Don't blame me...

.. so yes these do happen to be my absolute poison of choice, but I appear to be doing a pretty good job of converting everyone else too. 

I have had so so many requests for floral midi or maxi dresses that you don't have to sell a kidney to purchase.  And I struck GOLD the other day when I was in London.  Not in Libertys, not in Selfridges, not in Fenwicks Bond Street.  Ok so it wasn't in Zara either, but it was half way between the two. 

Good old Anthropologie.  Now I'd love to say I took photos, but I am a MORON and only took videos for insta stories.  Which have now disappeared, so one could say this is now the equivalent of a social media big fat fail.   Big.  Huge.

However, I do have the pictures of the dresses with links - I also have a picture of me in ONE of them and the other that I bought, I'll be wearing tomorrow.  Like I say - big fat fail basically but if you hang around until tomorrow, you will see me in the other as well. 

But, I have found done another round up of all that is good and glorious with regards to floral midi and maxi action on the high street.  

I'm going to start with the ones that I found at Anthropologie.  No I had no intention AT ALL of spending this much.  But... it's really hard for me to find dresses that work.  I am too tall for the majority of dresses on the high street.  So I bought two of them.  They can both go in the washing machine, they can both be dressed up and dressed down - one of them can easily be worn all year round and the other is a maxi that is lined so is PERFECT for into Winter, whatever the weather (just add tights for extra warmth).

This is the one I am wearing in the below pic.  I wore it the day after I bought it.  Always a sign of a winning purchase.

Maisie Botanical Maxi Dress from Anthropologie £168

Farm Rio Layla Wrap Dress from Anthropologie £178

And the other I didn't get to try on.. 

Frais Maxi Dress from Anthropologie £178

Others that I am definitely wanting to try for far more palatable price points.

ASOS Chinoiserie Print Maxi Tea Dress £30

Floral Print Long Dress £69.99 from Mango

Nobody's Child Maxi Wrap Dress in Floral £35

Floral Print Folk Dress at La Redoute was £49 now £39.20  BUT I should probably point out that, if at La Redoute (including sale items), you spend £60, you get £30 off, £100 you get £50 off and £200 you get £100 off with the code XMAS.  GO FORTH AND SHOP!

Navy also at La Redoute. 

Maxi Floral Dress with Embroidery was £75 now £52.50 but you can add other things to your order to get the discount above.

See U Soon maxi dress at La Redoute £85 (so only £55 with the code XMAS)

Warehouse Floral Print Frill Edge Maxi Dress £66

AND a petite one!  So zero excuse from anyone who is on the shorter side saying they can't wear them.  Although I will give you that it's not floral.

Boohoo Petite Star Mesh Embroidered Maxi Dress £50

And then I came across a couple which are ideal for now AND for into the Summer.  Ideal for anyone who is going away for some Winter sun.  Or, I would still wear these with camel or tan boots and a beige trench?  There's no reason why you can't wear lighter shades into the Winter.

Belt Floral Dress from Mango £69.99

This is the other one I tried on and BLOOMING LOVED. 

Farm Rio Marilla Maxi Dress from Anthropologie £188

Rahi Cali Wisteria Muse Dress £135

A couple more expensive ones again. 

Forever New Floral Printed Maxi Dress £120

Then the polar opposite of all the above which I love.  I truly, truly love.  It's not often I come across something so incredibly different from anything I own but this.  It's a tent.  It's the DREAM dress.  Wear with trainers, with ankle boots, with knee high (or over the knee - no one will know either way) boots, good old Uggs even.  With a biker, with a trench, with a blazer, with a denim jacket.  Seriously, I adore this.  So insanely bonkers, it's right.

So shall we take a guess that it won't be long enough on me?  *weeps*

People Tree X V&A Maxi Dress in Floral £135

Then.. I found this one.  Which is EVEN BETTER!

Free People Full Maxi Smock Dress £148

And here I am in my Anthro dress. 


Maxi Dress - Anthropologie (above)
Military jacket - Zara
Leopard boots - Tabitha Simmons
Tools Bag - Balenciaga 

We've had a lovely day today although I have NO idea where it's gone.  Lovely coffee date and dog walk with the 13yr old as my friend offered to take the smallest to rugby which was a gazillion miles away, training at another club's ground (why?  Why would you even organise to train at another club half way across the county when we have a perfectly good training ground on our doorstep...??!).  Family over for mulled wine and general party food (the crap food floodgates have been opened - mid November, which is early even by my standards.  They wouldn't let me put Christmas music on which is frankly just mean).

Tomorrow, the husband and I are off on adventure.  Well.  I'm off on an adventure early doors, he's decided he's got to go to work and will get the train over later.   Whatevs... basically, anything he can do to avoid the torture of Bicester..  MEN!  Seriously, what are they like?  He went to the rugby yesterday - Bicester for me tomorrow.  I will be splurging all over Insta Stories if you fancy seeing what I'm up to....

In the meantime, can I just say a big THANK YOU NOT - for asking me to do this blog as I've had to order one of the above dresses.  Anyone care to guess which one?..

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  1. I've tried the Maisie Botanical Anthro maxi dress and the cut is dreadful, all this billowing fabric at the back between the shoulders and waist. This would need to be drastically altered to be anything resembling a good fit on any womans body.

    1. I did try on one that had a funny stiff zip which stuck out at the back making me look like Quasimodo but the other I tried on and bought is gorgeous. The fabric drapes perfectly... adore it!

  2. You looked FAB in the Anthropologie Farm Rio Marilla dress. WAY better than on the model in this blog.......ya should've bought it. You KNOW you should.

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  5. I love the two you've bought and you look fab in them. Have you seen this one from French Connection? I think it's had quite a lot of publicity but appears to be in stock online:
    The length is great and the fabric quality is good (there is also a lot of it with all the pleats). I am definitely going to put this on Sale alert. Love your blog and Insta - guaranteed to put a smile on my face (and make me spend money....)

    1. No I haven’t and I blooming LOVE that!!!!! That is deffo on my sales list, thank you xxx

  6. At size 12 and 5ft'4 I can't pull this off as much as I'd like to.

  7. love this outfit dress jacket the whole lot

  8. Hi Kat, what are Anthropologies' sizes like please? I'm a 12 with broad shoulders...struggling to know as we don't have a shop down here in cornwall x

  9. I don't know where you're from but here in the UK some shops have ranges especially designed for women who are taller if you're worried about it not falling right.

    high waisted skinny ankle jeans

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