When the going gets tough...

...the tough get new boots. 

Or at the very least they contemplate them.  And we're going off piste for these.  Call it a mid life crisis.  Perhaps hormones or maybe the early onset of dementia, these boots are not my usual fare.  

I am considering Dr Martens.  Ok so not actually Dr Martens as that's what the 13 yr old wants for Christmas and seeing as the possibility of her never talking to me again if I get the same boots as her is high, I am going to have to consider a variation on the theme.  

I have got to the ripe old age of 44 without having even ever tried a pair on.  They weren't on my radar and they are potentially a try on and erase from my consciousness FOREVER thing.  Every now and again, I am like a dog with a bone with regards to a very specific item.  It's usually something utterly random and waaaaaay out of my comfort zone.  Occasionally it works and becomes a wardrobe staple (*eyes up trainers*) and other times, they're worn once, sit in my wardrobe for a year before I kick myself for being a moron and donate to charity (*pretty much any shoe that isn't a trainer or a boot*).  If I'm lucky, they sit in the bag in my wardrobe, I come to my senses and return them before they're worn.  And this is the most random one I've done in a while. 

So when I say a variation on Dr Martens, in my head, I'm thinking chunky, worker boot style.  Which has, in its favour, a very practical stance.  I also think, with regards to wardrobe versatility, we're onto a winner.  Skinny jeans/leather leggings, all styles of jeans, skirts and dresses should all make perfect partners.   So far, so good. 

But what type?  Full on chunky, one step away from extra from Trainspotting, boot?  Hmmm maybe not.  Although with a fancy stud or pearl detailing?

Hatty from Miss KG were £99 now £71.20

Lace up ankle boots with faux pearl eyelets from Stradivarius £45.99 (I have lost hours of my life today on this site... it came up on a search I did and I am now addicted.  I'm sure there's one on Oxford Street so I'll go and check out the quality.  I'm sure they're part of the Zara stable so one could have high hopes for their footwear - the main thing I rate about Zara.  That and jackets.  They kill a jacket and a boot).

Being tall I love, love these.  But clearly so does everyone else as they're OOS in my size. 

Sting Black Flat Biker Boots from Kurt Geiger were £169 now £135.20

Carvela Sander Black Flat Ankle Boot were £189 now £151.20

Multi buckle versions at Boohoo and ASOS.

Boohoo Studded Boots £35 (from ASOS as you get 20% off with the code WIN20)

These remind me a bit of the Topshop navy and white ones I loved but had to send back as they were just too tight.  The 7 was titchy (something everyone said) and even wearing them round the house was pure torture.  Another return just in time though...   These are black.  So actually nothing really like the navy and white ones but they both have more than a couple of buckles.  Moving swiftly on...

ASOS Agile Leather Boots £60

RAID Helena Black Grunge Boots £39.99 again from ASOS (WIN20 for the discount).

Or there's always the patent Dr Ms as I know the 13 yr old won't want these. Dare I?

Dr Martens £110 (pre 20% discount from ASOS)

Velvet beauties giving a feminine twist.

Velvet Ankle Boots from Stradivarius £45.99

And just for the hell of it, a pair of pink ones.  Oh.  Hello.  

Lace up ankle boots from Stradivarius £39.99

But maybe there is a half way house between scaffolder and princess.. thinking specifically of two pairs that have been on my radar since the beginning of the season.  One is definitely a contender..

Alfie Buckle Boots from Topshop £89

...the other is definitely purely Christmas/Birthday present fodder.  Although it's totally academic as they've sold out in my size anyway.   But one can drool.

Alex multi strap leather ankle boots £675 from Tabitha Simmons

But I think I have found a pair which are clearly nothing like I described at the beginning.  Bar a chunky sole.  And they're boots plus I like the fact they're unusual.  Definitely like nothing else I own, which is always a good thing and I think these have a real Scandi vibe to them which is infinitely pleasing.  Plus they're such good value for leather (she says having never touched anything from Stradivarius ever so they could be a complete disaster...).

Leather Ankle Boots with Zip from Stradivarius £59.99

So have I finally lost my mind?   I think they could give a really different look to a wardrobe.  But - as I can hear the husband saying - is that necessarily a good thing?  What do we think?  You don't have to be gentle, all opinions welcome (I haven't bought any.  Yet...!).

Finishing with outfits from yesterday.  


1970 Jumper - Bella Freud (aw16)
Jeans - Zara (aw16 sale)
Belt - Weekday at ASOS (ss17)
Leopard Coat - Helen Berman at Anthropologie (aw17 more stock coming at the end of the month)
Boots - Seven Boot Lane (gift aw17 online now)
Tools Bag - Balenciaga (aw16)

And last night for dinner with friends.


Dress - Saloni (ss17 sale)

Clutch bag - Tory Burch from Bicester (4 yrs ago)
Pink boots - Mango (aw17 online now)
Belt - Topshop (aw16 sale)
Earrings - Zara (aw17 sold out)

Tomorrow,  is one of my favourite days of the year when we put up the Christmas decorations at a local restaurant which is owned by a friend of mine.  It's our 9th year of doing it and it's definitely the start of Christmas for me, even though I've promised the children we won't play the tunes until Friday.  Maybe I can sneak the Mariah number in? (she says as she puts another mulled wine in the microwave....)

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14 comentarios:

  1. I’m not sure on these kind of boots. There’s just something a bit... I don’t know about them. Although, give me till january and I’ll NEED a pair. I’ve had a couple of pairs over the years but never really totally fallen for them.
    I have just ordered a pair of over the knee boots just to try.....
    Sarah x

    1. Yup. Yup yup yup!!!! I think it’s the practical side that draws me to them as well as being able to make all my maxi dresses and skirts look completely different ...

  2. A little outside my comfort zone here but I do love a biker boot. Perhaps of a more refined style, a bit less clump and a few less buckles and I’m in.

    1. That’s why I think I love the zip ones best.... but then maybe in for a penny???? The pink ones are also calling me...

  3. Puts mulled wine in the microwave :D :D You need to get it on the stove so the whole house smells of Christmas. Strangely, I looked at boots like these last week and was undecided. Just back from Poland and wondered if it all looked a bit jack boot even with bling. I did do the DM thing as a student, I had black slightly less chunky ones and bright pink patent... I am probably glad there is no photographic evidence. Also, I *might* be too lazy to bother with boots with laces as I'm always dashing out the door! Mind you, those ones at the bottom have zips... If you find out the quality let me know ;-) xx

  4. I adored my Dr.Martens in my youth just be sure to tell your daughter not to wear them to a special occasion for first wear. They are absolutely horrendous to break in but once done they are so comfortable.
    Am definitely loving the work boot style and I am searching for the Dr. Marten Leona hiker at moment as it’s sold out on ASOS. Love your blog as always x

  5. I love a chunky boot - mine are black wool-lined hiking-style ones from Woolrich, and two pairs of Timberland authentics (tan leather with sherpa lining, and burgundy leather). I’m usually wearing one pair of these most days in winter, lovely and warm and don’t go arse over tit if it’s icy!

  6. I too had DMs in my youth, loved them sooooo much. Revisited the era with the Alexa for M&S brogue style ankle boots which I LOVE and wear lots though mostly with trousers as the maxi & boots is literally what I wore constantly in the 90s. :-D

  7. I had Docs with ditsy flowers on them in my teens, went with absolutely everything (or so my 15 year old self thought...). Now I think they're too chunky for me, being petite I need a slightly more elegant boot. So I blasted my budget on these by Lola Cruz, lovely leather and very comfortable (http://www.lolacruz.com/products/35010-black?taxon_id=50).

  8. I like these as a slightly more subtle take on the trend:

  9. I had a pair of DMs practically glued to my feet when I was a teenager. Still love a chunky boot. We put our decorations up this weekend...crazy early, but otherwise we don’t get to enjoy them as we leave for the UK in a few weeks. Christmas markets open this week...this is the time fo year I love living in Germany! Bring on the gluwein ;-)

  10. Bought and sent back the Stradivarius zip boots. 7 was small and leather poor quality. Mango does a zipped fronted pair (sold out online but available on ASOS) but again 7 too small for me. Really want the Grenson Nanette but as I'm on maternity leave not sure I can really afford them!

    1. The Nanettes are DIVINE! Absolutely divine... I meant to put them on yesterday but ran out of time! And Oh BUGGER about the zip boots. I'm going to see if I can find them on Wednesday. And I will check out Mango thank you xx

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