Fixation time...

...yet again.  So first of all it was the black dress from yesterday that proved to be elusive - today, I am after something that I would have thought would be pretty simple... a red or a navy skirt.  Ideally midi, I would happily go a maxi.  It just needs to be navy or red.  

I'm not after the moon on a stick here - just a skirt.  How hard can that be?  


I do this a lot - get in my head that my life will be better (first world problems and a whole heap of exaggeration there..) if I manage to find a red or navy midi skirt.  The interesting thing is, if you put me on the sport I'd probably struggle to remember why I wanted them, but I do know that I've thought many a time this season - WHY can't I find one I like?  Mostly navy but red would work just as well.

Let the search begin.  I have done brief research before writing this and I have to say, it's not looking good.  But I tend to research as I write (all the organised here) so we'll see what I come up with and if I can actually remember why I want one. 

Actually I do know - jumpers and sweatshirts for during the day with trainers and boots and in the evening with blouses and heels.  TA DAH!

So first up...

Belt long skirt from Mango £25.99  It's not that I hate it.  It's just a bit too navy Handmaid's Tale.  I'm looking for more Gone With The Wind flounce.  Basically.

This is definitely what I'm after.  Except not, being 5ft10.  I had two amazing (actually I had more than that) skirts from M&S last year.  One black, one white - both from Autograph and both worn a LOT.  I will definitely wear them again - I just WISH they did them in a navy or a red.  Well. I say that.  I've maybe realised that there's something a bit "80s gym kit" about a navy skirt?  Does anyone know what I mean?  

Cotton Blend Wrap A-Line Midi Skirt £49.50

And then if we're going down the gym style route - how about throwing in some kilt detail.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  I have to say I LOVE this.  Not so much the price tag.. ouch.  Check out that buckle porn though....

Pleated wool-blend skirt from Toga at Matches £615

More pleats in navy at M&S and not a whiff of lacrosse about this one. 

Velvet Pleated A-Line Skirt from M&S £35

A sheen to this one which again, I think makes it party worthy.  But at the same time - fling on with a pair of trainers and a sweatshirt for the day.

ASOS Tall High Waisted Scuba Midaxi Skirt £35

However I have found one that I absolutely love.  Perfect length, perfect amount of swish, not so perfect price.  It's the amount of fabric.  There's oodles.  And that's what there needs to be, I've realised - lots of material.  A personal thing but I am currently obsessed with all things full.

Wrap style cotton blend skirt from Teija at Matches £462

A bargain at Uniqlo...

JW Anderson Quilted Skirt was £49.90 now £24.90

Am also throwing in a print one as it's navy and white and I could SO do this - again for me, if it were longer.  I'll change the record.

Printed jersey midi skirt from Etre Cecile was £145 now £78

Then we come onto the red.  Scant pickings.  Seriously not something that clearly other people want.

ASOS Tailored Simple Midi Skirt with Self Style Belt £35

So this is the same as the navy one above from Autograph and I think it looks much better in the red.  Although still too short for me. 

Cotton blend wrap A-line skirt £49.50

For the petite amongst you (and no, I can't find this in the Tall or even the regular in this colour).  Alas no pockets but the perfect length and, I think, proof that you CAN wear midis if you're not cursed with height.  The model here is 5ft2 and I have total skirt length envy.

ASOS Petite Midaxi Suba High Waisted Prom Skirt £35

Again - a velvet pleated number.  This one definitely has a festive vibe to it. 

Velvet Pleated A-Line Midi Skirt from M&S £35 

And that's it - I upped the budget ridiculously - still nada.  Red skirt fail, I'd say.  Unless you're petite and in that case - please can you buy the midaxi one?  PLEASE?!

I did cheat the system and ended up purchasing navy jersey wide leg cropped trousers.  Total impulse purchase.  That I love.  That I think totally works.  For £15 from Uniqlo.

So... I think I might have managed to talk myself out of a red or navy skirt unless one jumps into my lap (ie the Teija one from Matches....Sales alert set.  Well it's not, as that would imply I have a technical bone in my body and I don't).


Jumper - Luke Edward Hall x John Smedley exclusive to Bicester Village
Navy Wide Leg Cropped Trousers - Uniqlo (as above)
Superstar trainers - Golden Goose
Green Trench - Acne
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

Tomorrow I am back with - unlike me - something practical.  Warm and practical.  And it's not boots.  But, unless you live in much sunnier climes, I pretty much think it's something that we all wear.  And if you don't - maybe you will. 

In the meantime - can someone reminded my why I wanted a red or navy skirt?  And someone said to me recently that pleated skirts have had their day.  What do we think?  I'm going to throw it out there and say, I don't really care, I still like them so I'm going to carry on wearing mine.  Thoughts?  Are we skirt people?  Or do we want more trouser options?

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15 comentarios:

  1. So, not a navy skirt, but these have been on my mind since I spotted them a couple of weeks back.

    1. OOH lovely - but I have to say, I'm ridiculously pleased with the Uniqlo ones for £15!

  2. I'm a titch and I love midis 😊

    1. And you look gorgeous in them!! They can SO SO work!

  3. How about this - navy, flouncy and practically a maxi in me (5ft 4) so perhaps a midi on you?

  4. I've been patiently waiting for the trousers from you for weeks now. Just saying!

    1. I’m on it...!!!! I did wide legs a couple of eeeks ago... looking for more tapered?? Xxx

  5. I bought the m and s pleated navy velvet one weeks ago and I love it but then I’m 5’4”. I ordered the red but didn’t love the colour so much so it went back.

    1. It’s absolutely PERFECT for the more petite. The perfect midi. Or ideal if you prefer a shorter skirt!

  6. please don't say pleated skirts are over, i two, i have a black maxi from H&M, and a silver gray from warehouse, i not even worn the black one yet.

  7. I did think of Boden, but none of the ones I liked were available in long or petite, so no good for Kat's long legs ir my stubby ones (Unless I want to go maxi rather than midi)!
    Loving the look of that pleated one from Toga, especially the way it's flat over the stomach area, no need to add bulk there. Wish I had the budget and the height for it! I don't think it's too gym slip, as long as the accessories are more edgy rather than ladylike!


    Or this Finery one?