Eye of the tiger.

(it's the thrill of the fight... seriously I do actually live my life in song lyrics - worse thing I could carry on as I fear I may be able to recall all the words to that.  Having never even seen a Rocky film... MOVING ON THOUGH...)

I have developed a dodgy obsession with tigers.  Ok thinking about it, less of an obsession, more of a fixation.  Which I guess is the same thing.  

What I'm trying to say is... GIVE ME ALL THE TIGERS.  It started a few years ago with jumpers and I'm trying to think what else.  I may have had a scarf, I seem to recall but it's on the front of a jumper or top that I am all over. 

Why has this fire been relit?   Well, someone posted the most amazing sweatshirt on Instagram that their husband had bought them.  Do you think I know who it was and can I find it again?  Course not.  So I'm going to put out a plea and ask if anyone might know who it was (needle in a haystack of course).  But in the meantime, I can't stop thinking about tigers (first world problems and all that) so I've gone on a big cat hunt. 

The tee that made me think... YES.  What you can't see is that this is one of those lovely soft, silky tees.  Viscose as opposed to a stiffer cotton.  It's not everyone's bag as I know some prefer cotton but for me - these are much more flattering.  And more importantly, don't need ironing.

Animal Print T-shirt from Mango £17.99

This has been in stock for ages but I've suddenly realised that I have to have it.  I usually do this in the sale - and then everything is sold out but I can still get my hands on this.  It must be Christmas. 

Tiger Sweater from & Other Stories £59

Sweatshirt now and this one is possibly my favourite.  It's also possibly the cheapest. 

LA Tigers Sweatshirt Grey was £22 now £18 from Missguided

Upping the budget at Matches. 

Tiger Rose Cotton Sweatshirt £143 from The Upside

And dare I say I have a complete hankering for a Kenzo one?

Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt from Very Exclusive £175

Off the chart expensive at Gucci. 

Gucci Appliqued printed sweatshirt from Net A Porter £725  Although seeing as I don't like it that much more than the Missguided one - that's a decision easily made.

Another tee from & Other Stories 

Print Tee £25

Continuing the rock chick theme at Mango. 

V-back t-shirt £17.99

White at Topshop 

Tiger Graphic T-shirt £16

Ragyard Festival Tiger Pyjama Top £75

Japanese inspired dress at ASOS.  And this has a hint of Rixo to me.  Although there is something vaguely drag about the tiger's face.  Not a sentence I ever thought I'd write...

ASOS Satin Front Dress was £65 now £35.50

Now we're going off piste.  Children and men's departments.  Size up for the kids, size down for the men's (just in case you didn't realise...!!). 
Printed Hooded Top from H&M £9.99

Tiger Print T-shirt from Mango Boys £12.99

Tiger Print Overshirt from Mango £25.99

Then there's this one.  Well.  This is an example of when it's perhaps not a good idea to shop from other departments.  This says Growler on it.  Which "obviously" refers to the noise a tiger makes.  However in my book it refers to ahem - lady parts.  Which isn't perhaps what one wants plastered all over one's front.  Each to their own mind you... A shame as it's really rather nice (bar having "snatch" written on your front).

Intarsia draw sweater from Mango £49.99  SUCH a shame as it's such a gorgeous grey.  Would be a conversation starter I guess.  Not entirely sure what sort of conversation but....

Good for Nothing Muscle T-shirt in Black Embroidery £35 

This may seem a tad - ARE YOU KIDDING? but... but but but, I think, with jeans, a blazer and leopard boots, this could definitely work.  Again, it's from the men's section but they only have it in a small anyway.

Mesh TIger Jersey from Forever 21 £15 

Or - if you're of a crafty disposition, maybe you would like to get creative with a patch.  Personally, this is not for me - I would have all the grand ideas, purchase and then it would sit in my drawer of crap for the next 8 years.  Fact.

Tiger Patch £4

Or a bigger selection to clog up my drawer...

Decorative patch set from Mango £12.99

And here I am - feeling all the sweatshirt love last Friday.  This is why I'm tempted to get the tiger one above.  


Sweatshirt - H&M
Wide leg cropped faux leather trousers - Topshop
Red coat - M&S
Trainers - Ted Baker 
Soho Disco bag - Gucci

Today - it was rugby.  Thank the lord it was super sunny and only a tad chilly. 


Coated super skinny jeans - New Look

Striped navy jumper - Me+Em
Navy oversized biker - Me+Em
Navy faux fur scarf - Me+Em
Half Moon Bag - APC

As you can see, the coated jeans (these aren't leggings - they're spray on super skinnies from New Look) are back.  These are last season's but I have had so so many requests for more options - blog coming this week.  As well as some handbag porn (all shades of red, just in case that's up your street) and surely it's biker time?  Not to mention the return of the LBD.  Which stands for... guesses below....

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10 comentarios:

  1. Little blue dress? Please....
    I'm with you as far as viscose goes, so more drapey than cotton. Not so sure about the tigers though, just not my thing, sorry.
    Loving you rugby outfit though, especially your faux fur scarf.

  2. Red bags, again yes, yes yes!
    What about bag accessories? I'm quite into pimping my (plain)bag with tassels etc, but good ones that dont blow the budget are hard to find.

  3. I live in the US now, and you can imagine my delight at finding out that a type of jug they sell beer in here is called a growler!! Love tiger things - I have a pair of Sorel boots that have tiger print on the heel section, and am currently pondering over a tiger graphic tee in Gap Men...

  4. I’m loving the tigers. I dug out last year’s H&M for the fireworks tonight as it was so cold here. The husband does not like it anymore than he did last year. Unfortunately I’d forgotten how badly it mis-shaped each wash.....

  5. Crying with laughter at the growler jumper...

  6. I love a tiger too, it would seem, according to my wardrobe!! I've never heard of a growler in that sense - maybe we don't use it up here. Might buy the jumper as conclusive market research. I think I need a red tiger tshirt. Although it's already so cold here I might not wear another tshirt this year :-( xx

  7. Yes please, give me all the tigers! My New Look one arrived at the weekend, great price and very pretty but size up.

  8. Mmmmm if you go a bit further up North than I am, (that would be North of Manchester then), then a "Growler" is a meat pie they sell at Rugby/football matches!!! Or so I have been told in the past!
    A whole new meaning of "can I have a bite of your growler"!!
    Sorry. I just had to say it.

    1. I’m in Durham and a I’d have to agree with Kat, never heard a growler as a pie!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.