Making the most of the sales.

And we're not even at the dregs.  It's the first post of the year for me and I have my sensible head on. 

For a start, it's freezing.  Which means, as lovely as it is looking at all the gorgeous summery stock that's clogging up my inbox, it's all about as much use as a chocolate teapot when it's -1 in the mornings.  And a balmy 3 degrees by 4pm.  Whoopie do.  Kaftan and sandals, you're not needed just yet. 

We need something warm.  We need a coat.  Yes folks, it's the C word.  

And when you want to try and get a new look for Spring but can't actually wear any of the Spring clothes, a great way to reinvent your look is with a new coat. 

In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be looking at key pieces that can give your existing wardrobe an injection of new life.  You don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater and buy an entire new set of clothes to get yourself into the Spring mood - hell no.  Fashions come and fashions go and when you get to a certain age, you have pretty much sussed your look.  But that's not to say that you can't tweak it each season with the addition of something new. 

And it doesn't even have to be something massively different from what you already own.  It could be something in a different colour or print (we've already looked at jumpers and how they can transform an outfit and your mood in the last couple of blogs).  Or it can be something in a new shape that is the something you've been looking for to give a freshness to your old faves.  Frankly, it's boring wearing the same outfits season in, season out.

Today - it's the coat that wears you.  It's the longer, oversized coat.  Now, before anyone who's petite switches off - these aren't all humungous numbers.  There are a couple that are on the Balou bear sized but lots of them are on the average sized of big.  If that makes sense. 

But what they nearly all are is a bargain.  If there's one thing that it makes sense to buy in the sale as you will definitely be making use of it in the coming months as it gets colder before it gets warmer (Jan birthday girl here who's birthday has been snowed off more years than it hasn't... I KNOW these things), it's a new coat. 

Starting with a classic navy.  And in fact, I'm going with a classic shape.  I love to wear these though in a more modern way.  So whilst they're perfect for work, they're even better to wear dressed down with jeans and sneakers.  Jumpers are a must.  All the casual.  The look I've gone for today (although mine isn't as long as I'd like).

Bergman Double breasted coat from Great Plains in navy was £185 now £74

Staying with the classic shape that will work for every single occasion.  Navy again. Interestingly, it's really hard to find a lovely plain black coat.  Really really hard. 

Navy belted with the Blenheim at Great Plains was £160 now £80

Warehouse have had a killer of a season and their coats have been no exception. Moving into more modern territory now but again, as easy to wear to work as it would be to wear at the weekend.

Oversized Check Coat in navy was £175 now £95

Navy belted from the Premium range at Warehouse.  Ditto all that I've said above.

Premium Longline Belted Coat was £175 now £95

If you can't decide between navy and black, then some bright spark at Boden has come up with the perfect solution.  Reversible.  Two coats for the price of one.   And a slightly shorter version for the more diminutive amongst us.

Reversible Wrap Coat was £250 now £100 with an extra 10% off with the code 7W2K

Or in the dark charcoal/grey marl colourway again with 60% off at now £100 from £250.

Navy and black also covered off at Jaeger with their two tone coat.  There's also an extra 25% off this at check-out which makes it a pretty amazing reduction. 

Boiled Wool Mix Coat from Jaeger in navy and black was £399 now £215 (and with a further 25% off).

Full black now also at Jaeger and also with 25% off.

Wool Cross Belt Coat from Jaeger was £350 now £225 pre extra 25% off.

Of course the classic that everyone should have in their wardrobe is a camel coat.  Now I would say that you could get away with a trench in camel (and I have those up my sleeve, fear not) but if a wool version is what you're looking for then this is the bargain of the sales. 

Blenheim Full Length Belted Coat in Camel from Great Plains was £160 now £64

A darker shade of camel aka tan (sneaking it in here). 

Alpaca Wool Half Belt Coat from Jaeger was £499 now £299 in conker

And then we come to the random colours.  I adore a more unusual coat.  I do tend to go for multicoloured ones but these block coloured ones are just perfect for that day when only the more unusual will do.

Off white now which is a punchy choice and I wouldn't pay a lot but for less than £60 I adore this.

Cotton wool-blend coat from Mango was £139.99 now £59.99

Mustard at Warehouse.  Amazing reduction.   This is exceptional although I did think it was toppy at £175 from Warehouse.  But it does go to show that it's superb quality.  For £70 is a steal - and isn't so much mustard as a dark camel in the flesh, I would say.

Oversized Boucle Coat from Warehouse was £175 now £70

Grey at Mango 

Herringbone pattern wool coat was £129.99 now £99.99

Grey again and apparently this one is cotton.  Which leads me to believe it's actually more of a cardigan than a coat.  Not tooooo thick then?  For the price as well (although it's not the best reduction in the world).  An interesting one to add to an order though (if your 12 yr old has just discovered she can fit into a Mango XS for example).

Long cotton coat from Mango was £69.99 now £49.99

And one to see you coming.

Wool Blend Belted Coat from M&S was £99 now £55

Another classic red, this time named Flame Scarlet although not in the sale. 

And today...

Navy Chesterfield coat - Gloverall
Navy and white striped jumper - Me+Em
Jeans - Jigsaw
White and glitter Copeland trainers - Air & Grace
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

I hope everyone has had an excellent start to the year.  Huge apologies for not being around.  Post New Year's Eve (superb party had here - broken sofa and a day's worth of tidying up to prove it), I had a very lazy family day and then yesterday was struck down with the sickness bug.  I assume it was a bug as I finally feel better - 24 hrs in.  Just praying that no one else gets it as the thought of a child being back at home when they've just all gone back to school.... 

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13 comentarios:

  1. Some lovelies here but I just bought a lovely grey one from Jaeger on Boxing day when they had an extra 40% off, bargain of the century 😁

  2. Last year I didn't wear my winter coat at all, mainly because we had such a mild winter. So it's great to be reminded that I don't always have to go shopping to feel like I've got something new! My grey wool coat has now made its first outing of the year.
    Your blog is great at reminding me what I've already got in the depths of my wardrobe! Especially as I'm determined to use less money on clothes this year, so I've slashed 20% from my budget, and am definately going to aim for quality, well thought out purchases. Whether or not I'll succeed...well we'll see!

    1. So so often I start a blog thinking - oh I could so do with one of those and then finish it, having done the research and end it by thinking - hang on, I've got something that will do that job. Hopefully the same thing will happen to other people too - that gem at the back of the wardrobe that you've forgotten about, that suddenly you can wear again!

  3. I need another coat like a hole in the head having bought two in pre Christmas sales and got two for Christmas. But, they wear out if you don't spread the load so it's good to have back up ;-) And (apart from one I grabbed in an emergency in Next a couple of season ago - wish I'd bought 6) they never go with everything and every occasion). I am still considering a red one though. But, please can someone help me? How do you tie a belt on a wool coat and make it look good?! xx PS Happy New Year :D

    1. Right. Well firstly - yay to another fellow coat addict. And secondly, I think it depends on the coat. And what you wear underneath it. BUT I think I've found, the best rule of thumb is to tie at the side as opposed to at the front otherwise it adds more bulk. However I do think that some coats simply look better undone. Clear as mud?!

  4. Dear Kat, your blog is like crack. I would say 'in the best possible way' but actually I think that if I'm being honest the one thing I should give up for January is your blog! But I can't. Help!

    1. I do look a lot better than j did before reading you though. So that's an upside.

    2. oh gosh... i probably shouldn't laugh but... I will say THANK YOU! though (I think...?!!)

  5. No, thank you for feeding the addiction... Err I think?!

    1. I have loads more coming up. of REVOLTING things.... ish....not really... get saving... or ebaying..

  6. Replies
    1. Yes. You must. I always go mad in Jan but am better in Feb... Just saying. Nothing to do with it being a super short month.