Where's Wally goes rainbow

You know when you think you like something.  Then you just do a teensy bit of research and suddenly there are a gazillion different things that you're not sure you can live without (never let it be said I am not the Queen of overstatement). 

Striped Jumpers.  I knew they were a *thing*.  I didn't realise they were a thing of total and utter gorgeousness that I simply can't get enough of. 

The love for the striped jumper is not a new thing, I should point out.  But I have always been monochrome in my approach to the hooping - a Where's Wally red option would be living life on the edge. 

But then in the Summer I discovered an Essentiel Antwerp one at Collen & Clare in Aldeburgh.   The floodgates were opened. 

First bit of the cherry this season was given to the one I snaffled from hush when I was putting together my capsule wardrobe choice from their new in at John Lewis. 

So I should start off by warning.. LONG BLOG AHEAD.

Starting off with this.  FEAR NOT - this is the only totally insanely expensive jumper but I've flung it in here so we can see how awesome they can be. 

Long Sleeved Striped Cashmere Jumper from Gucci £690

And then the ones that we can afford.

At Warehouse (except I can't find it at Warehouse, can only find it at ASOS).  Reminds me of vintage Sonia Rykiel.  Or a modern day Gucci...And what's not to love about that.  Dare I say, I actually prefer this to the one above?

Warehouse Rainbow Sparkle Stripe Jumper £49

Sparkle again at M&S.  Slight funnel neck - but not a full on polo.. I will definitely be doing that another day.

Striped Funnel Neck Jumper from M&S £27.50

Metallic again at M&S. 

Striped Slash Neck Jumper £19.50

At Gap.  Absolutely love this.  So there are two versions, this is the silk knit.

Crazy stripe clean crewneck £44.95 from Gap.

And a merino knit version which is thicker.

Crazy Stripe Crewneck Sweater £49.95

Cashmere at M&S £99

Cashmere again at Boden - crew neck jumper £130

And paler shades - again £130 from Boden

Wide Stripes at Esprit £39

And in different shades - again at Esprit £39

Wider stripes again at Only. 

Only Stripe Knit Jumper £18

Then the looser styles and this is the one that I chose from hush.  Which I have on today.

Striped Boyfriend Jumper £110

At ASOS.  Chunky Jumper in Bright Block Stripe £32

ELK Oversized Jumper with High Neck in Wide Stripe £35

And finally, I've looked at men's styles.  As they are such a great option.

ASOS Textured Striped Jumper in Ecru £30

Bershka Jumper with Multicoloured Stripes £25.99

Here I am in my oversized option from hush (I'm wearing a Medium here).  I love the way it can just transform an all black outfit. 


Jumper - hush
Pompom wide leg trousers - Whistles
Trench - Acne
Ponyskin trainers - Woden from The Dressing Room
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

So we went today to see Thor.  OMG.  I was expecting to be able to snaffle a cheeky 40 winks like I usually do when I take the children to the cinema.  But no.  Seriously, it is AWESOME.  Honestly one of the best films I have seen this year, which sounds bonkers but it is simply so funny.  Maybe I thought it was so good as I was expecting it to be vaguely enjoyable but nothing out of the ordinary.  It's by the same director as Hunt for the Wilderpeople - which, if you haven't seen it, is also definitely worth looking up (we saw it on Netflix).  An unexpected charm of a movie which the whole family adored.

Sofa for us this evening, the husband is at the rugby (praying he doesn't roll in at 9pm when I've just got everyone settled and am enjoying The X Factor - he has form for this....), I have gone and got a chinese takeaway (we have a new one which does gluten free dishes which is SUPERB news for the 13yr old coeliac), so bring on the Strictly!  

Hope you all love a striped jumper.  I'm back with something ridiculously practical tomorrow... 

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15 comentarios:

  1. What was in the rest of the John Lewis capsule wardrobe? X

  2. Loving stripes. Like you I'm a recent convert to the coloured versions. I have two cashmere ones from Boden, one is the breton with rainbow stripes, the other is from last season. They are so soft and wash well, as well as being so cosy!
    That gucci one is lovely...

  3. Urgh I am obsessed with rainbow jumpers. I already have last year's version of the silk blend Gap crazy stripe and last year's Boden rainbow cashmere. They are actually really versatile, they go with pretty much everything. There are also some lovely Gap leggings in the stripey merino which I am considering. And thinking of buying the kid's versions to kit out my mini-me...

  4. I was eyeing up some lovely rainbow striped jumpers in Gap today - had they been included in the mad 40% off 'everything' (else, so it seems) I would definitely have bought one. Always felt they were a bit Kids TV presenter, but trying to divert myself away from that thought and these are all gorgeous.

    1. Kids TV presenter is all the rage! (and could I sound more like my late mother..??!!)

  5. Have just ordered the warehouse and gap one. What’s the betting I love the both?!

  6. There are also 2 dress versions of the Warehouse one that I am keen to check out, but fear might be somewhat erm unforgiving. Jumpers much easier!

    1. I saw one dress version and thought errr no...!!! It didn’t look loose enough!!

  7. The Hush jumper arrived last night. The teenage girls next door adore it, my daughter wants to pinch it, my husband adores it. * punches air* So thank you. Big thank you. X

  8. I got the thicker sweater from The Gap. I haven't posted it yet, but I love it! Thanks for some styling inspiration!