The new classics

So I'm going to make a bold statement... dare I say (so actually it's hardly "bold"..) that there are certain items we've been wearing for the past couple of years that have become such a staple part of our wardrobe, we can now call them classics. 

The two that spring to mind are trainers and biker jackets.  We should probably clarify what I actually mean by a classic.  


Which would entail me having to dig deep and come up with something complex which I'm not sure I have the brain power to do at the minute.  So how about we just say that these are things that no one would bat an eyelid if you wore.  They can be worn by any age and, I would say, are a necessity in a wardrobe.  The flat shoe of choice for most people and a jacket which is interchangeable for a blazer for the majority of outfits. 

I'm not saying that you could get away with wearing these in a corporate environment but for every casual outfit and even for out in the evening, the biker has fast become the jacket of choice for so many of us.

I can't remember the last time I did a biker jacket blog so I'm going in.  Now there is a variation on the theme this year with an oversized version.  Moving into aviator territory which I will explore another day but for today - I'm looking at the classic that is the fitted, snugger version.  

It doesn't have to be black, it doesn't have to leather.  

Although I will say that they are my favourites and I have a new one to report back on - it being tried and tested.  If you do follow me on Instagram you will see that I've recently been in an online campaign for Ted Baker.  Where I had to choose outfits from their Winter collections - and lo and behold, couldn't resist the leather biker. 

But you already have leather bikers, I hear you cry... 

Well yes, I do.  But they're all a bit different and all do different jobs.  This one, for example is longer and more fitted.  Whilst still being of buttery soft leather so not a more structured biker (which is also a great option and a superb alternative if only because they're warmer!).

Best example I can give is from a pic.  Longerline than my hush bikers - it fits over the hips and sits neatly into your back, whereas the Onyx from hush is more of a cropped and loose version. 


Lizia Leather Biker Jacket £325

Onyx Biker Jacket in Black from hush £295

If you are looking for a more structured jacket, the Jigsaw Premium jacket is superb.  £400

Faux Leather with a slight difference from Topshop 

Quilted faux leather biker from Topshop £49

Another one which looks amazing from Topshop. 

Washed PU Biker Jacket £55

Studded Biker Jacket in Black from Topshop £69

And other colours now.  The Onyx which they also do in a grey.  This is the perfect option for those who feel that black is too harsh.  The grey is easily as versatile but a much softer shade to suit all skin tones and go with all neutrals. 

Onyx Leather Jacket in Grey from hush £295

Then there are the green options.. 

Marlowe Leather Jacket in Forest from hush £349

Leather Biker Jacket in Green from Mango £119.99

Emerald faux leather at Mango £49.99

Or how about a lilac?  Pinky purple?  Again from Mango £119.99

Or the tan version - again £119.99

Navy faux leather at M&S £49.50

Or in the berry again £49.50 from M&S

Yesterday and today, I have managed to do three biker outfits.  Which, to be frank, isn't very difficult as I reckon I wear one three days in the week.  They are just simply, the easiest, most versatile jackets to sling on for either casual or smart.


Grey cashmere jumper dress - hush
Black leather leggings - hush
Black biker jacket - Ted Baker
Fringed bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Last night - the first Christmas Dinner of the season.  I was invited to celebrate with The Body Shop - out out on a Monday.  Let the revelling begin.. 


Cream blouse - Winser London
Cream skirt - M&S
Sock boots - Iro London
Biker jacket - Ted Baker
Earrings - Aldo
Leopard print bag - Tory Burch from Bicester

And today.  MAN DOWN MAN DOWN.  I was supposed to go to London but smallest child was up a lot of the night (and had taken himself to bed at 7.30pm last night apparently - which is unheard of!) with a headache.  Didn't feel himself today so I kept him at home and changed plans.  So it was all the dress down for a quick school run to get the 11yr old whilst killing two birds with one stone and walking the dog.  It rained.  I got v wet.  That wasn't part of the plan...


Onyx Biker Jacket - hush
Half Moon Bag - APC 
Karla Boots - Seven Boot Lane

Do you think I'm right in calling out the biker as a modern day classic?  Or do you think it's something in a couple of years we'll have moved on from?  

Tomorrow, I will be back with some more versatile options for your Winter wardrobe, plus there is something that I have a burning need for - therefore I'll be dragging you on that mission with me.  I think, alas, it may be a short blog as I think it's up there with rocking horse poo.  We shall see. 

In London for meetings and lunch tomorrow, followed by an event with hush homewear tomorrow evening at John Lewis on Oxford Street so hopefully looking forward to meeting some of you there!

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19 comentarios:

  1. I recently bought a burgundy leather biker that has become a staple - it goes with blue and black jeans, and khaki joggers, and sits neatly over summer dresses to make them a bit more autumn-y. Never realised it would be so versatile! Definitely a classic in my book.

    1. They’re definitely one of those things that you didn’t know you needed till you get it!!!!

    2. Hi Kat, what size is your Ted Baker jacket? Live in the middle of no where, so no chance of trying before I buy. I'm usually a 10 but have broad shoulders and just wondering how tight the Ted Baker jacket is? Thanks! Happy Christmas! x

  2. Absolutely a modern classic! I buy another one each year to add to my collection.
    Super versatile

  3. I love a biker! Deffo a classic, staple must have in just about any and every colour. I’ve been eying up the green Hush one this week but haven’t been able to justify it just yet - ummm, perhaps Kat made me do it would work lol!

  4. I would call it classic. I got an amazing one a few years ago and then got pregnant and fat. It will fit again one day! It will. It will.... x

    1. It will!!!! Or just get another colour to see you through....!!

  5. Definitely a classic, I have a couple. Weird question - how do you hang yours? Do you use soft hangers? I'm always worried that I'm going to end up with 'hanger lumps' in the shoulders, if you know what I mean.

  6. I have one in navy, it earns it's keep big time. And with a summer like the one we've had there literally hasn't been a month when I didn't wear it!
    I could justify another, just don't know which colour though. I'm thinking maybe wine, it'd go with the most. Or maybe a blue that is not navy. Loving the way you style yours, it's certainly versatile.

  7. No, just not versatile enough for me (sorry!) - I'm tall and they hit too short. I like tops that cover my bum and I like jackets to cover the tops - they look great with your long skirts but I don't wear skirts

  8. I got a pleather one from the sale in Zara for 15 euros and I've worn it loads! I'd love a leather one but just bought some lovely wine coloured boots which were a bit of a splurge so trying to reign myself :-)

  9. The Oakwood Camera Leather jackets are great, got mine from Wild Swans. bit longer than your usual vintage biker jackets and the grey is much more forgiving than the black (on the slightly older lady...:)

  10. I've ordered the navy,black and berry faux leathery m&s jackets. I wear a lot of maxi dresses and skirts plus need something for going out in the Evening so thought these would be perfect! I had an extra 20% off plus my mum gives me £100 voucher so thought it'd be rude not to get all 3! Received the navy and black, love the navy - just awaiting the Berry . . .

  11. I hope this post will be so popular with young masses who are too serious about their style & passion. Well, I love bike ride with a fashionable look so I have planned a bike trip with my friends for this I have ordered a stylish leather biker jacket from A1 FASHION GOODS & I am dam sure that this can make me so happy.