The easiest way to add Christmas to your outfit

...and handily it's my favourite subject... BAGS!

And since we're thinking about all things Christmas (well I am, anyway), it's a clutch bag with attitude.  Yesterday I did my very pared back edit of some the basics I love to wear for Christmas and the party season which, if you're looking for things that you can then wear into Spring, are ideal.  Then add your Christmas spirit with carryable (not a word) sparkle.

Easy.  These work for every budget.  They're also an amazing Christmas present. 

AND, dare I say, I even use mine all year round.  So this is the one I was given last year - I used it all over last Christmas, handily my initials haven't gone out of fashion.

I also want to mention that the glitter does not come off these.  Years ago, I had an Anya Hindmarch glitter clutch (don't get me wrong - I LOVE all things Anya normally) that all the coating used to rub off from.  So I'd be walking around like Disco Gretal, leaving trails of sparkle instead of bread.  Could have been a great party trick - was actually rather annoying.

These, however, are a fraction of the price and the glitter stays intact.  I reckon I use mine once a fortnight and have done all through the year.

I Know The Queen Personalised Clutch £65

Multicoloured glitter at Coast - Leola Perspex Clutch £45 

Grey glitter at Mango.  And quilted.  £35.99

Tamarind Midnight Black from Aldo £45

and in the red metallic again £45

ASOS Oversized Matte Chainmail Foldover Clutch Bag £25

Now bring on the jewels...

Celine Jewel Clutch from Accessorise was £30 now £21

Starburst Jewelled Clutch Bag also Accessorise was £30 now £21

Chiara Embellished Ziptop Bag again Accessorise was £37 now £25.90

True Decadence Emerald Green Velvet Gem Bag £32

And if jewels aren't your thing - maybe pearl detail?

Cindy Pearl Clutch Bag from Topshop £27

And for those who don't like a clutch and would like to indulge their inner Majesty (is it just me who thinks of the Queen when I see these bags?!).  Velvet at Aldo.  I saw these in the flesh today and they are incredible.  

Aldo Durosty £60

and in the navy

I have to throw this one in as it's another I Know The Queen number - and it's a tiger... I am rather tiger obsessed at the mo.  AND it's navy...

Feroce Studded Clutch £79

Gold rainbow glitter £65  They'll see you coming with this one...

BUT I love this one probably the most... I have a random thing for sharks.  Don't ask.

Black Shark Glitter Clutch from I Know The Queen £65

And here I am last night with my initial bag which I have to say - I'm not sure if you can get any better... (although the shark is tempting..!). 

This was for the premiere of Daddy's Home 2 with the 13 yr old which was just amazing.  Now - I loved Daddy's Home.  It's not going to win any Oscars and it's not one if you're looking for a thought provoking challenge of a movie.  But for good old fashioned japes - if you love Elf for example - this is a complete winner of a Christmas Movie (the original isn't a festive feast but the sequel definitely definitely is).


Black silk front pussy bow jumper - Ted Baker
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Leopard coat - Helene Berman at Anthropologie
Black boots - Zara 
Initial clutch - I Know The Queen 

And today, working from home and taking back the pile of things I bought from Bluewater pre holiday for the family.  Was the last day of returns so I had no option... Holy. Hell.  It was SO busy.  I thought I had got my weeks mixed up and that it was Black Friday.  But no - just general Christmas Shopping.  Note to self - avoid Bluey on a Friday or the weekend until way into January. 


Navy Mon Coeur Jumper - Orwell & Austen 
Navy blazer - Zara
Copeland trainers - Air & Grace
Scarf - Gucci
Jeanne Jeans - MiH at Quattrorish
Wrist Warmers - hush
Leopard print bag - Hill & Friends

I am off out tonight to a party which I am ridiculously looking forward to.  Lots of friends I usually see all the time but work has been so manic, we haven't caught up properly.  I also don't have football in the morning as the 9yr old has hurt his knee and the 11yr old is off to a rugby match WHICH I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE HIM TO!  *punches air*. 

I have promised a friend, I'll do a dog walk at 10am which will blow away any cobwebs I happen to imbibe tonight...

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12 comentarios:

  1. Talking of tigers - Sweaty Betty have a great tiger sweatshirt!

    1. Someone sent it to me (the pic not the sweatshirt!) Thank you!!!!

  2. Lots of these bags have such a great Gucci vibe. I need more opportunities to use them.

    1. The velvet ones from Aldo are easily big enough to use as a day bag... !

  3. Oh, I want them all! I think, like you, the monogrammed one may just win out as I can see it getting more use. But YES YES to the Gucci vibe - that green velvet Aldo one has got me like... oooohhh.
    I bought this last week. - but think I may need two more. At least.

    1. Oh that looks lovely. I love the modern/vintage feel of the gucci style ones but the monogram one, for me, has more longevity!

  4. Can’t beat a bit of glitter. Off for a browse for something to see me through the festive party season. Thinking initials is the way forward!

  5. I have just sent the link to the personalised one to my husband. Fingers crossed for Christmas! (Have given up dropping hints, they totally pass him by)

    1. It is SUCH a good present. It really really is. Hope you love it as much as I love mine xxxxx

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