The elephant in the room...

... it's not Christmas.  It's Black blooming Friday.  Ok it's Saturday, so it's no longer trumpeting in the room but it is... errr something special weekend and then Cyber Monday?  Or something like that. 

Essentially it's discount city.  Akin to the sale in January but pre Christmas.  And often on things which aren't reduced at any other time.

I struggle with this.  Principally because of THE PRESSURE.  FOMO.  And so you over indulge, buying things that you perhaps wouldn't "just" because they're "a bargain".

OR you put your head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge.  This is pretty much my stance at the beginning of every sale season.  I remain firm for all of about 2 days...

... then panic kicks in and I think - holy hell, I'm missing out on a whole host of awesomeness and THEN end up buying a ton of tut I don't want (which I do return - I am very good at doing returns, most of the time).  

The way to tackle these mass discount times is to be surgical.  Make a list.  Stick to it.  And you can pick up some bargains and make savings - plus, with regards to the Black Friday weekend, you can get a whole host of shopping done way ahead of Christmas.  And if you can get it wrapped too - you SO deserve a treat of all proportions as you are the ultimate legend in my book (I promise myself it will not be Christmas Eve again...).

So today, I've done a quick round up of what offers fashion wise there are out there (at the bottom of the blog).  In case there is something you've had your eye on from a specific store - now might be the time to buy it.  

But this weekend, I'm also looking at a couple of things that I have had my eye on this season.  Totally new things - not entirely sure I'll go down either route but that's the joy of fashion.  It's eternally changing, you can try a new style which you can embrace or you can decide it's not for you.  You can mix styles to create your own look - I'm going to ponder this in more detail tomorrow (a sentence or two more - fear not, I shall not be going down the War & Peace route) but for today, I'm going with a slightly less controversial option.

The Aviator Jacket.  This is one of those fashions that I can remember wearing the first time round.  I used to work on Wembley Market every Sunday morning, on a leather jacket stall, when I was 14 and I remember saving for ages for one of these.  Dark brown with a cream sheepskin lining.  Oh my lord I LOVED it.  Am kicking myself I didn't keep is as it's exactly what I think I would love these days.

Before anyone mentions it - yes, these have been around for a couple of years now (back around - they're clearly not a new thang).  Were Acne the first ones to revive the look with their Velocite Shearling?  Deep breath now....

Acne Studios Velocite Shearling Jacket £2100

So there's that. 

Or.... if you're not convinced that you're going to wear this exceptionally regularly (at the minute I am so wedded to my smaller biker jackets which I can layer with jumpers and scarfs and even under coats), you might want to think about a faux version.

For me - a full on leather investment number is only worth it, if you know that it's going to go with the majority of your outfits.  And at the minute, for me, the jury is still out.  Having said that, in the interests of always changing up your wardrobe with the addition of one small thing, contemplating a faux number WITH a discount, is an interesting prospect.

The full list of discounts is at the bottom but first up - 20% off at ASOS with the code WIN20.  All prices given are pre discount.

Having said that I'm looking at faux versions, I have found a leather one from YAS at ASOS.  Still not cheap and more than you'd want to spend on a "not sure" number but good for leather.

YAS Leather Aviator £250 

And real suede with faux shearling at ASOS again. 

ASOS Suede Aviator Jacket £180

How sublimely fabulous is this one?  And even better with 20% off.
Bershka Contrast Aviator Jacket £69.99

Black and teal.. things you didn't know you needed.  With the discount, this is less than a takeaway.

Boohoo Aviator Jacket from ASOS £55

Classic colours at Nasty Gal (bear with me...).  30% off everything on the site - already applied.

High Flyer Aviator Jacket was £80 now £56 

Oversized Biker Jacket from Warehouse £89  If you order from ASOS, you'll get your 20% off.

And the Berry version - again from Warehouse £89 at ASOS so you get the 20% off.

Pink at Topshop - Glamorous Shearling Style Aviator was £75 now £57

Alas, no generic discount at Topshop, they pick the items for you that they wanted to discount.  But still - some great jackets, even if you have to pay full price. 

Faux Shearling Biker Jacket from Topshop £79

BUT the black is in the sale... was £79 now £49

Ditto the toffee colour.  Although apparently this is grey.  Hmmm.... Was £75 now £49

Another tan version at Nasty Gal (yes I do struggle to write that with a straight face but bothered as to what the website is called - LOVE this jacket).  Again, 30% off everything - already discounted.

What are you waiting fur jacket from Nasty Gal was £80 now £56

And moving off piste with a wool aviator option.

Superdry Ophelia Wool Aviator £144.99

And after saying ALL of that - I just have to include one that I think is genuinely jacket porn.  I can include it as it's OOS.  So I have zero hope of getting hold of it.  As - despite my misgivings on how much wear I'd get out of it (for example, will I still be wearing it in four years time like I do my original leather biker...), I'm not sure I'd be able to resist.  When I think of the perfect Aviator jacket - THIS is it.  More perfect than the significantly more expensive Acne version (which is how the slippery slope of justification would begin and gather speed).   And had there been 30% off?  Let's just be thankful there isn't.

Mango Sheepskin Aviator Jacket £579.99  There is 30% off everything at Mango (everything in stock anyway) with the code BLACK17. 

And the not exhaustive list of discounts.  I had to stop looking for them as I was clicking on the buggers.

ANTHROPOLOGIE - 20% off everything with the code ITSYOURS
RIVER ISLAND - 20% off when you spend more than £75 applied onlineMANGO - 30% off all weekend with the code BLACK17 
ALL SAINTS - 30% off everything already applied online 
ASOS - 20% off all weekend with the code WIN20
BODEN - 30% off all weekend N6D5
SELFRIDGES - 20% off excluding certain items (usually anything you actually want BUT it's always worth a look...) with the code SELFCCE
GAP - 40% off with BFGAP
KAREN MILLEN - 25% off everything applied online
NEW LOOK - 25% off everything applied online 
PLUMO - 20% off everything with the code BLACK17
hush - today Saturday 10% off all sales go to Crisis in Christmas
WHISTLES - 25% off everything applied online 

Finishing with outfit from yesterday, not reinventing the wheel but giving new life to last year's dresses by wearing a jumper over the top.  Oh hello new skirt!


Black polo neck - Jigsaw (4yrs old)
Dress - & Other Stories (AW16)
Sneakers - Golden Goose (3yrs old)
Onyx Biker Jacket - hush (gift 4yrs old)
Tools Bag - Balenciaga (AW16)

I think an aviator would really work over the bevy of maxis and midis that I have.  What do we think?  It's definitely a move away from my usual look but that's what I LOVE about fashion - being able to breathe new life into old favourites with the addition of something a step away from your comfort zone. 

And speaking of that - tomorrow - it's a blast from the past I never got on board with.  Will I be a convert at the age of 44?  Any guesses as to what? (or a variation on the theme at least).

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9 comentarios:

  1. I've got the burgundy faux fur aviator from Whistles. Got with discount and wore for first time today - LOVE IT!!

    1. Oh yes that’s an amazing one! I didn’t realise it was back in stock 👍

  2. The aviators look like you could really snuggle up with all that (faux) fur, but for me I think my upper body outline would then be too bulky. I've spent a lot of time this year losing 12kg and I don't want to look as though I'm hiding those 12kg under a big jacket. The other problem (for me) with aviators, is that your top half is all warm and toasty, but what about your legs? It's not like a slim fit biker where you could, if necessary, put a big coat on top - the aviator is too thick for that. So for me, although I love the look of them the practical side of me kicks in, and says "no". Sensible, for once. Which I wasn't at Zadig & Voltaire on Friday after 2 glasses of wine and quite possibly bought a dress I didn't need, although it did have 40% off and a very persuasive sales assistant. I was putty in her hands.

    1. I don’t remember being cold in mine years ago but I was v young and foolish...

      But I totally get about not wanting to add bulk with a jacket if it’s not a look you like.

      And love a slightly tipsy shop...

  3. Shopbop is having their 20/25/30% sale (“MORE17”) and there are some gorgeous shearling aviators (at eye-watering prices, even discounted!) Luckily they don’t work for me me although I did end up with two pairs of boots, including the Stuart Weitzman Lowlands in black (at 30% off!) (which I’ve been mulling over forever and I remember you really wanted last year but maybe no more?)

    1. That is amazing about the SW boots! They’re never reduced normally. It was two years ago that I wanted them, if you can believe it!! I talked myself out of them... I had touched them too many times without wearing them, if you know what I mean?! But yes, was utterly fixated on them for a while!

      Enjoy, they are amazing boots xx

  4. Loving all the Warehouse ones and if anyone’s interested they have their own discount... 40% off everything (so better than the ASOS) code applied online until midnight Monday

    I have a bargain aviator from primark, perfect price point for dipping a toe in the trend, I have already worn it at least 10 times and even if I don’t wear it again it’s already earned it’s keep.

    1. Oh I can’t WAIT till we have a Primark nearer us!!

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