardly the hugest surprise is it?  It being "winter".... Or is still Autumn?  Whatevs, we're hardly expect to crack out the bikinis any time this month or next.

And seeing as I struggled to find any amazing long sleeved black dresses the other week, it seems time to unveil my cunning plan for this A/W (note - I am not reinventing the wheel - I should probably dial down those excitement levels...).

It's also a great tactic to make the most of all your favourite Spring/Summer/Autumn jumpers and sweatshirts.  It also means (I'm on a roll) that you can then still wear your lighter coats and jackets without resorting to the Nanouk of the North option. 

We are talking layering.  

For me - the favourite option is, without a doubt, a polo neck.  Truss me up like a Christmas turkey, I am THE biggest fan of these.   Have been for years - I blame Ali McGraw.  So yes, I love a wool version but the last couple of years, I have become quite addicted to layering with the thinner versions.  Perfect under all your dresses from the Spring and Autumn to transform them into a Winter number.

My favourite - as it has long arms - is found in the not so glamorous, but oh so useful thermal section at M&S.  Size up.  Unless you like the "vacuum packed in jersey" look.  Each to their own and all that...

Heatgen Thermal Polo Neck from M&S £16

So I only have one but I'm definitely going to order the navy as well. 

This version I think is new in this year. And for layering under dresses - all the smoooooooooooth.  GENIUS.

Heatgen Polo Neck Thermal Bodysuit from M&S £16

So when I've asked around about these - the other name that comes up loads is Uniqlo.  Their HeatTech range.

There are loads in this range but for me - it's the turtle neck that I would be most interested in.  As these look like a poloneck.  

HeatTech Turtle Neck in off white from Uniqlo £12.90

So you can see the fit.. the dark grey £12.90  Huge apologies as I don't know what the sizing is like.  I've only tried their jersey wide leg trousers (awesome) and their men's crew neck extra fine merino jumpers (a small is a large 10..). 

Upping the budget but these are amazing... AND if you are of longer limb, they are definitely long in the arm.  I don't have the roll neck version but years ago they had a round neck one.  I remember sizing up....

Roll neck wool top £45 from Cos

Also in a silvery grey... 

Or the beige... 

Then there are the non polo neck options.  Which, I think might be more popular as there are a gazillion more colours of these at M&S whereas only a couple of colour options in the polo necks.  So what do I know... 

Heatgen Thermal Long Sleeve Top £16 

It comes in pretty much any colour you can think of - I quite like the pale rose.. 

And superfine knitwear at & Other Stories. 

Wool Sweater in Grey £39

And in the pale pink... these can definitely be worn on their own under a jacket or are ideal for layering. 

BUT it's all about the polo neck for me.  

Which I'm not wearing today.. DOH.  I could have done with one though as it was freezing.  I have had the most amazingly surreal day.  Shooting something super special for Stella Magazine at the most gorgeous house in North London.  And we had to choose our own outfits to wear.  No pressure there then...  

I wore two of my own dresses but I also asked Debenhams if I could borrow two of their Studio by Preen press samples (as the dresses haven't even been produced yet) that I saw at their SS19 show last week.  They were utterly sublime.  One they did shoot which means I get to show you a sneak preview of the other one.  

They're packaged up to be couriered back but I managed a photo to whet your appetite before they land in February. 


HOW AMAZING?  And when it does arrive in February and it's still freezing - this is the ideal sort of dress under which you can layer a polo neck.  TA DAH!  

The dress I did wear for the shoot is over on my Insta Stories - the most amazing blue and yellow shirt dress which is also coming in February.  I don't think that either of them will be as long as the ones I have on (which are touching the floor long on me at 5ft10 - BLISS) as these are just the samples.  So good for all you of normal height and bad for me being of Gulliver proportions.  

Will reveal all when the edition comes out but suffice to say - it was genuinely one of those "pinch me", how did I get here, experiences.  Am trying not to overthink it or get too excited before I see it in print.  I then came home to arguing children, a dog who's rolled in fox poo and mounds of washing with no food in the house.  And back in the room - reality bites!

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  1. Uniqlo women's heat techs are way off in sizing - I'm a 14 and the XL is still too small on me. But a men's medium is perfect! In M&S heatgens I have to get a 20 to get a bit of room in it... I don't really understand this, as layers work better when there's some air trapped in between - which you'll never get if you're vacuum packed. My toastiest combo is a long-sleeved heat tech under a Whistles cashmere cowl neck jumper!

  2. Agree with the odd Uniqlo sizing. I am guessing I'd be a UK8, but in Heat tech I take a large and it is just right. However, in their other clothing, I can easily fit a small or medium, so I have to try everything on. Just bought the extra warm version of the black turtleneck this weekend.

  3. I have two round neck wool sweaters from a couple of seasons ago, one from COS and one from & Other Stories, both wash and wear well, but I'd say size up if you don't like them a little tight.

  4. great post, v useful. Its regularly -5 in the daytime in winter here - I resort to skiing thermals usually and keep Uniqlo for inside!!! xx

  5. Love a polo neck here - my two great buys this season have been from Gap (women's, in black, not sure if they still have this in stock but I got a tall as am 5'9" and the sleeves are long enough), and from H&M. H&M do AMAZING merino wool knitwear for MEN - my navy polo neck is a small and I'm a large 10. I found the uniqlo merino ones too thin and not long enough. The H&M mens would be too long for anyone who doesn't have a long body or is under 5'6 ish (at a guess) but order online and it's free returns. theyre £39

  6. I have a whole drawer of M&S thermals. Super cosy, super comfy and even the 8s are generous on me so I get to feel stupidly skinny too :D Love the look of those Cos necklines and the fact they are more clothes and less undies... xx

  7. I have the M&S thicker polo neck thermals at £18 each, they are so warm, i do have the thiner ones and in them i did have to size up to a 16, i'm a 10 or 12.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Aw, when this blog is called " does my bum look 50" you'll come to realise that wearing a polo neck is nigh on impossible. Hot flush anyone ? : )

  10. Love the Uniqlo ones, especially think merino wool I got last year and M&S, you're right about the sizing though! Randomly I wonder if you've had a look at ASOS white? Some great things there, T shirts with big sleeves!

  11. Been wearing m&s heatgen scoop necks today and yesterday. They're fab. May have actually slept in one last night.... but I agree about comments re sizing. I'm normally an 8 in m&s, but both my heatgen tops are 12s and I could probably do with a 14. Am going to dig out the polo neck version from the ski bag tomorrow. Noticed they're selling them in two warmth levels this year, wondered if anyone has compared them? Think they were called something vaguely like normal warmth and really bloody cold. But I may have that slightly wrong....

    1. I bought both for a recent trip to Poland because they only had one in my size in the super extra warm and I can say that the thicker ones less clingy and much warmer! xx

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  13. I went to M&S to top up my heatgen tops and got a sparkly black one in the normal heatgen but very nearly got a sparkly NAVY one in the heatgen+. The heatgen+ has a very thin fleecy inner and looks really cosy - I will probably get that on my next visit.
    Heatgen in black and red sparkle
    Heatgen+ in navy sparkle -

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  16. HOW AMAZING? And when it does arrive in February and it's still freezing - this is the ideal sort of dress under which you can layer a polo neck. TA DAH!

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