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... as I said I might, to bring you something which is occupying my thoughts.


But not of the jeans variety, we're talking jackets today.  And it was a pic that I came across on Pinterest, that made me think, hang on.  Layering with a denim jacket.  How did I not think of this before? 

Obviously I'm exceptionally late to the party with this and I'm sure everyone else has been doing this for eons but I am (ridiculously) excited by this revelation.  

I am all over the layering at the minute.  As it is so cold.  I'm not going to bleat on about how cold it is (VERY) but the more layers we can wear, the better.  But how to master the art of layering without looking like the Michelin man?  

First up - try a denim jacket.  The great thing about this, is that most of us have one of these, kicking about your wardrobe.  And it's a blog that I come round to doing once a year at least.  So if you don't have one, now is the ideal time to invest.  When I was doing the bomber jacket yesterday, it occurred to me that the other perfect jacket for teaming with dresses, skirts and wide leg trousers, is definitely a shrunken denim jacket. 

There are of course oversized options but for me, it's definitely the more fitted, shorter versions that I find more flattering.

This is the picture that got my creative juices flowing.  (which is code for, this is the picture I will be copying.) 

And loving the double denim.  The husband will be rolling his eyes so far back in his head at the sight of this, he'll look like he's auditioning for The Exorcist.

Denim, black and tan.

Over a shirt and under a blazer.  Perfect for breaking up what could be a slightly too corporate look if you're not going to the office.

Stripes and fur.  Perfection.

Casual and classic.

You can spend as much as you'd like on a denim jacket.  Mine is from...Tu at  Sainburys.  I got it about 4 years ago, for £18 (on one of their marvellous 25% off days) and it comes out every year. 

Mine is this colour.

ASOS Noisy May Dizzy Denim Jacket £35

And it's almost identical to this shape.

ASOS Denim Jacket £32 in mid blue wash

Another Noisy May bargain at ASOS £26

Dark Denim now at Lee in the sale. 

Lee Rider Slim Denim Jacket was £95 now £66

And a zip version from the new season. 

Lee Zip Denim Jacket £110

Bargain dark denim to be found at ASOS. 

Noisy May Debra Jacket £26

Another perfect shade of dark denim at Topsho. 

90s Denim Jacket by Calvin Klein £90

But I think my buy of the day would be one of two from The Outnet. 

Denim Jacket by Helmut Lang was £330 now £162

Denim Jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs was £340 now £98.60 (70% off!)

Variations on a theme now - patches.

Vanessa Bruno Athe Patchwork Denim Jacket was £222 now £88.50

Similar shape, new in at hush. 

Carpenter Denim Jacket £70

Black collarless with a fray edge. 

Monki Cropped Fray Denim Jacket was £45 now £31.50

Distressed now at The Outnet. 

Norma Kamali Distressed Jacket was £320 now £128

Fray Edge Denim Jacket by Marques' Almeida was £335 now £134

I will be trying this out tomorrow (seeing as I chickened out today...).

In the meantime, outfit from last night.  Dinner party at a friend's house.  New M&S blouse got an outing, along with sales jeans.

Ruffle high neck blouse -M&S
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Peep toe wedge boots - Rick Owens
Leopard print bag - Tory Burch

And today for an hour and fifteen minute walk in the woods with friends.  To my huge irritation, the new Apple watch only said I'd done 32 minutes walking.  It's not my friend this evening. 

Jeans - Boden
Wellies - Ilse Jacobsen
Parka - Jane & Tash

Then took the children to Nando's for dinner - biggest treat ever for them.  It was an incredibly punchy move to have bare ankles.  Thank the lord I only had to walk from the carpark as it was blindingly cold.  Definitely should have put a denim jacket on with this - I think it would actually have worked (although not sure it would have done any to warm my ankle bones).

Striped top - Second Female
Trench - Zara
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Red loafers - Gucci
Leopard print bag - Tory Burch

So tomorrow I will be back with B number 3.  Unless something else catches my attention in the meantime, that is...

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15 comentarios:

  1. Love, love the Hush jacket but their sizes usually come up so big that I worry that I would drown in it...May have to investigate though. Also, love the denim and fur combo. This is all reigniting my love for a denim jacket, lost since approx 1996. Hx

    1. Do you know what, whenever I do a blog on denim jackets, there are always so many people who say they lost one years ago and have been mourning it ever since!!!!

  2. I've been looking for a denim jacket for ages...didn't think of ASOS
    Ordered some MiH jeans in the sale to try...two weeks later and still not dispatched! rubbish customer service. And I'm kind of desperate as I ripped a big hole in the backside of my fave jeans...knickers on show is not the look I want to go for!
    Love your outfit with the oversized trench

    1. Oh no - ordered the jeans from where?? That's pants. ASOS is one of my main go to places - absolutely love them and love even more the next day delivery. Hope they arrive.

      And I reckon the oversized trench, I will LIVE in in the Spring.

    2. Ordered them direct from MiH's site. Three pairs... the question 'will they fit?' has been replaced with 'will they ever arrive?' Grrr.

      I think I like that trench on you so much because it would look terrible on me...I'm definitely going to go for the leather jacket and layers look though. Got a bomber from Reiss in the sale and a bargain Zara pleather biker for 15 quid!

  3. Your new blouse is great! And yes, bare ankles was brave!
    I've been layering my leather jacket like this for a few years, it's great when travelling at this time of year if the weather is likely to be unpredictable.

  4. I bought what I thought was a little too much on the big side black coat earlier this season but genius! with a denim jacket under it and jeans I can do double denim without looking as though I'm off to a Status Quo concert circa 1987. Off to do some trying on - thanks for the inspo!

    1. You're welcome, I shall be putting it into practise tomorrow. DIdn't get a chance to do any trying on today, early start to drag my boys to Mass as they'd been up since the crack of dawn!

  5. But denim makes me chilly. So whilst studenting circa early 90s I loved a denim jacket layer nowadays it would just suck all the heat out of me :-( I'm never going to be cool now I'm old. Love, love, love that first pinterest pic though possibly because it's exactly what I was wearing in the 90s except the jeans would have been 'preloved' 501s :D xx

    1. That's interesting as I find it cool (as opposed to chilly, as in I wear it in cool weather. but it doesn't make me cold. Clear as mud?). I always used to layer my denim jacket with my tartan shirts now that I think about it!!! Oh HOW HOW HOW I wish I hadn't thrown out any of my old 501s.

  6. Your Parka looks fabulous - how warm is it? I would love a cosy and stylish alternative to my down jackets! I love wearing my denim jacket under my big vintage black wool coat with a base layer of a wool, all keeps me nice and toasty. Great tan/denim and black look reminded me I should try it with my camel coat too.

    1. It has literally saved my dog walking bacon. It is so warm I can't tell you - I guess you get what you pay for!! (as it's not cheap....!!) BUT I will have it for years and years and years - if you spend any amount of time outdoors in the Winter months then I would say it's worth investing. Having said that - I don't think it's remotely waterproof.... OOPS

  7. Aha now that was me. The only reason I took my confirmation as my mum said it was my decision whether I went to Mass or not and I chose not to!! The boys LOVE serving on the altar, so it's an easy win for them. No complaining from them at all, although I couldn't drag the 12yr old out of her pit early enough. But she's still fine (at the moment...). I think it's because she finds it nostalgic as it reminds her of primary school which I think the misses!!

    I am going to do a jeans post definitely. Watch this space...